Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 13)


Thank you so much for the response and today’s episode starts with…………..

Students reach Gateway of India, they click pictures there and enjoy a lot. Apu is also very excited and is very happy and Malay smiles seeing Apu excited and happy. After some time, the lecturer says there is a temple nearby and we need to go there, but the students say temple, it will be boring…., Malay says no guys, it will be fun as I heard that the temple is very old and mysterious, so it will be fun to search there everything, and says am I right Apu? she says will you ever be wrong and smiles, Malay also smiles and they have an eye lock. A girl says if your eye romance is finished then can we go to the temple, Malay stammers and ok, yes, sure and smiles. The lecturer says but we need to have lunch before, Sid jokes that I think your big stomach needs food earlier than us, lecturer says stop joking on me and find a nearby hotel, sid says ok and finds in google maps, he says it will take 20 minutes and it is also near the temple, they say PERFECT and leave on the bus. In the bus, Apu worries and thinks I never ate outside and I am eating for the 1st time, don’t know what will happen and calls Kalpana, she takes the phone and says OH MY GOD, how did I forget to say this one, she says listen Apu, eat mostly vegetables, and just drink mineral water, don’t drink any other juices or drinks as it may affect your health, Apu asks whether my body will change to blue if i eat any wrong thing?, kalpana replies no, nothing like that, I was just worrying that outside food may affect your health, apu says ok. kalpana asks her to take care and worries about her. Apu says don’t worry maa and says i love you, kalpana says I love you too and cuts the call, someone knocks her house door, she opens it and stands dumbstruck and leaves the phone in shock.

Students reach the hotel, they order a lot of different items at a time and the waiter get confused, malay says cool down guys, we will order some rotis and 2 different dishes, ok, they say fine, waiter asks you want normal water? they say yes, that is fine, suddenly apu says i need different dishes as lunch, malay says yes apu you can whatever you want, the students argue with malay that this unfair, why are giving more importance to her? He says no guys, apu has low deficiency and need to take healthy food and he convinces them, he tells apu to order food, she orders: raw carrots, tomatoes, and onions, 2 rotis with very light oil and mineral water, hearing this sid makes faces and asks apu why do you want that food, she says leave it. The food comes and they eat while chatting with each other. They next go to Shani dev temple and pray, when someone gives prasad to malay, apu stops him and says we shouldn’t take anything in shanidev temple as will be bad, malay says how can you believe all this, nothing will happen to me and when he try to eat it again a very old person who is a guide to that temple asks him not to eat. He says I know you youngsters will not listen to us but believe me I am saying this for your good, malay says and doesn’t eat it. Sid asks him his age, the old man laughs and says I don’t know my age but when I am 13 years old this temple was built and from that time onwards i am working here as a guide. A student says omg, this temple was built 85 years ago and you said you were 13 years when this temple was built that means you are 98 years, all the students gets and doesn’t believe their ears, the old man laughs and says come on I will show you people the temple and tell its story.

He shows a 7 horses and a chariot and says, surya bhagwan will sit on 7 horses chariot and a physically handicapped will ride this, sid tries to take a photo but the old man asks him not to do so, and he stops. He then recites a story when this temple was built, he starts saying…………
Once, this place was a village where a rajmahal and inside a raja and rani used to live, they didn’t have any child. But the rani was so kind and good natured, but since the marriage of the raja with rani, there was a severe famine and droughts, for so many years all were so worried about the happenings, so the raja asked hs kul guru for a way to stop this crisis and he gave an advice to build a temple here so that rain will come and people will be happy. So the raja started to build the temple, soon after building the temple, raja and rani got their child and the village also turned good, but there were so many obstacles after the temple was built and sometimes someone tried to destroy the inside part of the temple, to stop this the raja kept a big snake inside and asked it to not to let anyone destroy anyone, soon after the snake kept guarding many bodies was found dead in inside the temple All the students are lost in listening to his story and asks him is this true and can we see that long snake now, the oldman says no that snake will only come out at night and nobody can go inside after 5 o’clock. The lecturer says time to go students, comeon. It is going to be night and we need to go to a party nearby and we need to stay here tonight, malay and sid thinks PERFECT, now i can go there evening and can see the snake.

Precap: Malay goes inside the temple and sees a long snake and faints, apu comes looking for him and gets shocked seeing him lying underground……..

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  1. Narendran

    Superb!superb!superb!! Sorry for not commenting in last few epi???

    1. Sarayumane

      That’s fine, thank you so much for loving my ff

  2. Kathy

    Wow… Very good episode sarayu… oh Sid … He is too funny… Luv is character… Enjoyed apulays eyelock… Excited for the exit episode dear… Keep writing…

    1. Kathy

      *his character….

  3. HarSHaN

    Sarayu.. WELL portrait…while entering the suspense there is a day suspense..Gud writing..

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