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Hola lovely girls. Before moving onto the topic I want each one of you to read every single line and give it a thought. Please forgive me for any typos, grammatical errors or if you think the article itself is unworthy to read.
Now the topic is the bashing over fictional characters in this forum. See every single soul have their own perspective. Agreed?? Then why in the name of God some people are bashing others just for silly reasons like fictional characters. Well, I accidentally stumbled upon here to read a missed episode’s written update and surprised to see fan fictions slot have got more than 2000 pages. You know it’s impossible to read every single fiction, so I opted for a shortcut i.e., Analysis. I’m reading them and what I get to see is people are fighting for pairs. Now you’ll ask me about which serial are you talking about?? I’m talking about Swaragini(This is the only Indian soap I used to watch).

Now the million dollar questions… Why and why people are fighting for some fictional characters?? And another one why majority are unable to ship a pair other than SwaSan?? In my view we are accustomed to see the pair onscreen so much that we are unable to even dream another pair other than them.. Okay, let me put this discussion in other way. When we watch a movie if we like the pair we’ll think “Arey this pair is so nice kaash they will get paired in another movie too”, but we will not go around them and say “Bhai saab aapka pair masth hain please aage se aap kisi aur se pair up naa karna balki usi se pair up karna jiske saath aap pichle film kiye the” {o_O}. Why?? Because the time constraint for movies will be a maximum of 2 hr 30 min and then we want some freshness by pairing up different people. But in serials we have a time constraint of minimum 2+3+0=5(sum of time constraint of movies) good years.. So in this mean time we are getting accustomed to our favorite Jodi so much that we are unable to see those are fictional characters and the people acting in those characters are just doing their job i.e., to entertain us.. Now people are fighting among themselves about some fictional characters that in reality don’t have any value if they are not introduced through a daily soap in the first place.Think with a rational mind and let the writers as well as readers do their job. Alright I agree ours is a democratic country and freedom of speech and expression is our fundamental right, do it, use your freedom to voice out your opinions in a civilized manner and please don’t call other people by names and you know abuse them just because they are supporting their fav Jodi. And in Sherlock Holmes style “Food for thought” 😉

This particular topic has been running in my mind for quite a long span and I thought to pen it down to slow down my racing mind.
I know this could have gone a little preachy in a way but can’t help it I’m wired in that manner. 😉
Last but not the least, people our country needs us as a single soul but not who fight for petty issues.. Thank you for bearing me through the entire article and please drop your views in the comments section and don’t bash me for this.. Promise?? Bye lovely girls and Sayonara…

Credit to: W_W

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  1. Well said

      1. Thank u so much for commenting dear and you took time to read my analysis.

        Stay blessed and be happy dear 🙂

  2. Good n true thought well, I ship swalak hahaha… Lol! I came to shipping thing again 😉
    The show has changed the pair so many times that people are literally confused..rhis leads to fight.. And you can see shows like manmarziyan.. There is not this problems of pairs and all.
    You see, there is more coming in swaragini.. Another pair to be shipped hahhaha.. Writers has made fun of themeslves and played with everyone’s mind.!!!

    1. Thank u Roshni 🙂
      I read only fan fictions relating to manmarziyan btw.. It’s just I came to know about this bashing and all from analysis section.. So thought to write it down what people feel like when they are criticized when they are just doing the thing they truly like and love i.e., writing on their fav fictional characters..

      I don’t want to comment anything on cv’s though because they are trying to keep everyone on their toes with those twists and turns..

      This is the main reason I stopped watching Indian serials and switched to international serials which actually have finite number of episodes and try to convey their message through those finite episodes unlike our Indian serials which are draggy and as I said shell life of Indian serials is min of 5 years..

      Thank u so much for commenting and stay blessed dear.. 🙂

  3. Sorry to say but i dont completly agree with u bczzz there are many who want see them with other pairs also even. In serial they dont get it so in ff they are finding it i dont find anything wrong in it. Ff worldis the only place where they could the pairs of their wish . Actually ff is for our entertainment so it is quiet natural that they are expressing wishes… I dont find it wrong. But i agree that fighting fir pairs is wrongggg. Sorry if i hurt u

  4. Totally agree with u…btw what’s ur fav pair??? Just asking….

    And are u my sis WW who comments in Skr page???

    1. Hi Nupur.. 🙂
      I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not the one you are talking about because I didn’t comment on any other page except this one which is my first article.

      Ah! about my fav pair.. My fav pair is Ardhika yaar..

      About the username here(W_W) is an acronym for Well Wisher.

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment on my article.

      Thank u for agreeing with me.. 🙂

      Stay blessed and be happy dear.. 🙂

  5. Your points r u love film dilwale dulhaniyaa lejayenge.. Simar and Raj….if make a remake of that film with same characters and shuffle the pairs….many of them cannot accept..can’t digest …if the story is good may be they will accept…
    In films actors are paired in different films..not their characters..Everyone has their own likes and dislike we can’t tell them..why u like this pair only not others..or why u like this story not others.. These r thier personal choice
    Feel bad when people fight , bash each other for fictional characters.. This is not good..writers have thier own choice of pairs.. story is important.. Many of the readers don’t care about the pairs always encourage the story..that’s appreciatable
    Many of them stick on their pairs..that is thier wish and like.. We can’t blame them

    1. Hi sethooty.. 🙂
      Totally agree with your points dear.. You know you gave a different perspective to my article.. I’m really thinking in your way as well.. But girl, thank you so much for taking your time to read this article and comment your views..

      You are absolutely right about bashing and we both are on the same track I think because we are no one to criticize people because they are trying to pair up their fav fictional characters.. Writers here are doing amazing job by breathing life into those fictional characters which CV’s are unable to justify to a major extent..

      Thank you so much for commenting dear..

      Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

  6. Nupur are u talking about me?

  7. I usually keep myself away from the analysis from a particular point, I don’t want to remember, but my sister who was going through ur analysis insist me to have a look on this. I totally agree with u. In fact, I never watched the serial after manmarziyaan, my favorite but I love to read about this one that also the ffs because of the beautiful actors. I always admire Sanskar n Ragini as a pair but serial took a turn n Swara n Sanskar come out as a pair, I don’t have a thought about it as I never watch the show. FF world is a great source to let out ur creativity n introduce ur ability to the readers. A good story needs a open minded reader n if u cant digest the pair or story u r free to ignore that one but leaving a hurtful comment is really a silly thing, in my perspective. Fiction means an imagination n here the fanfiction means an imagination of a fan, so what is the need to flung a question mark or voice against their imagination when u urself also going on with ur imagination.

    Apart from that I observed Swaragini as the most complicated Indian serial ever, full of love triangles, unbalanced twists n turns n about the pairs, at first the serial was like pairing up Swara-Laksh n Ragini-Sanskar, n I liked the track because they r my favorite actors but then it gave me a shock but I’m ok because I never watched the show.

    I love to read fanfictions n everyone here r very brilliant writers. They need to be appreciated for their work if one can’t do that then at least can avoid to show their ill mentality.

    1. Hey RSR 🙂
      You don’t read any analysis and you read mine.. That’s really sweet of you.. 🙂 Please convey my regards to your sister because of whom you read this analysis and came forward to discuss your views.. Hey we are on the same track buddy because I stopped watching serials after manmarziyan got it’s abrupt end.. But I used to watch bits of this serial during some breaks. You know i used to predict the next scene of this serial and say it to my younger sister and she got so pissed off with my predictions and the serial itself, she totally stopped to watch the serial.. LOL.. 😉

      Your views on fan fiction are spot on.. Hands down for that.. I really wanted open minded readers who would encourage people based on their story not on the pairs..

      I became a fan of Varun during SaraswathiChandra time but I got to know about Tejaswi just because of Swaragini serial, as I’m not much into this serial world.. But I used to watch the serials when a channel called StarOne was present, unfortunately that got converted into LifeOK and I lost interest in serials.. Arshi and Ardhika got my attention though the serials had lasted only few months which are short and sweet in my view.. I hope I didn’t bore you with this long interest list of mine.. 😛

      I don’t want to comment about CV’s because they are trying to hook their viewers to the screens in which majority people are liking,accepting and giving hikes to their TRP’s.

      I started to read some fanfictions based on the analysis section. I should agree with you that we have got a bunch of good and awesome writers whose story lines are so damn beautiful that these people can actually direct pretty good shows. Kudos to every writer over here. Ill mentality buddy?? I think it’s just the influence of the vamps of these serials and I pity people who have this narrow mind and ill mentality as you put that.

      Thank you so much for reading this article and putting forward your views.. 🙂 Thanks for your sister who read my article and thought it’s worth sharing.. 🙂

      Stay blessed and be happy dear 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply dea n about ur long reply consisting ur interests didn’t bore me a bit.

  8. Agree with above and I ship Ragsan and Swalak

    1. Hey Lila,
      Thank you so much for reading the article and also agreeing with that.. Thank you for sharing your preference too.. 🙂

      Stay blessed and be happy dear 🙂

  9. Thank u Genita for sharing your views and I’m actually trying to say the same thing about people being fond of pairing their fav fictional characters in their way and also the way they dream about..

    Thank u so much for commenting and sharing your views which didn’t hurt me in any manner because when you write a thing we need to be open with all kind of reviews..

    Stay blessed and be happy dear.. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much everyone who took your time to read and comment on this article. This is my first article and I really didn’t expect these number of reviews from you people because I thought that article will not get published but see here it’s got published and I got to read so many awesome takes on the analysis.

    Hopefully I’ll meet you all some other time with another analysis which can trigger my mind.

    And thanks again for those awesome views.. 🙂


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