Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 14)


The episode starts with…………….
All the students are lost in listening to his story and asks him is this true and can we see that long snake now, the oldman says no, that snake will only come out at night and nobody can go inside after 5 o’clock. Malay asks but why and tells I want to see that snake. The lecturer says, it is time to go students, comeon. It is going to be night and we need to go to a party nearby and we need to stay here tonight, malay and sid thinks PERFECT, now i can go there evening and can see the snake. They go and sit in the bus, malay asks the lecturer which party are we going? he says I got a phone yesterday from the principal and he told that you guys got a very good score in your exams and so he told he wants to give a party for you people for your hard work, that is why we are going a pub and party a little bit there. Students says wow, then it is going to super fun over there and gets excited. The lecturer says we should be there at sharp 8 o’clock, so get ready fast. Students says OK and smile. While sid gets upset and thinks I need to that long snake and also want to party, he thinks party in the index finger and temple in the middle finger, he asks tapur to catch one finger. She laughs and asks do you believe in this, and picks index finger, he thinks Ok, let’s party all night and smiles.

The students get ready, the lecturer comes in jeans and superman shirt, they laughs seeing him, he says stop laughing and asks is everyone present here,one girl says still some girls need to come, boys say how much time do girls need to get ready, sid comes from his room, wearing a cool dress and laughs loudly seeing the lecturer and the lecturer gets angry. He says am I looking like a buffoon, sid says exactly and asks how did you get to know that I am thinking the same thing, the lecturer tries to beat him and runs behind him. The lecturer gets tired, stops for a while and and sits on a chair, sid comes there breathing heavily and dances before him, the lecturer gets angry but couldn’t do anything. Apu and other girls come there, the other girls wear small shorts and skirts but apu wears a jeans and a tank top, malay sees her and gets mesmerized, sid sees him seeing apu and thinks what is wrong with malay, why is he seeing my sister like that and gets a little bit angry but then his anger cools down seeing tapur in a beautiful dress, he totally gets lost in her eyes, the lecturer says come on students and takes them.

They go to party, sid dances with some girls tapur gets jealous seeing him with dancing with other girls, she goes to him and they dance romantically. Malay gets bored and thinks to go to the temple.

Precap: Malay goes inside the temple and sees a long snake and faints, apu comes looking for him and gets shocked seeing him lying underground……..

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Oh I luv did character… Funny guy…?? oh this Malay what he is upto…. I think Apu will save him… Eagerly waiting for the next episode …

    1. Kathy


  2. nice and sorry for not commenting i think malay is f9

  3. HarSHaN

    Sarayu…Vwell..epi strts n ended through the same precap..Nyc epi..

  4. Shai

    good episode sarayu..

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