Fan fiction analysis (Anu,Eva,Anjali,Sree harini,Meher,Jyotii)


Hi readers and writers…i am a silent reader of this page..i have read max ff here…i must say this ff writers are far much better than the writer of swaragini.

Sree harini:I am a big fan of her.Her limitless love was one of the sweetest ff i jave ever read.Then the hate story,Acceptance and now Raglak second love….this ffs are just fabulous.I love the way she describes all the emotions,i feel like i am living it.

Meher:Her kuch iss tarah is just amazing.Kuch isa tarah 2 is also getting very interesting.Th e thing i like about her ff is swaragini bonding.The couple seems magical in her story.

Anu:I have no guts to write all the ff name of hers…fix you,fixing broken souls,arranged to be his,childhood sweethearts,fitoor….phew..I am tired…how can her mind get so many plots???Above all i liked fix you and fixing broken souls most.

Anjali:MMAI is fabulous.It’s really hard to write so many chapters of one ff.I haven’t read pyaar ka dard hai yet…but i will soon start reading.

Eva:I don’t have to say anything to praise her.May be i wait most eagerly for her update.How can she keep suspense till last part?Some useless bashers bash her for no reason.I have read her two samjhota,riston ka dastaan,manyata vs ragini…i have only one word for her….unpredictable.All couple present in her ff…except raglak.I always wished that at least in this ff their will be raglak…but at last episode just all the plots get changed.

If u r reading this then i have a small request to u…will u please write a ff on raglak? *puppy face”.It’s just a request from a reader.U have all right to refuse it.(may be u will for 99% 🙁 )

Jyotii:Her one ff i read…the rain,the spring the is quite different than the all other ffs which i liked most.I also read for you.Her song choice is fabulous.I always describe the situation perfectly.

I also read some other ff of new writers..just like raglak it started with a hate request by kavya,a modern tale of love by mandy(i was crazy ffor iit)mr. maheswari and his seceretary by sree,swaragini love connection by chaitali,stay away i am not ur husband by sujata,they are also interesting.I must say to them that they should continue their writing.

I have not read but saw a lot of praise in many analysis of some ffs are red string of fate by azure and Saba’s a path hate to love.I hope they would also be amazing..

Don’t bash me for this analysis…i want to thank all the writers to give us such amazing stories.I love u all…sorry for not commenting.Keep rocking.

Credit to: A silent reader

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  1. Now…u have requested…so i will write one…but not a ff..that’s gonna be a one shot…dear….i can’t write a ff on Raglak…and when my heart doesn’t support something..i don’t do it…i’ll write one shot on Raglak…and i have to finish my samjhota also….and then in future is my mind changes…then i’ll surely write on Raglak……i never thought that people will request me to write a ff on Raglak too….fine..they for all the fans..who like Raglak and r my ff readers..for them only…i’ll write one Raglak one shot of 2 episodes ff….

    1. Useh zada nehi karsakti..kyuki mera dimmag raglak ke maamle mein khali hai.. 😛

      1. Wifey mujhe bhi heart attack aaraha hai. Tum aur raglak??????
        I will wait for it.

      2. Oyeee…shut up u both…patidev..heart attack ajaye yah jo kuch bhi ho..i’m gonna write on Raglak..baas..?? aur bohot accha likhungi..

    2. A silent reader

      This comment is deleted.

      Reason: Creating disturbance on all articles / using multiple names.

      1. hey…who r u silent reader??i wrote that post.!why r u replying her this kind of words??eva…OS is also ok for me from u..u will write on raglak on my request that’s enough for me!i am sorry on behalf of this fake silent reader eva,,.i am not gonna comment again,,,so if anyone comment here taking the name of a silent reader then ignore it,,,, they r the fake bashers….i was shocked to see the comment of sient reader and her words to u!i will be waiting for ur OS EVA

      2. Both the silent readers…hi…i’m gonna write one for sure…and that too on raglak….u can read it if u want…and thank u acchi wali silent reader(with a green logo) 😛

      3. oye eva..kysi hai tu?hahaha…yaha toh silent readers ka confusion ho gya…sabse bari ques!eva tu raglak pe likhegi??hawwww????mujhe heart attack maat dila!

      4. Jethji…apne useh nazuk dil Ko samhal Tu haar kisiko detaphirta hai??? or yeh silent readers apne names kyu nehi dete..

  2. can anyone tell me wat happened to sree??? i have been waiting since long for the next episode of second love…. and it has been long dat she didnt update …. 🙁
    moreover the way she has left its almost eating up my mind… in..wats gonna happen to ragini dre… 🙁 🙁

  3. Awww…. thank you so much silent reader….
    I agree with each and every word about the other writers…
    As for mmai…. I’m really glad ur reading it and like it.


    If I ever feel a story will suit them ill surely write..??

    1. hi biwi…aap kysi hai??mere xam ke karan mai apse thik se baat nehi kar pa raha hu…ap apki sautan ki thik se dekh val kar rahi ho ya nehi??

      Jab tak mai wapas nehi a jata…aap dono ladna maat..ok??mai xam ke baad aake decide karunga ki kaun mera first wife hai

  4. my favourite ff is jyothy’s the rain, the spring, the autumn and meher’s kuch iss tarah too.. I love this ff’s madly.. eva’s new ff also interesting

  5. hello i’m also a silent reader…i luv ff of Anjali,Eva,Anu,saba,sree harani and many more….This is my first ever comment in tu???

  6. I too agree with u. They r awesome. Eva, Meher, anjali, sree harini i just love them.
    Thanks for reading my ff dear??.

  7. I too agree with u. They r awesome. Eva, Meher, anjali, sree harini i just love them.
    Thanks for reading my ff dear??. I am glad u liked it?

  8. Dear silent reader…i agree with ur words…ur analysis is justified…u read my ff also??feeling good to know…

  9. Tysm yaar!
    I have written one oS on raglak do read it-Raglak Os! Opposite attracts!

  10. Awww thank u so much dear ?

    Yeah u r correct about each n every writer…. All are super talented… ?

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