Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 10)


Today’s episode starts with…………Malay, Apu, and sid go to Kalapana’s house. Sid asks Malay to wait near the gate and says, First, I and Apu will go inside and try to make her agree and if she didn’t agree then you can go, Malay says fine, go. Sid and Apu go to Kalpana and asks can we go for field trip to Mumbai please, it will be really fun, all are going, I will take care of Apu, she won’t be alone, her friends are also going,, you don’t need to worry about her, some of the teachers are also going, please agree and take a high sigh of relief. Kalpana asks are you done or do you need to say something else, sid says nothing more. She says, sid you can go but Apu you cannot, Apu gets upset. Sid says but…. Kalpana says this is final, they both stand there quietly, Kalpana says do you need anything else, if you don’t then you both can leave, Kalpana sees Apu upset, she doesn’t say anything but feels sorry for her. They both come outside to Malay and says she didn’t agree, Malay laughs and says let me try and goes inside and after some time he comes out with a sad face, sid says I knew it you can’t make her agree, Malay smiles and she agreed, Apu and sid get shocked. Sid says you are lying right, I don’t believe you, Malay says go and check. They both run to Kalpana and asks her did you agree, Kalpana says yes, sid jumps in joy,

Apu couldn’t believe her words and repeatedly asks really, really. Kalpana says YES, now go and pack your bags, you need to go tomorrow. Apu says yes and goes. After Apu goes, Kalpana thinks that I know you are to Malay, he totally brainwashed you, he is just using you, I never thought Malay would do this. Apu goes to Malay and thanks him, she says I never thought I would go to Mumbai or any other big city, do you know one thing, I never went out from Benaras, ya once I went to Chennai I guess…, Malay says don’t worry you will enjoy there, you will like the beach most, Malay says bye for now, and get ready at sharp 8 o’clock. Apu says and waves him bye…..

Next day morning, Apu, Malay, sid and Tapur go to bus stand and sits in their seats, so many people are there inside, sid sits beside Apu, and Malay doesn’t have place, and stands. Tapur asks him to sit beside her, but Malay says no, thanks and makes faces, just then sid goes and sits beside his friend, Apu asks him to sit beside and he sits and Tapur fumes. She gets up and goes to Malay, just then the driver applies brake and she falls down, when she is going to fall sid catches her, they both have an eye lock, just then a girl says how romantic, Tapur realizes she is in sid’s arms and asks him, how dare you to catch me, leave me, sid says but you…., Tapur says, I said just leave me, sid says OK and leaves her, she falls down, everyone laughs, she gets angry and asks him, why did you leave me, you asked me to do so, and laughs. The bus starts and everyone say Jai, they laugh and enjoy. (Bus journey with friends is awesome, isn’t it?).

Precap: Students reach Mumbai, Apu’s friends talk about their boyfriends they ask Apu, to tell us something about Malay, your boyfriend. Apu says excuse me, he is only my friend, he helps me when I am in trouble and that’s it, nothing more than that. In the meanwhile, Malay’s friends ask him the same question, he says, I don’t know this correctly, whether we call it as friendship or affection or love, but one thing is sure, I can’t live without her. Malay’s friends say then this is love, go and propose her, malay gets shocked and says PROPOSE, nooooooooo I can’t do this.

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  1. superb waiting for next

  2. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Finally kalpana agreed to the trip … But how???? Any ways am happy now Apu with Malay…precap … I think Malay will propose Apu… Think so… Excited for the next episode dear… Keep writing ..

  3. Sarayumane

    Guys, how malay agreed kalpana will revealed later, don’t worry about that

  4. Shai

    so the location is benaras….but kolkata would have been nice… the names and charater matches with the location

  5. Waiting …yaar ….

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