Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 11)


First of all before starting today’s episode, i need to apologise to you guys, so sorry for not posting this ff. Actually i went to california for my tournaments and came back yesterday, i am feeling really guilty for making you people wait for these many days. I promise this will not happen again, please forgive me……, I know it’s been a while i have posted last episode so here is a recap to make your memories fresh again……….

Recap: The lecturer informs the students about field trip (to Mumbai)……., malay makes kalpana agree to permit apu to go for field trip, students go to bus and the bus starts……, tapur falls on sid’s arms and they have an eyelock….

Today’s episode starts with…..,

In bus, students makes groups and plays some games, malay’s friends asks him to sing a song, malay hesitates a little bit but then sings when apu asks him to sing, he sings mein nagin nagin, nagin e dance nachle…, apu laughs listening his song, apu’s friends also asks her to sing as well. She says no way, i won’t sing. Sid says yes apu, please don’t start your shastriya music again and laughs…, apu gets angry and says then why don’t you sing, don’t make fun of others if you don’t have any talent in you, sid says sorry mam, i won’t repeat this again. He bends and asks her to forgive him. Apu says ok, i forgive you my child and laughs, she then asks him to sing a song, sid says as you wish, he takes out his guitar and starts singing pehla pehla pyar hai….. looking at tapur. He gets mesmerized seeing her, everyone claps…..during the journey, apu asks malay, how did he make kalapana agree as she is very stubborn and will stick to her decision, malay says leave it, apu says please and requests him, he then reminisces,


Malay goes to kalapana’s room and asks her to agree, but she stays adamant, malay requests a lot, but she says don’t waste your time and energy because i am not going to agree, he then blackmails her by saying if you don’t agree then i will say to sid and everyone that apu is not your real daughter and i will also tell them that she is a vishkanya, kalpana says no, and says ok, i will agree and asks him to not to tell anyone and begs him, he says ok and leaves smiling….


Malay makes up a story and tells apu that he emotionally blackmailed kalpana aunty that apu will not talk to you and she will remain sad if you don’t agree. Apu looks at him suspiciously but he says this is real and asks her to chill.

It is night and apu sleeps on malay’s shoulder, malay sees her and smiles, bus stops suddenly and apu gets up from sleep, bus driver says it is tire puncture and it is going to take 1 hour to repair, all the students say oh no, and they all get down the bus. All the girls sit on one side of the tree and boys on the other side, some drunken men come and misbehave with tapur and some other girls, sid gets angry seeing a man misbehaving with tapur, he goes towards him to hit him but he himself gets beaten, tapur and apu gets concerned and tapur touches his face, she gets angry and takes a stick to beat them but the goons laugh on her, students try to calm her but she gets more angry and breaks the stick into two pieces using her thigh, all are stunned to her strength and the goons run away, screen faces on sid’s shocking face.

Precap: Students reach Mumbai, apu’s friends talk about their boyfriends and they ask apu to tell us something about malay, your boyfriend. Apu says excuse me, he is only my friend, he helps me when I am in trouble and that’s it, nothing more than that. Meanwhile malay’s friends asks him the same question, he says, I don’t know this correctly, whether we call it as friendship or affection or love, but one thing is sure, I can’t live without her. Malay’s friends say then then this is love, go and propose her, malay gets shocked and says PROPOSE, nooooooooo I can’t do this.

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode and happy that u are back

    1. Sarayumane

      Thanks siddhi

  2. Kathy

    Sarayu… am so glad that ur back… ???? How u doing??? Wel… Wonderful episode dear… Wow Malay ur a genius …. N enjoyed tapur n Sid’s part a lot … Excited for the next episode … Keep writing…

    1. Sarayumane

      I am good dear, ya I went to my tournaments for 2 weeks and couldn’t upload. Glad you liked it.

  3. HarSHaN

    Happy to hear U r coming back..Sarayu..Nycc epi..Waiting for nxt epis..uptate the nxt soon

  4. HarSHaN


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