Fan fiction-2 Abhigya an Purbul forever


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The episode starts with the receptionist telling that there is only one room available.. As every room are filled…And she gives the key for honeymoon suite.. Both get annoyed.. Pragya worry’s that her plan failed.. Abhi thinks how can I sleep with lady mogambo??? She is is a lady Ravan. He tells himself cool abhi there will be a couch there let she sleep. Pragya thinks there will be a couch so that she can sleep. They both to inside the room. The room is beautifully decorated seeing that both of them think of their romantic moments.

Abhi and pragya argue for sleeping. Then they put a pillow in the middle and then sleep.. Morning pragya gets up fast and wears red saree and hides her maangal inside her dress. And hides her kumkum with her hairs..Abhi gets up and suspects why pragya is wearing red saree?? He asks her why u r wearing red saree today..She tells that its my wish I will wear anything.. He asks r u keeping fast for me as today is karwachauth.. Oh is it karwa chauth today??? Oh that stupid edyatic rituals.. I know that after u r saying only.. If I was knowing that I would not be wearing red dress. Abhi gets angry by her answer and goes from there.

Pragya to make to believe abhi, she orders one coffee… Then she acts as speaking in mobile to someone.. The coffee comes.. Abhi gets it and drinks.. Then pragya comes there and tells how dare u drink my coffee.. Then they both argue.. A hi goes to the cupboard to take his clothes.. Pragya goes their and without knowing she keeps the hand near the cupboard and argues with abhi.. A hi tells I no need to speak with u.. And lashes the cupboard.. Pragya’s hand gets hurted and starts bleeding..

Abhi tells s I did not see properly that u kept ur hand and apolozies to her as he sees pragya crying.. Then pragya goes crying without seeing what is behind her she hits the table and falls.. Her leg also gets damaged.. She falls. Abhi carries her and puts her in bed very harshly.. Pragya tells why did u do that.. It is paining for me.. So abhi tells that I am showing u how ur attitude pains me everyday.. Pragya gets teary eyed. Abhi puts bandage in her leg and hand and goes for his ad shoot.

It is night and the moon comes.. Abhi comes there.. And sits in bed tiredly.. Pragya gets hiccups.. She asks a hi for water.. He tells I will not take and give.. As she gets hiccup he gives a tumbler of water to pragya.. Pragya tells how can I drink and shows her hand.. Abhi makes her drink water.. Pragya gets happy that her fast has completed.

Precap: Pragya sees tanu speaking to someone..

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu.

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  1. wow very nice fiction achu and that idea to break pragya’s fast by abhi was amazing

    KEEP GOING…………

  2. Superb…… Karvachauth fast has been broken…….

    1. Inspite of difference this is the moment to bring them close for a romantic moment

  3. not very happy cos pragya is hurt. but nice DAT de fast was broken by him

  4. Wow Achu !!
    Kya story hai. Its really good :):):)

  5. Nice one .. Achu

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