My family-part 7


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Story till now:
Laksh comes to India to marry Swara on their family wish, but Ragini misunderstands Laksh to be a bad character boy and decides to stop marriage. However, her initial plans fail in a funny way. She then sends mysterious letters to Laksh that she is loving him, but Laksh doesn’t know that letter girl is Ragini herself..
Ragini’s plans get succeeded in previous episode. She was successful in proving Laksh as bad, but however he didn’t do anything intentionally. Family throws him out misunderstanding him. But Ragini is feeling guilty of her behavior.

Now the present story,
Part 7:

One girl comes and stands beside Laksh, he looks at her. She is Swara.

Swara: what are you hiding Laksh…?

Laksh: whatever it is Swara, be far from me… I’m not a good man…

Swara: I believe you laksh. I know, everyone misunderstood you.

Laksh: Thanks, at least you believed me.

Swara: Tell me what has happened actually Laksh, then I will find out what’s the issue. I have doubt on Ragini.

Laksh stands up suddenly.

Laksh: No, there is no Ragini’s mistake. She is innocent. Don’t doubt her. It was all my mistake.

Swara amazes why Laksh is getting excited in Ragini’s matter.

Swara: ok Laksh, come with me. I will show you a house to stay.

Laksh goes with her. It is their relative’s house.

Swara: they are not here for present. You may stay here. The house is very small, you can adjust…?

Laksh: no problem! By the way Swara, Ragini has sent you here to show me a house right…!

Swara amazes…

while Ragini is crying Swara comes near her.
Swara: why are you crying? He is thrown away…so don’t worry.
Ragini: but Swara, where he can stay? He is new to this village. It is good if he gets any accommodation.
Swara: why are you worried for him?
Ragini: because, this all happened because of me…
Swara looks doubtfully.
Ragini: I mean, he was sent out for me right…! That’s why….
Swara: don’t worry Ragini, I will show him any house…
Ragini: you will go alone? No…
Swara: don’t worry. I can take care of myself…
Fb ends….

Swara: It is true that she was worried for you. But how do you know that…?

Laksh: Because, everyone eyes are showing anger towards me, but only Ragini’s eyes showed pity towards me. Just guessed… never mind… thanks for this…

Swara smiles. Laksh goes to washroom. Then Swara searches in his bag and finds two letters. She reads them and puts them back. Just then Laksh comes out.

Laksh: you didn’t go yet?

Swara: yaa…I’m going now…
Swara leaves.

Later Laksh looks at the green fields and feels the touch of the cool winds. He reminds the letter girl and her song.

His pov starts,
“Your voice is so cool and I didn’t see your face but I have started loving you. But I know, that was you Ragini. That day you have sang for me, and you have fell on me accidentally, I got your bangle. After coming home, I realized that was you. But before knowing that was you, I have started loving you… I didn’t understand why are you doing like this secretly? If you love me, why didn’t you have dare to say it before everyone? If you say, everyone will think wrong about you? That’s why, I was calm too. But, when family decided engagement with Swara, you have warned with suicide note. I wanted to talk to you about this, but Sanskar misunderstood me.
I can’t say this before family and make you down, and I can’t see you die. So, I have come near well to meet and stop you. But, you have escaped from me, and booked me before family! Why did you do like this Ragini? If you have loved me, you could have said it straightly to me. I can understand you, you were not dare enough to face family. But I feel like you did all this intentionally…I know, maybe you are very sad now…”
Laksh’s pov ends.

Ragini is sitting near dining table.

“Maa…I’m hungry… bring something to eat fasttt….!” Shouts Ragini.

“Coming beta…” says Sumi and serves her puri. Ragini is eating it very fastly.

Sanskar sits opposite to her and looking at her.

Ragini: don’t see like that. If you are hungry, go and eat.

Sanskar: this much have happened morning, still you are eating very peacefully.

But she is busy in eating.
Sanskar: Laksh tried to misbehave with you… I still can’t digest it…!

Ragini: don’t be that much anger on him. It was all my play….

Sanskar: what…??

Ragini: shh…! Don’t shout…

Sanskar: what are you saying? You were the letter girl I know, but….

Ragini: I wrote in letter that I will be waiting at well, he came. I ran to temple, he caught my hand to talk with me. But, I created a scene.

Sanskar: but, he doesn’t know that you are that girl right…!

Ragini: yes…! He don’t know… he thought me as that unknown girl and caught the hand…

Sanskar: I have a small doubt, why I feel like he knows that you are herself…!

Ragini: you and your stupid doubts… shut up..!

Sanskar: anyways Ragini, you have done this for me right…! You don’t wanted to look me sad right…!

Ragini shakes her head smiling…
“Ha…ha…friend means you….” Says Sanskar dances and sings
“Ye dosth ki…. Ham nahi thodenge…”
Ragini joins…
“Thodenge kham magar, thera saath naa chodenge…”
They both together, “Ye dosth ki…..”

Sujatha and Sumi closes their ears.
Sujatha: arey, stop your nonsense…
Sujatha comes there. And they make her too dance too…

Just then Swara comes home.

Swara: maa, papa, everyone please come… I want to tell something important.

Everyone gathers around her.

Swara: there is no mistake of Laksh. It was all because of letter girl…
She says about the letters…

Shekar: who is this letter girl??

Ragini panics. Sanskar looks on…

Swara: don’t know papa, she asked him to come near well….
Sumi: did she come or not we don’t know, but why he has to misbehave with Ragini?
Swara: maa, I think, may be Laksh mistook that girl with Ragini, that’s why…
Sanskar: no, that can’t be. If that is truth even, he is not supposed to touch an unmarried girl like that. He has all foreign culture.
Swara: he just held the hand right…!
Dadi: that’s enough to decide his character. Don’t talk about him, in this house again.

Everyone leaves. Swara comes near Ragini and looks at her.
Ragini: what Swara?
Swara: who may be that girl Ragini? She really wanted to book Laksh, if not, she has to come near well right…!
Ragini: don’t think about it much Swara. Leave it…

Swara is about to ask something. Then Sanskar to divert her mind,
“Haa Ragini, today kavya’s marriage is there know, in neighbor village. Don’t you both go…?” he asks.

Swara: I don’t have any interest.
Says Swara and goes away.

Ragini: you reminded it Sanskar, I completely forgot about it, thinking about this…

Sanskar: get ready now. I will drop you there.

Ragini gets ready for her friend’s marriage. While he is taking her on bike, he gets a phone call.

Ram in phone: beta, we have important work in farm. Come soon.

Sanskar cuts the call. “Papa is calling now how…”

Ragini: It’s okay Sanskar, I will go by bus. It is just beside know…

Sanskar: that will be fine…?

Ragini: hello….lioness here…! I have travelled here and there many times… marriage is at 3’o clock. I will be back by evening 5. So, don’t worry. Ask everyone not to worry.

Sanskar smiles and waits still she get into bus. Then he leaves.

The bus will be going… Ragini is looking out the window. The bus will stop some people get into bus. Along with them a man in black coat, his head is covered with black cap, gets into bus. She thinks who might it be…?

After travelling some distance, Ragini will get down. She will see that black coat man also got down. She will be walking, that man is following her. Ragini gets scared. Then a lonely place will come, which she has to cross. She gets scared to go alone. She turns back and that man too stops.

“Why he is following me….?” She scares.

Precap: Laksh and Ragini are alone in cattle shed….

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  1. Awww… I like laksh character he is so sweet nd innocent nd ragini is very bubbly girl

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