Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 12)


I am so happy that you people still remember my FF story and commented THANKYOU SO MUCH

Today’s episode starts with…

All the students start praising Tapur that she is very powerful, Tapur cools down and smiles, Apu thinks are waa, yeh chipkali toh kamaal kar diya, while sid is totally mesmerized and keeps on staring tapur, apu sees him lost shakes him and says are you OK, he says no sister, I am not fine and talks weird, in the meanwhile the bus driver repairs and says work is done, the students thank him and resume their journey.

It is 2am early in the morning, they reach mumbai, all the students are deep asleep, the teachers wake them up and says we arrived, one teacher wakes up sid, he says let me sleep some more time meendak (frog) (he thinks apu is waking him) please…., the teacher gets angry and pours water their faces, sid says oh no it is raining and wakes up, the teacher shouts at him, he says sorry and wakes up his friends. They go to a hotel and their respective rooms, all the students are not able to sleep in their rooms. So they chat with their friends. Apu’s friends talk about their 1st crush and love, marriage etc…., Malay’s and sid’s friends also talk about same. Apu says why do you people always talk about those things, it won’t look good. They say anyways you don’t need to talk about all these as you already found your love, apu gets surprised and says LOVE, and who is my love?, apu’s friend says don’t try to act smart my dear friend, you know whom we are talking about, apu says whom?, they say malay, apu says excuse me, he is only my friend, he helps me when I am in trouble and that’s it, nothing more than that. Apu’s friends says ohhhhhhhhhh and laugh,

Meanwhile malay’s friends asks him the same question, he says, I don’t know this correctly, whether we call it as friendship or affection or love, but one thing is sure, I can’t live without her. Malay’s friends say then then this is love, go and propose her, malay gets shocked and says PPPPPP PROPOSE, nooooooooo I can’t do this. They call him a coward and laugh on him, malay gets angry and fights with them with pillow. At the same time sid’s friend says I think tapur is in love with you, sid says i don’t think so and sleeps smiling…..

It is morning and the students plan to go to Gateway of India, they smile and go to bus…

sorry for the short update guys….

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  1. Kathy

    Oh dear… How can we forget ur ff… It’s far more better then the original track…??

  2. Kathy

    Wonderful episode … Sarayu… Sid part is hilarious…???…. He is too funny… N Apu said chipkali to tapur…?? glad vardhaan is not here …. Warna to who bura maan jayengi..?? excited for the next episode …

  3. Shai

    i am happy that u came ff is like a whiff of fresh air!!! write a bigger episode next time..

  4. HarSHaN

    Gud epi Sarayu..Track of Words in mind for the couples wait to come..Nyc

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