Ashwin was on his laptop doing some business work On the other hand Jhanvi was folding her clothes..

Maya & Zoya enters their room with a knock on the door

Jhanvi : What happened you to here at this time

zoya : Maa.. Maya wants to tell you something

Ashwin : What happend maya is everything fine

Maya : Dad.. you know i am not a type of girl who thinks twice to put up my opinion..

Ashwin : Yeah.. beta.. and that’s why we are proud of you..

Maya : Dad.. i love someone…

Jhanvi : What are you saying..  we have told you that we have decided…..

Ashwin : Stop it!!! Jhanvi.. we can’t just put our decision into her life..

Ashwin goes to Maya and places his hands over her shoulders..

Ashwin : We have never … stood against any of your decision till now.. and we will support you always.. Tell us about him..

Maya looks at Zoya..

Zoya : Papa.. actually there is a problem that she doesn’t know.. if he loves her..

Ashwin : Oh.. i hope you don’t have a problem in telling his name..

Maya : Dad.. you guys know him very well… his name is Arjun.


Arjun was tensed standing in his office while a furious Adi enters his cabin..

Adi : What does he think about him… She did wrong with me…she is the one who have to suffer.. I am doing this marriage at any cost atleast to show the world.. that i am happy (Just then adi notices that Arjun was not listening to him and he was in his own thought) Arjun … Arjun are you even listening

Arjun : I was… i..

Adi : What happened Arjun.. tell me…

Arjun : I think … i love Maya

Adi : What !!.. You love that Ms. Mehrotra.. i mean seriously..

Arjun : yeah..

Adi : Bhai.. i am telling you this as i have experienced.. before developing your feelings towards her… make sure she also loves you.. otherwise.. I am afraid that you should also have to go through those phases of life which i have went…

Arjun : I know your conceren about me… bhai.. that’s why i am going to tell her this as soon as possible and don’t worry.. I will hold up to my self.. even if her answer is a NO..

They both hug eachother…


Shivanya after changing her dress walks towards the back stage to know the results.. Just then her leg slips and Ritik catches her..

Ritik: Are you okay..

Shiv: Yeah.. i am fine..

Shivanya stands straight..

Ritvik : All the best..

Shiv : Thankz…

She goes towards.. the stage..


Yamini : What do you think.. Ritvik.. will she win

Ritvik : Yes.. of course.. Maa.. she danced so well .. her chances are high..

Yamini : I thought of getting her to our house.. so that she & I can practice together daily..

Ritvik : Daily!!! What do you mean by that..

Yamini : Making her our daughter-in-law.. O have told this to your dad.. and he is also quite happy… I hopr you won’t denie us.

Ritvik : No.. maa.. i am okay with all your decision .. but shivanya & her families decision also matters..

Yamini : Don’y worry .. i will only talk with her parents if its a YES from her..

The host announces the winner of Dancing competion which is SHIVANYA..

She takes blessings from Yamini..


Srishti : What have happened to you guys.. you three said that you have something important to talk to me.. but why are you all silent..

Karan : Actually shristi .. its sameer.. he wanys to talk to you alone..

Preetha : Shristi.. don’t over react.. hear want he wants to say clamly..

Shristi looks at her confused.. karan and preetha goes and sits at a cafe near..

Its been few minutes… Sameer is silent

Shristi : Sameer.. if you want to tell me.. something.. go ahead.. i don’t have so much time..

Sameer : I don’t know how to tell this.. It will be more easy for karan.. as he is used to this.. if there is any mistake.. please for give me..

Shristi : Come to the point.. Sam..

Sam (speedly) : I love you shristi…

He takes a deep breath..

Shristi slaps him.. and runs away..

Sam holds his hand on his cheeks and walks towards Preetha and karan

Karan (excitedly) : What happened.. did she said yes..

Preetha : Give him time..

Sam : I think .. she doesn’t like.. me..

Preetha : Did she said no..

Sam : She slaped me..

Karan laughs at him..

Preetha : I will talk to her..

She goes …


Adi & Arjun gets Dadi’s message at the same time

Adi : Tomarrow morning.. i want all the family members to be at home as we are taking a big diecision..

KARAN- SAMEER also gets the message..

SHIVANYA was aboit to enter her car as she also gets the message.

She reads it and then goes to enter in her car.. just then Yamini calls her..

Yamini : I am so happy that you.. won this prize.. you proved that my students are best

Shiv : That you ma’am..

Yamini : Did your family members started searching Boys for you..

Shiv(smiles) : No… why did you ask that..

Yamini : I was thinking to put up a proposal for You… so i wanted to know your opinion..

Shiv : I haven’t thought of anything yet..My family have decided to get my older brothers marriage.. My number will come only after you..

Yamini : So.. do you have any love affairs..

Shiv :Ma’am why are you asking so much question. And with whose propsal have you bring..

Yamini : Its.. nothing.. i will talk about this to your family..

Yamini bids bye to shivanya..

Shivanya confusingly sits in the Car and goes..


Jhanvi & Ashwin are shown laughing..

Maya : Why are you both laughing??

Ashwin : You know with whom.. we have arranged your marraige with ..

Jhanvi : Its.. the same Arjun dear..

Zoya laughs hearing this..

Maya gets happy.. but runs to her room hiding it..

Zoya : Let me see her…

Jhanvi : Zoya.. don’t you want to know about your …..

Zoya : Don’t worry maa.. i have faith in you..

Zoya goes to their room..

An excited maya holds Zoya

Maya : You heard what mom.. said.. its him

Zoya : Of.. course its him..

Maya (turns to other side) : I am so excited

Zoya : But.. you should tell him about the old things.. and your past

Maya gets angry and looks at Zoya

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    plz update other ffs too

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