Fan Fiction-Abhigya and Purbul forever (Maha episode)


The episode starts with Pragya going to room… She sees Abhi sitting in dark with tears. She switches on the light. She goes to Abhi. Abhi tells how dare she can do that?? I believed her.. I developed love and care towards the baby.. But… For money.. Juz for that hell money.. She changed the father of that baby.. Now.. No one is there with me.. He lifts Pragya’s hand and asks”will u be with me forever as my fuggi?” She gets up from there and goes out of her room. She goes out and cries.

She goes towards steps.. Juz then she hears somebody speaking. She finds that it is Aalia. She goes and hears what is she speaking.. A hi passes that way.. He asks”what r u”.. Pragya closes his mouth.. They both see what is going on in the room. They hear aaliya and raj speaking.. Aaliya tells “so this was her plan.. Next I think so she will find out what we are doing too. Raj tells that we have stolen more money from e office.. If she come to know that, then that’s all.. We will be out of the house.. She tells whatever she did to made to send Pragya out of the house..she even tells that I have tried killing many times that bulbul.. But she escaped.. I will not allow bulbul to marry Purab.. I will only marry him.. Pragya and abhi are shocked.. He suddenly goes to open the door.. But pragya stops him. They listen what is happening in the room. Abhi gets teary eyed. Pragya calls him and goes to the room.

Abhi tells this is the worst day in my life. I didn’t even think that my own sister would do like this.. If dadi comes to know this she will be broken. Pragya keeps quiet.. Abhi tells now I am going to sent aliya out of the house.. Pragya asks how will u send them?? They will ask the evidence. Abhi thinks what can we do…a fb is shown that pragya setting a camera in alia’s room… Pragya reveals all her plan to Abhi.. Abhi gets very happy and hugs pragya and tells, I got my fuggi back..She tells u did not get ur fuggi back and moves back.. Abhi gets sad. Pragya tells u always had ur fuggi with u.. And runs.. Abhi tries to catch her and they both fall on bed.. Sayiraa plays…

Next morning Abhi, Pragya,Dadi, Purab and Bulbul meet in a restaurant. They three ask pragya, why did she tell the truth to abhi. She tells that he itself heard. Abhi tells this is not the time to fight and tells his plan to everyone which is muted. Then in house, abhi calls everyone and tells that I have arranged marriage to aaliya. Everyone gets surprised. Aaliya tells that I have no idea of marriage now.. He tells that the groom is purab.. Aaliya gets happy.. Bulbul acts as she gets sad.. He tells that bulbul, aaliya marriage will take place in this house. Aaliya asks who is the groom for Bulbul. Abhi tells u will come to know..

Every function gets over and the day before the marriage arrives.. Abhi tells that tomorrow a three marriage will take place. Everyone gets surprised asks whose marriage it is?? Abhi tells u will come to know tomorrow. Next day..Abhi tells everyone that i have a emergency and i have to go somewhere very soon. I will come before the marriage starts and he leaves with pragya. In house, after sometime in three mandaps three grooms with their face closed are sitting at the mandap.. The priest tells that it is the time to call the bride. Three brides come.. Before they go to sit in their places, dadi tells that abhi has not yet arrived. She gets a message from abhi. And tells them to continue the function as abhi has some important work. The marriage completes.. The thrid couple show their faces, and it turns out be Abhi and pragya. The other two couple also show their faces.. The second couple is Purab and Bulbul. Aaliya gets shocked. Aliya sees her husband.. It turns out to be a man who loved aaliya. Fb is shown that when aaliya comes back from foreign.. A man who is deeply in love with her proposes her.. But she rejects as she loved Purab.

Aaliya tells to abhi that how can u cheat me?? While u cheated why should not I cheat u?? And shows her the video footage.Aaliya and raj gets shocked. Abhi tells that u have done every functions with him. He has worn mask as Purab.. And Purab has worn mask like another member.. And he sends aaliya to her husband’s house. Pragya tells raj about everything about what mitali did.. Raj gets teary eyed and apologies to all..

Precap: Abhigya and Purbul go for honeymoon..

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu.

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  1. wow wanna see the video as soon as possible….

  2. Woooh. Yippee. Purbul and abhigya married .I wish dis could happen in current serial. Well. Ur ff z amazing. I’m noting it a lot .keep it up

  3. Pls guys tell ur suggestions.. So I will be able to continue my story

    1. Please continue your track is creative and romantic

  4. Achu sis really very nice all are telling if it comes in current track means it would be awesome and nice idea superb

  5. are yar its very nice one y those writer will not get these ideas

  6. Wow what good story if it happens in real story it’s so good pro ratings will be high

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