My family-part 4

Hello friends, Happy friendship day…..

Previous part: Part 3
Recap: a mysterious letter lo Laksh…

Part 4:
It’s night time. Laksh takes his suitcase and comes to hall.

Laksh: hello everyone, come here I have brought something for you all…
Everyone gathers around Laksh…
Laksh takes out costly gents watches and gives them to Dadaji, Shekar, Ram and Sanskar.
Shekar: laksh beta, why did you bring these costly gifts…?
Ram: yes beta, however, we are farmers, we need not want them…
Laksh: Ram kaka, Shekar uncle, don’t say like that… these are just small gifts…
Then he gives T-shirts to them. But for Sanskar, he gives Jeans pants extra.
Sanskar: arey Lucky, I don’t wear jeans.
Laksh: you have to wear now…
Then laksh gives perfumes and some other gifts to Sujatha, Sumi and Dadi.

Laksh: Uttara, this makeup kit is for you… mom has bought it for you…
Uttara takes it happily, “Thanku bhayya…”
Laksh: swara, this hand bag is for you, and this modern dress… you like it right…!
Swara: thank you so much Laksh…
Sumi: why gifts for Swara laksh? However she comes to US with you…
Laksh and Swara simply laugh.
Ragini: yes badi mom, however they will be married…
Says Ragini and smirks at Sanskar. He looks angrily at her…
Then Laksh takes out one nice wallet, “This is for….”
Ragini waits that he will give that to her, but he… “for Uttara…”
Ragini puts a dull face. Then he takes out a nail polish set, Ragini waits that he might give that for her, and she is looking at it. “This is for Swara….”

Ragini puts a sad face again.
Laksh: gifts are over….
Ragini with a pout face, “For me…?”
Laksh: haa… I forgot you Ragini….
He says and searches something and suitcase and shows her a monkey doll.
Laksh: this is for you…!
Everyone laughs looking at it. Ragini takes it to her hand and she too smiles. But she goes angrily into kitchen.
Sujatha is mixing orange juice in one glass.
Ragini: for whom…?
Sujatha: for Laksh, he wanted to drink orange juice.
Ragini: maa, I will prepare it, you go to hall. All are talking something.
Sujatha goes away. There are no one overthere.
Ragini: you will give me monkey know, see what I will do….
Says ragini and mixes mirchi powder in juice. She laughs… “hahaha…” and takes it to laksh. Laksh takes the glass and says, “Ragini, here the gift for you…”
Ragini: I don’t want anything.
Laksh: hey come on, joke is a joke… take this…
Ragini turns to him and surprised to see necklace set(not gold) in his hand. Ragini feels happy and takes it.
Ragini is about to stop Laksh without drinking it, but he drinks it…
“Aaahhh….” He shouts. Ragini closes her face…
Everyone: Laksh….
Laksh: nothing…nothing…
He says and looks at Ragini… Ragini looks sadly at him. Later Laksh gives same types on necklace boxes to all ladies. Ragini feels sad looking at that and she goes to terrace.
Ragini sadly sits and looks at the monkey doll and necklace. Sumi comes near her.
Sumi: what happened beta…?
Ragini: see maa, Laksh gave something or something to everyone, but see what he did to me…? I don’t know, why does he hate me..!
Sumi: it is nothing like that beta, he is teasing you…
Just then they hears throat clearing voice, it is Laksh. Sumi goes away smiling.
Laksh sits beside Ragini. She looks at other side.
Laksh: ragini, everyone gifts are just gifts. But I brought something for you, which you likes no, loves it more.
He shows her a photo frame. Ragini amazes looking at it. She gets teary eyes.
It is her parent’s rare photo. Ragini takes that frame into her hands, cries and suddenly hugs Laksh.
Laksh: It’s okay Ragini, chill…
Ragini again moves far, realizing what she has done. She remains calm.
Ragini: sorry, I did it suddenly…
Laksh: don’t worry, it’s common in US.
Then Laksh gives her a modern dress.
Ragini: laksh, I don’t wear this kind of dress…
Laksh: I know, but my mom bought it for you…
Ragini remains silent.
Laksh: hey, you got angry on me that I gave you monkey doll right! Just open the lid down to it…
Ragini opens and finds different types of pens. She gets excited looking at them…!
She looks smilingly at Laksh.
Laksh: I know, you are a poet. So, I brought them for you…
Ragini feels happy and her POV starts, “I thought, you are very bad Laksh. But you have a kind heart. You are suitable to Swara. You can keep her happy. So, I won’t implement any plans to stop your marriage…” pov ends with a phone call to Laksh.

‘Darling..’ is displayed on his mobile.
Ragini: laksh, who is that…?
Laksh: my girlfriend…
He says simply and starts talking in phone. Ragini shocks.
Laksh lost his world while talking in phone, he is laughing and calling that girl darling, baby, love you, miss you, honey…etc.. and at last he kisses the phone….
Ragini puts her face as “chi….”
It’s actually a small girl(about 6 years) who is talking to Laksh. But Ragini really thinks that he has a lover.
Laksh goes away…
Ragini’s imagination starts again… “laksh is grooming with his gf, Swara is crying badly… laksh keeps ignoring her… swara crying silently….”
Her imagination ends….

“No…..” shouts Ragini. “I won’t let my dear Swara suffer. I will stop this marriage at any cost….Laksh, now the game starts…!” she thinks.
Next morning,
Sanskar, Shekar and Ram are going to farm land. Laksh asks them to drop him near corn fields, as he supposed to meet that letter girl.
They will drop Laksh near those fields. They will go away. That place is too lonely, but beautiful. Cool breeze, mud fragrance, is melting his heart. But he strongly decided to bash that letter girl.
Suddenly he hears a beautiful voice singing,
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha –

Laksh amazes to listen to that voice because, it is the same voice he heard when he entered the village. Laksh looks at that girl, she is wearing a light blue saree and her pallu is gliding in air… laksh mesmerizes. But he can’t see her face. Ofcourse she is that letter girl.
She continues her song,
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon, Bechainiyan Hai Jawan
Meri Nazar Dhoonde Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujhko Main Aankhon Ka Kaajal Bana Loon
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon, Bechainiyan Hai Jawan
Chaahungi Main Yuhin Tujhe Bepanha
Haan Tujhko Khushi Sa Labho Pe Saja Loon
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha ..

Laksh keeps looking at her and tries to see her face. She is dancing like a peacock and singing like a parrot… two three times, she shows her face but, till her eyes, a mask is covered, so that he couldn’t identify.

Roop Hoon Teri Dhoop Hoon
Tu Suraj Hai Mann Ka Mere
Ya Ghani Main Hoon Roshni
Ab Chalte Hoon Dhalte Hoon Tujhko Hi
Haan Mere Ik Pehar, Tu Kahe Thehar
Toh Jaaon Nagar Se Tere
Har Ghadi Mushkilon Bari
Kyun Lagti Hai Jo Bhi Badalti Hai Bin Tere
Tu Mile Toh Silsile, Ho Ho Shuru Jo Hai Khuda Ki Raza
Tere Bina Hai Zindagi Bemaza
Tu Mil Jaaye Toh Main Jahan Se Chhupa Loon –

She keeps dancing and suddenly slips and falls on Laksh. He holds her with his hand, and both have eye lock for one minute. He looks at her honey like lips. Laksh tries to remove her mask, but soon she gets far from him and starts running away. Laksh looks on as she looks more beautiful while running away…he forget to chase her.

That girl runs to Ragini’s house. No one will observe her, as everyone are busy. She goes into Ragini’s room and closes the door.
She is taking the breath very hard and removes her mask.
It’s none other than Ragini….
She takes the breath for sometime and sits on bed.
“I wanted to trap him, but it seems to be I’m going to fall for him…” she thinks and stands up.
“No….! This shouldn’t happen. I have to be strong. And I have to complete the work properly. I have to prove him as bad before everyone.” She thinks and changes her cloths.
She comes down thinking about the incident. Laksh just comes to home, thinking about that girl. He actually started loving her.
He looks at Ragini. She looks at him. Both look at each other sometime. Laksh comes in front of her and looks at her doubt fully; Ragini feels tensed and holds her hands strongly.

Precap: Laksh in new avatar… Ragini amazes….

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