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Recap: Sumi’s strong decision, shatters sanlak…

Part 6:
Ragini reaches home thinking whether she is doing right or wrong. But she knows what ever she does, is for her sister Swara. Family members are arranging everything for next day’s engagement. Sanskar is doing all the works sadly. Sujatha is looking at him in teary eyes.
Ragini comes into middle of house…
Ragini: helloo… attention everybody…. here’s a announcement….

Only Ram and Dadi comes before her.
Ram: if you don’t have any work, don’t disturb us. We are busy…
Ragini: but mama, I want to tell something important…..
But still everyone is busy…
Ragini shouts,… “Attention….!”
Then everyone comes around her.

Shekar: kya, suru kiya new game…?
Ragini: game nahi bade papa, i have one wish…
Ram: what is it…?
Ragini: let’s go to Rama temple tomorrow, however Swara is going to engaged, let’s do some special pujas.
Dadi: that’s a nice idea laadoo….
Sujatha: you are young, but gave nice suggestion. Everyone shall go to temple tomorrow.

Then itself Laksh comes to home. They say that they all shall go to temple next day. But Laksh doesn’t understand where to go… if he goes with family that girl will suicide, laksh has to go to other temple to stop that girl. But if he goes against their wish, Sumi will be upset. He was in confusion. Ragini understands his situation.

“now, you are trapped Laksh. Your character is going to be revealed before family. This engagement will be stopped without hurting anyone…” thinks Ragini.

Bechare Laksh doesn’t know, that the temple which they are going and the temple to which the girl called are same….

Laksh tries to talk with Ragini his level best, but she doesn’t give him chance. While Ragini is going into her room, Laksh holds her hand and drags her aside. She shocks.
Ragini: laksh, what is this?? Leave my hand…
Laksh: just listen what I say…
“Leave her hand Laksh…” says Sanskar who just came there. Laksh leaves Ragini’s hand.
Sanskar: you are going to engaged with Swara. And these types of deeds aren’t correct.
Laksh: no bhai, you are misunderstanding me…
Sanskar: I can stop this engagement now itself telling this incident. But no one believes me, as I don’t like this function. Behave yourself. And Ragini, be careful. Don’t be around him.
Sanskar is about to go away. Laksh looks at Ragini confusedly and she is looking at him.
Sanskar: Ragini, I said go away…. and Laksh, don’t try to be close to her…
Ragini and Sanskar will go away.

“What is this?? He is misunderstanding me….!” thinks Laksh.
That night, everyone will be sleeping. Laksh wants to talk with Ragini and again stands in front of her room. But he doesn’t go inside. He is about to knock the door, just then Sumi comes.
Sumi: Laksh beta, what are you doing at this time here…?
Laksh: nothing maa, nothing…
Says Laksh and goes away. Sumi looks at him doubtfully.
Next morning,
Everyone gets ready in new cloths, grandly. Laksh comes down.
Shekar: Ok…shall we go to temple…?
Laksh looks at everyone and he didn’t see Ragini.
Laksh: where is Ragini…?
Sanskar looks angrily at Laksh.

Sanskar: Laksh bhai, here Swara is also not there. Why don’t you ask about her?
Laksh looks at Sanskar in “what do you mean??” manner.
Sujatha: chup re Sanskar. He asked casually. Ragini went to friend’s house to bring flowers. She will come to temple directly.
Just then Swara comes down. Sanskar looks at her lovingly but with teary eyes.

Dadaji: ok let’s go…
Just then Laksh holds his tummy in pain… “oh…my tummy is upset. I think I have to go to nature call.”
Everyone laugh.
Dadi: ok go… we will go to temple. It’s time already. Take bath after attending nature call.
Laksh: sure dadi…
Everyone leaves to temple.
When everyone leave, Laksh with help of a person goes to the temple which is specified by that mysterious letter girl. Laksh goes to the same temple, to which the family members went.
But they are inside the temple, and laksh will start going near the well.

He sees a girl in orange lehanga standing there. He thinks that she is that letter girl. It’s Ragini. She side looks Laksh and realizes that he has come. “Now, the game starts…” she says and starts running from there. Laksh doesn’t see her face.

“Hey stop….” shouts Laksh and chases her.
She goes inside the temple and laksh holds her hand at wrist. “Haa… I caught you at last…” he says. That girl is trying to free her wrist. “You can’t escape from me now…” says Laksh.
“Leave me Laksh…” says Ragini. Laksh surprises to see Ragini. And he looks front, all family members are there.
He is shocked…!!

He leaves her hand. Ragini runs and hugs Sumi. Everyone are looking angrily at Laksh. But poor Laksh doesn’t understand anything.
Sanskar runs to Laksh and holds his collar.
“How dare you…” he is about to punch his face.
Dadaji: stop drama here. Let’s go home first…
Sanskar leaves his collar. Both have angry eye lock.
Everyone reaches home.
Shekar: I thought you are a nice boy…but… you are going to get engaged to one girl and you wanted other…?
Laksh: papa, why I will do like that with Ragini? I was just….
Dadi: with Ragini? That means, you wanted to misbehave with other girl??
Sujatha: with how many girls you are going to play…??
Laksh: no chachi, I just wanted to talk with her…

Dadi: arey, why you need to talk with other girl??
Sanskar: Dadi, you are not understanding yet? He has crush over Ragini. That’s why he dragged her aside yesterday.

Everyone shocks.
“Sanskar…” shouts Laksh.
Sumi: why are you shouting? Your crime has been come front. Now, you need not stay here. You may go back.
Laksh with teary eyes, “Maa, don’t say like that. I have just come here to stay happily with you all for some days. I didn’t do anything wrong.” He says and looks at Ragini.

“Ragini, tell them. Tell them, that I was not wrong. Tell them actually what has happened. Bring out your heart’s words Ragini…” says Laksh.
Ragini looks at him in red eyes. Laksh becomes silent.

Shekar gets Laksh’s bag and gives it to him.
“Now, leave this house. You are trying to blame my daughter Ragu? She is truthful girl…” he says.
Ragini bends her head. Laksh takes his bag, looks at all the people. Everyone are fuming in anger. But, Ragini is looking down. He looks at her and leaves the house.

Everyone goes to their rooms. Ragini goes to her room, takes the monkey doll in her hands and cries.
“I’m sorry Laksh. I don’t have anger on you. But, I wanted to save my sister from you. You have a girlfriend already, how she can be happy with you? Our family members never believe me, if I say something negative on you. That’s why, I had to do all this drama.”
She falls on bed crying badly holding the pillow, “You chased me thinking I’m the letter girl. You thought you held her hand. But you don’t have wrong intentions on me…! you grabbed me aside to talk about that girl, I know…but I intentionally behaved mischief. I’m sorry Laksh…I made you far from your family… I didn’t think, this will go this much seriously..!”

Ragini gets up from bed, looks at herself in mirror. She looks at her parents photo frame gifted by Laksh.
“Laksh, you had a beautiful heart. But, why do you have madness of girls? You already had a gf in US, you wanted to engaged to my sister, and you want to love that letter girl…why? If you were really a nice boy, I wouldn’t have done all this…” says Ragini, falls on her knees and cries badly.

Laksh walks alone on road and sits near the lake. He starts throwing stones in the lake, sitting at the shore.
He takes the letters into his hand and keeps looking at them… “I love you so much dear…..” he says.
He hears anklets sound and looks aside. She looks at a girl who just came there. He hides the letters in his bag after seeing her. Then he keeps looking at her…

Precap: Sanskar’s dance…

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Feeling really bad for laksh…nice update dear

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  2. Feeling bad for laksh! Hope everything is fine between raglak

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      Everything will be ok dear….. just a small misunderstanding…

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  3. Sethidisha002

    osam but still confused about letter girl

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      Thnq dear,? why confusion? Letter girl is Ragini herself, just see previous parts again…

  4. awesome ep but feeling bad for lakshya but ragini is also not bad I think now ragini is gonna fall for him and family member oppose them

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      Thnq Nikky….? Ragini is not bad, she just did for Swara.

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    nice make everything fine between raglak

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    Awesome but sad on Laksh. ?
    Could the girl be Ragini????

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