My family-part 9


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Recap: Raglak take shelter in shed.

Part 9:

Laksh: why are you laughing…?

Ragini: love, heartbeat, I don’t believe all those things. That’s just funny.

She keeps laughing. Laksh looks seriously at her. She becomes calm.

Laksh: you need not hide your feelings with that laugh. I know, that you love me. Yaa…you did everything intentionally. But in that process, poor Ragini…has started loving me too…

Ragini: don’t underestimate me…! I’m not weak to fall in love. That was all just acting.
She says and sneezes suddenly.

Laksh: haa..ok…I believe you… that was all just acting…

He says and lays back to sleep.

Ragini: hey…! Don’t do like that. I really don’t love you…

She sneezes again.

Laksh: okay maa… plz be calm. I have to take rest…

Ragini: think as you like…. (Sneeze…)

She says and sits in other place.

Both are silent for some time.

Ragini pov… “It’s raining heavily… this is a dark night… and I’m alone. Still, I’m not afraid…why?? Because, Laksh is beside me?? Why do I trust him more than anybody? Why I’m feeling secured in his presence? Do I really love him…??” she thinks.

Laksh takes an old tape recorder there and plays song in it…
“Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai…
Pyaar se phir kyoon darrta hai dil…?”

Ragini rubs her hands in panic. She wipes her sweat.
Sneezes again and again.

Laksh keeps looking at her, while song is playing.

“kehta hai dil rasta mushkil
maaloom nahin hai kahan manzil??”

the song keeps playing.

Ragini: ahhaa…Laksh will you stop that song please…?? Hatchu..(Sneeze)

Laksh: why…? This song suits for our situation…

Ragini: don’t talk like that…. (sneeze again)

Laksh: are you okay…?

Ragini: I’m fine…

Ragini goes into sleep.
Laksh too falls asleep.
He wakes up mid night and sees Ragini is shivering. It’s not raining. The sky is clear and moon is visible.

He goes near Ragini and touches her hand and realizes that she has fever.
Laksh: Hmm, you say you are lioness, but you couldn’t bear this weather…
Laksh covers her with his black coat. He wets his kerchief and keeps it on her forehead.
He keeps wetting the kerchief, putting on her head all the night.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh is sitting beside her, he was leaned to wall. Her hand is in his hand.
Ragini suddenly shouts, “Aaaaaaa……!!!!”

Laksh trembles and wakes up.

Laksh: what happened Ragini…?? Are you okay…??

Ragini: what ok? Why are you beside me? Are you all night like this only…?

Laksh: Ragini, just relax. Stop seeing serials first. What are you thinking haa…??

Ragini closes her ears and shouts… “No…I’m thinking nothing….”
Suddenly Laksh takes her hand. She looks at him.

Laksh: Hmm… you have no more fever. I kept changing kerchief on your head. You are feeling better now…

Ragini: what…? Did I get fever? You were taking care of me…!

Laksh: ya…what did you think then…?

Ragini scratching her head… “haa…nothing…”

Laksh: Don’t worry Ragini… nothing else happened…
He says and laughs…

Ragini shouts: what do you mean by ‘else…’ stop talking like that idiot…!!

Both start going from the shed. They can cross the village as flood flow has decreased. Ragini is putting angry face. But she is still cute like that. Laksh is smiling looking at her cute face.

Laksh: why are you angry?

Ragini: I need not tell you…

Laksh: I just said jokingly Ragini…

Ragini: who are you to joke on me…? And that too that type of joke…
Laksh was hurt with her words.

With weakness, Ragini was feeling dizzy, and she is about to fall, Laksh holds her.
Ragini moves from him.

Ragini: be far from me…don’t try to come near me.

She says and starts walking. She steps on wet mud and falls down. Her hands and legs are dirty with mud.
Laksh is laughing looking at her.

Ragini: hey, stop laughing and help me.

Laksh: No… I won’t come near you….

Ragini: stop your drama and help me.

Laksh: say sorry and request please…

Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh and please help me…

Laksh goes near her and about to help.

Laksh: Haa…saying thanks, asking sorry and requesting please…. are manners. So you will do that from next time know…

Ragini: hey…! Stop your bakwass lessons and give me your hand…!

She raises her hand towards him.
Laksh holds her hand and about to lift her, but silly Ragini pulls him. He too falls in mud. Now, Laksh is also all mud. Ragini starts laughing mischief.

Ragini: I have asked hand to pull you down… not for help. Hahahaha….. laugh now… hahahaha…

Laksh whose face in mud laughs. His face is all brown and teeth are only visible white…!
Ragini laughs again loudly looking at his funny face.
Now, Ragini tries to stand, skids again and fall on him. They both look at each other.

Few women who are going see them and talk, “Couples these days don’t have shame at all….!!”
Ragini shouts, “We aren’t couple..!”

Laksh: Ragini, first you move far. Otherwise everyone will think like that only.

Ragini moves far.

Ragini: That’s why I said not to come near me…

Laksh stands up and holds her shoulder and lifts her up too. He starts walking near the pump.

Ragini: hey…! I said not to touch me you are doing that again and again…

Laksh: why are you shouting like that always? Don’t know how they are bearing you? Mera bechara family…

Ragini: thum…!

Laksh goes near the hand pump. Someone has to move the rod so that water will come.

Laksh: hey…! Move that rod…

Ragini: see… requesting is manners. Ask me please…

Laksh: Miss Lioness, please help me…

Ragini: no…! Lioness won’t do all these things…

Laksh: come on Ragini, we are getting late. Family members may be worrying about you by now. I can’t come to village like this…

Then Ragini smiles and pushes and pulls the rod. Water comes out of pump, Laksh washes his face and hands. Ragini keeps looking at him and lost her world.

Laksh: enough…

But still she is doing. Then he waves his hand before her face. She comes to world.
“I said stop…” he says. Ragini stops and comes near pump.

Ragini: now you push it. I have to wash myself.
Laksh starts pushing and pulling the rod. But Ragini feels uncomfortable to wash mud while he is seeing. Then he turns his face other side.
Ragini amazes with his behavior and washes all the mud freely.

Ragini: shall we go…
Laksh: yup…
They start walking. But this time both are silent…

Breaking that weird silence Laksh sing again, “pyaar huvaa ikraar hua….”
This time Ragini laughs…
He too laughs along with her.

Suddenly a jeep comes and stops before them. Raglak shocks.

Precap: Ragini’s truth is exposed before family…

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