Fan Fiction-5 Abhigya and Purbul forever


Sorry guys I was having exams.. So I did not update..

The episode starts with Pragya reading the reports and says this time Tanu cannot escape from me.. Just then a call comes from Nikhil to Pragya.. As she goes to say hello, she hears Tanu and Nikhil talking(as Nikhil put his mobile in conference call). She records the whole conversation.

She comes to the hall and calls everyone. Everybody come. All wonder why Pragya is calling now??
She tells Now I am going to reveal a truth In front of everyone. Abhi asks what are u going to say?? She says wait and see.. She shows the reports to everyone. Everyone are shocked. Tanu tells to Abhi that she is showing wrong reports to separate us. Don’t believe. Abhi stands still.

Pragya tells I have even proof for that. She plays the recording. Abhi gets very angry and slaps Tanu hard. Abhi tells I didn’t even think and see that u will do this. For money, u have changed the father of a baby?? Shame of u. He calls Nikhil. And he gives robin and tells something. Nikhil arrives. By the time Robin brings something in a bag. And he arranges the wooden sticks and lights the fire in the mandap.

He takes out Mangal and kumkum out of the bag and gives it to Nikhil. Nikhil gets. Tanu Aliya and Raj are
Shocked. He tells Nikhil. To tie it in Tanu’s neck and keep kumkum on Her maang and tells to round the fire 7times. Tanu tells no. Abhi acts as he did not hear her. She hesitantly rounds. Now Tanu and Nikhil are married. Tanu goes away with nikhil.
Abhi goes angrily to room and sits.

Precap: Pragya hears Aliya and raj

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu.

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  1. Why this much late for this episode achu. Anyway Nikhil and tanu marriage was perfect. I loved that. Carry on achu. Waiting for abigya union.

  2. Nice achu but I should have made some what diff but it is super

  3. haha archu tanu nd nikhil marg was held by abhi superb……
    keep on gng
    find sm mental person 4 aliya nd make her to marry plz bcoz she shld get tortures from him life long ….

    1. ya nivi i am also thinking this only

      and achu good going

  4. it is true

  5. and achu please expose this aliya soon

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