Fan Fiction-4 Abhigya and Purbul forever


The episode starts with Tanu talking to Nikhil Pragya listens her and finds out that Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s baby. She thinks what to do and calls bulbul. Bulbul tells something to Pragya( the conversation is muted). Pragya says plan T( plan Tanushree) on and calls Ronnie to get ready. Ronnie asks where r we going?? She tells I will tell u. Ronnie goes. Abhi comes and asks where r u going Madam. Pragya gets tensed.

Abhi tells I know u r going to restaurant for eating food right?? She tells no and tells if I go to restaurant I will go with u only. Abhi looks on.she tells that I will make u sit near me and I will alone order everything and eat.. Abhi tells I will not be simply sitting I will also order. She tells that I will not pay money.. Abhi tells the owner will give me food freely as I am a rockstar. She tells let me see.. And goes for getting ready.

Pragya gets ready and comes.. Abhi sees her with surprise.. He tells why did u wear.. Pragya looks at her neck. She is shocked that she did not hide her maangal. Abhi comes and says u do not deserve it and comes to snatch it.. He tells this is my fuggi’s. How could u wear it?? She pushes him he drags her and both of them fall in bed.. Allah wariyan plays… Pragya gets up and tells that I like to wear maangal so I weared it. Before Abhi could reply she gets out.. Abhi wonders that y should she wear her maang?? He thinks that she is my fuggi only.. I will find why she is acting.

Ronnie and Pragya comes to Nikhil’s place. They sees Nikhil outside the house. She tells Ronnie to hide and take video whatever she and he is talking. Ronnie says ok and hides. Pragya goes to Nikhil and tells that I know that you are the father of Tanu’s baby and tells him to accept but he thinks that Tanu will go away from him and denies it. Suddenly he gets a message what he has spoken to pragya. He shocks. Pragya tells if u did not accept then.. All of a sudden Nikhil accepts it. Pragya tells Nikhil something. He nods his head and goes inside his home. Pragya and Ronnie go to hospital. Pragya waits outside and Ronnie gets her the reports.

Precap: Abhi slaps Tanu hard.

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu

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