Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 1)


Thanks to everyone who commented in the previous episode. And today’s episode starts with……

A lady (Kalpana) dreams like, a woman comes and takes a girl from her and the girl says I hate you to kalpana and goes with that lady. kalpana suddenly wakes up from sleep and comes to a girl’s room, caresses her and says “I love you a lot beta”, i can’t let you go away from me, never ever. Then she remembers FLASHBACK how she saw a lady with a child in her hand comes to her house and says please take this little girl (apu) and raise her. she says, apu is a vishkanya and its meaning, and leaves from there saying “I will come back in the right time and take her, in the meanwhile kalpana stands dumb stuck thinking who is this lady and the baby, but later thinks god has given her a child and she will not lose her at any cost. In the present, she puts the blanket over apu and goes from there.
In the morning, alarm rings and a cute girl with a beautiful face wakes up and thinks Oh no today is my college and hurries. She comes and starts eating breakfast. Tapur also comes there and asks can i eat breakfast with you guys? Kalpana says sure. Tapur immediately starts pulling the chair but apu keeps her leg on the leg of the chair and pulls it towards her forcefully and tapur falls down. apu and everyone start laughing and tapur gets angry on apu but kalpana says tapur, wash your hands and eat. suddenly sid (apu’s brother) comes running and accidentally pushes tapur and she falls down and sambhar also falls on her from the table. Apu couldn’t control her laugh, she gives hi-phi to sid and they both run. Tapur fumes. Kalpana says eat something and go but they say they will eat in the canteen.
In the college apu goes to her class and sits beside her friends and they gossip about serials. After some time, the lecturer comes and tells a new student is coming today from Banaras and tells apu, you need to help him and give your notes. she says ok and wonders who is that new student.

Precap: Tapur comes in class and passes by apu and apu keeps her leg in front of her but instead of falling she pushes apu and malay holds her.

Credit to: sarayu (honey)

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  1. Good episodes pat next episode soon.

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Thanks siddhi

  2. Good episode sarayu… Well written n described … Kalpana loves Apu a lot….Wow next hero intro then… Excited for the next episode…keep writing …

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Thank you kathy

  3. Nice waiting for next episode please write soon

  4. Ur Writing is gud,Sarayu..Strting part,A boy from Banaras..Nyc..keep continue

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