Fan fiction-3 Abhigya and Purbul forever

The episode starts with Abhigya returning to their home.Abhi carries Pragya and go to room and puts her in bed and without speaking anything he goes away from there. Pragya calls to Bulbul and says whatever happened.bulbul worries and says for breaking ur fast u should get hurt. Pragya says of one should happen we should bear the hard times..

After two days Pragya gets fine but her hand pain is still there. She goes to check whether everyone got up and doing their works or not. She hears Tanu talking in mobile. She says to someone “what if it is ur baby it will get everything if our baby grows here.please try to understand me. Hereafter wards don’t come to see me often.Abhi may suspect u. Then she cuts the call and throws it in the bed.Pragya gets a clue about Tanu and she thinks what we can do.

Tanu gets ready for going to hospital for checkup.she calls abhi for going to hospital. Pragya just then comes there and tells that “I am also going to hospital becoz I am not feeling well” and shows the hand. She tells that u should come with me as everyone in these family are my asset and they should do as I say.

Tanu with hesitation goes with Pragya. Pragya leaves Tanu in the hospital. The doctor tells that she have to take some tests. And tells Tanu to go to the x Ray room. Pragya smiles at doctor and doctor shakes her head( some secret between Pragya and doctor). Pragya ties a small bandage in her hand. Tanu comes out. The doctor tells I have to talk something to Pragya and sends Tanu out.. Tanu gets curious and listens to them. Pragya sees her hearing and talks about the baby like how is the baby.. Tanu thinks for this they sent me out. Then she goes to the car. Then Pragya tells to doctor to give the reports either to her or to Ronnie. If any emergency she shows bulbul, Purab and dadi photo and tells to give it to them. Then she leaves from there.

Precap: Ronnie gets the reports to Pragya.

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu.

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  1. When will it happen ?? Superb fiction ..

  2. You write the script and send to ekta kapoor …

    The scene you write is more interesting than ekta kapoor …

  3. Hi Achu, i like your story…nice gooing! It’s smooth. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Much better than KKB writers…

  5. I agree wid u hira send this report to ekta kappor

  6. Oh tq u so much. I didn’t expect that u guys will like my story. Tq??

  7. Wow… Such a cute story… <3 even I do request you to send this storyline to ekta kapoor… Atleast then the actual kkb show might get interesting… -_-
    Thanks for such a good story.. Keep it on… (y) 🙂

  8. seriously, u should write the story from now on. I loved it. I stopped watching kb around 3months back. it got disgusting. but I read updates everyday only to find that the story is getting ruined everyday.

  9. Like it

  10. I love kkb very much but when they will expose tanu and alia please tell

  11. Laiba that I even don’t know.. In my episode I will expose them very soon

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