My family-part 8

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Recap: Ragini goes to other village, mysterious guy follows her….

Part 8:

Ragini turns back. That guy also stops. “Why is he following me…?” she thinks.
She starts running fast and that guy too runs. Suddenly she falls down stepping on a stone. That guy comes near her.
Ragini held a big stick in her hand and pointed towards him.
“Hey…! don’t try to come near me…! I’m lioness…!”
Then he says,
“If you are lioness, I’m the lion…” and comes near her. Ragini shouts in fear.
Then she hears laugh. She opens her eyes and realizes that it is Laksh…

(Yes friends…you all have expected correctly…   )

Ragini smiles looking at him, “Laksh…that was you….” she stands up happily.
Ragini: I was scared really…

Laksh: why….? you aren’t afraid of me? I have tried to misbehave with you right…!
Ragini bends her head and becomes silent.

Laksh: Ok..ok… it’s already time, let’s go to the marriage…
Ragini: but…why are you following me…?

Laksh: because you are alone…

Ragini: what…! because I’m alone…! so that you can do anything….???

Laksh: I think misunderstanding has born after you….!

Ragini: what…!!!

Laksh: I was trying to be by your side, so that you will not feel alone or you will not scare…!

Ragini: Thanks for your concern. I can handle myself, I’m the lioness.
Says Ragini and starts walking, suddenly a dog comes and barks at her. She scares and hides behind Laksh. He sends that dog away.

Laksh: I never thought lioness is afraid of dog…
Ragini angrily: stop…
She starts walking and Laksh will be walking back.

They go to marriage place. Laksh will sit in one chair. Ragini is busy in talking with her friends and Laksh is busy in looking at her.

Kavitha: hey ragini, see your relative Laksh, is just looking at you…
Ragini looks at him. He turns away his head. She blushes, but hides her feelings.

After the marriage, Laksh and Ragini are returning back. They happened to go through that lonely place again…
Ragini: I have to hurry to home, before it is dark.

Laksh: don’t worry. I’m there naa…
Suddenly, they are surrounded by five gundas.
Gunda 1: give all the gold…
Gunda 2: give all the money…
Gunda 3: otherwise we will kill you…!

Laksh: Ragini, don’t get scared…! I will fight with these guys…!
He says and holds one gunda. Suddenly other gunda falls down. Laksh amazes and looks at Ragini, she is in position of Ninja.
Laksh and Gundas amaze with this.
Ragini fights with those goons “Haiya… hu…ha….”
Laksh just shocked and keeps looking at her with mouth wide open…!
Those gundaas run away.

Ragini wipes her sweat and sets her hair. She takes the deep breath and shouts, “Hey you goondaas…! Lioness here..! don’t play games… hahaha….”
Laksh is looking at her admiringly. She looks at him.

Laksh: do you know karate?
Ragini: it’s not karate. I just said for confidence. I learned this fight near dadaji…

Laksh: great…. you are indeed lioness…!
She smiles. Suddenly heavy rain starts.

They run into the cattle shed beside. Ragini will be playing with the rain drops. Laksh is looking at her compassionately. He too stands beside her, takes some rain drops into his hand and sprinkle on her. She moves her face aside smiling. But soon comes out of it,
Ragini: what is this…?

Laksh: oh sorry…! I’m just…

Ragini angrily sits at one place. Laksh stands in front of her.

Laksh: you know Ragini, you are looking beautiful while you are angry.

Ragini: really…! aww…thanku… even sujatha maa says that…
She soon changes her face expressions,
Ragini: laksh, if you say like that, i will go away…
She is about to go, a thunder strikes and she scares and holds him.
Laksh is about to put hand on her, she moves away.

Ragini: this Rain is not stopping. Whatever it is, I have to go home…

Then they see some people are going back into village.
Ragini: why are you going back…? buses are not there…?

One lady: due to heavy rain, much flood water came. So, the route is closed till morning.
Raglak shocks.

Ragini: what to do now…?

Laksh: I will drop you back near Kavya’s place. You can stay there till morning.

Ragini: No…It’s okay. I will stay here.

Laksh: but how here? There will be no electricity. It will be dark when it’s night. Even, it is raining. Moreover, being alone all night with me, is not good.

Ragini: No problem. I feel more secured with you than in her house.
Laksh amazes with her words.
Ragini: I mean, we are one family right…!

Laksh smiles. Ragini sits in one place. It was raining still. Laksh will make a fire for warmness and light. He tries to inform this to family, but cell has no signals.

Laksh looks at rain and looks at Ragini. She is in a sleeping state. But, continuously, her sleep is disturbed by lightening. Her face is half wet with rain drops and those drops are sliding down from her lips.
Laksh remembers, the day when she fell on him, and he held her with hands. He couldn’t see her face, as mask is covered. Only he could see her lips. He reminds that again. He sits in front of her.

Ragini: what Laksh…?

Laksh: Ragini, your lips are so beautiful… they are like honey…
Ragini gets angry with his words.

Ragini: what are you talking!! I was foolish to believe you. I’m going away.
She is about to go away, but Laksh pull her towards him and holds her tightly.

Ragini: let me go….

Laksh: I love you Ragini….
She amazes with his words and looks at him. She pushes him.

Ragini: you are worst…! How many girls do you love in your life…?

Laksh: I have loved only the letter girl and I know, that’s you Ragini.
A thunder strikes. Ragini looks shocked at him.

Ragini: How do you know…?

Laksh: I have seen same bangle to your hand before. That too, I identified with your facial expressions. Ragini, you were able to do it. But you have failed to put yourself as secret. You are innocent to play any games. That’s why, I caught you easily.

Ragini feels embarrassed.

Ragini: Then why didn’t you tell all this before family? Why were you silent?

Laksh: I know, what happens when I take out your name. Everyone will throw you out. I don’t want that should happen to you.

Ragini was silent.

Laksh: Ragini, If you would have loved me you could have said it straight to me. Okay, I can understand that you are helpless. But…

Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh…the truth is I didn’t love you…
Laksh is shocked.

Ragini: I was aware of your character and girl friend.
Laksh keeps amazing….

Ragini: I don’t wanted to see Swara’s life ruined, marrying you…
Laksh: hello…hello… 1 second. My character? Girl friend…?

Ragini: Yes…! you had a gf right…! her name is some… ha… “Sowmya…” i have seen in your mobile…
Laksh laughs very badly.

Laksh: So, I was kissing that girl on phone and you thought it’s my girl friend? Yes… she is my girl friend…!

Ragini: Haa… I know very well.

Laksh: But, she is five years old…!

Ragini: I won’t believe your stories.

Laksh: God…check my mobile. There are many pics of mine and her’s. If you want, you may talk with that girl also…

Laksh gives mobile to her hand and he goes aside and sleeps. Ragini checks his mobile and realizes that it was a small girl.
Ragini shocks.
She feels guilty to misunderstand him. She starts crying. She goes near Laksh.

Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh… It was all my misunderstanding…
She cries.
Laksh sits.

Laksh: chill Ragini. It’s over now. Don’t think about it…!

Ragini: No, it’s not over. It was all my fault…! My fault…!
She says and starts slapping herself. Laksh holds her hand.

Laksh: what are you doing? Don’t do like that….
She is crying badly. Then he takes her near and hugs her. She is silently weeping in his chest.

Laksh: Ragini, whatever you did is just for your sister. You are not wrong. Moreover, I’m not angry on you….

Ragini realizes her position and moves far from him. After a brief silence,

Ragini: I will tell this to our family members. They will understand and accept you. Soon, you will be married to Swara. She shouldn’t miss you.

Laksh: oh lioness…! please don’t do that. Everyone will get angry on you for sure… and don’t plan for my marriage again. Because, I’m already in love with you…
Ragini looks on…

Laksh: What…?

Ragini: Laksh… I’m sorry for creating feelings in you… forget all that as your dream and start a new life…

Laksh: how could I forget Ragini? After all, it is not a dream.

He takes her hand and he puts her hand on his chest.

Laksh: Did you feel that sound? It is not heart beat. It is love… and it says Ragini…

Ragini removes her hand and keeps laughing… Laksh keeps looking at her…

Precap: RagLak alone in cattle shed… laksh takes care of her….

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