My family-part 30

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Part 30:

Next morning,
Ragini wakes up in Laksh’s embrace. Both open their eyes at same time. They smile looking at each other. She checks his fever. He is feeling ok now. Ragini is about to get up, but he holds her shoulder.
Ragini: leave me Laksh…we will get late…
Laksh: why..? You have to attend any meeting or conference? Look at the time, it’s just 5’o clock.
Ragini looks at clock.
Ragini: but, I everyday does the same thing.
Laksh: for today, for some time, stay like this…. I want to tell you something…
Ragini: what is it…?
Laksh: hmm…forgot…
Ragini: ok…I’m going.
She wakes but he pulls her, she falls on him. Both have eye lock.
Laksh: I remembered it….
Ragini: say then…
Laksh: I love you…
Ragini: but I hate you…
Laksh: why….
Ragini: you are not letting me go…
Laksh leaves her. “Ok go. Do as you like. Why should I bother…?”
Ragini smiles at his childish face. She twists his cheek.
Ragini: oh my pyare baccha… I’m sorry…
Laksh turns away his face.
Ragini: arey… I said sorry know…
Laksh: I don’t want your sorry…

Ragini: then what do you want….??
Laksh remains silent.
Ragini: ok… now I got it….
She says and kisses on his cheeks. Laksh looks at her smilingly.
Ragini: pathi dev is happy now…?
Laksh: no…! It’s not enough…!
Ragini: you are very greedy…
Laksh takes her even more near and holds tightly….
Laksh: of course I am…
Then laksh’s mobile gets a message.
Laksh: give me the mobile…

Ragini: mobile is important than me…?
Laksh: oh come on dear, give it fast… I have to see what message this early morning…
Ragini: say me sorry first…
Laksh: aha….
He says and kisses on her neck. She becomes dumbstruck. Then he moves her and takes the cell. She then throws a pillow on him. He keeps laughing and checks mobile.
He is amazed to see 46thousad dollors are credited to his account from India.
“what…?” he shocks and opens his laptop and checks. Ragini keeps looking at him confusedly.
Laksh checks and sees, “from Sanskar’s account, the money have transferred.”
Laksh: why did he give me money? And from where he can get three crores?

Ragini shocks. Laksh looks at Ragini. “did he tell you anything??”
Ragini nods… “no…”
Then he makes a call to Sanskar.
Laksh: you ask him, I will inform it to dad…
Laksh says and goes to Dp room.

Ragini: Sanskar, this money how…
Sanskar: we have took a vow never leave family. We just fulfilled it…!

Ragini: why did you…!!!!
Says Ragini and starts crying. Shekar takes the phone.
Shekar: beta, don’t cry. We did this to make you happy.
Ragini: how can I be happy if you are suffering?
Shekar: we aren’t suffering beta. We are in our house only. We will go to work in other farm from tomorrow.
Ragini: papa…
She says and keeps crying. Swara takes the phone.
Swara: Ragini, now this is not the time to cry. Be with your family and throw that money on that Us man.
Ragini nods her head.
Ap is asleep.
Dp: what…? Why did he send?
Laksh: that’s what I’m not understanding papa…
Just then Ragini comes.
Ragini: they have arranged this money to pay to US man.
Laksh: but, how did they know about this?

Ragini: I said…
Dp: this is not correct beta. Why we have to suffer them.
Ragini gives phone to Dp.
Ram: bhayya…. What we, them? We all are one family. And, this is just a small thing. We aren’t separate.
Shekar: yes Dp. First pay that money. After contract get success, no one can stop you…
Dp looks on teary.
Ragini: papa…just clear the debt now. Ap maa, shouldn’t know this…she will feel bad….
Dp hugs Ragini. “Indeed you are best bahu. You aren’t my bahu, my daughter.”
Ragini smiles.

But Laksh looks angrily at her.

They both go into their room. Laksh is angry at Ragini.
Laksh: you did this much big thing. You didn’t even told me…
Ragini: laksh, I didn’t ask them to do that. I just shared our problem. I never thought they will do like that…
Laksh shouts: you are ready to throw them into problem for our goodness..?
Ragini crying: I didn’t do anything……..
She says and keeps crying. Laksh says, “stop that crying first…!”
She still keep crying, “three times. This is third time, you are getting angry on me…”
She is crying still.
Laksh suddenly smiles with her answer.
Laksh: so what are the number of kisses…??
Ragini: 20………….

Laksh: hmm… now, I will give you countless…
Laksh is about to grab her, and Ragini keeps running. He runs beside her.
At last he catches her……
Ragini closes her eyes.
Laksh: sorry Ragini….
She opens her eyes and looks at his teary eyes. Ragini feels concerned and holds his face with her hands.
Ragini: laksh… it’s ok… I’m not angry on you…
Laksh: I will never make you cry again dearest…!
Ragini hugs him. “It’s okay whatever you give me Laksh. It’s pain or happiness. I want your side always…”
Laksh wipes his tears hugging her.
Laksh: hey…! Shall we go out today….
Ragini puts a sad face.
Ragini: I really expect, all might in trouble there in village. But, I should enjoy….
Laksh also remains calm.
Ragini: ok…let’s go…

After sometime,
Ap: what…! Money got settled.
Dp: yes…my friend helped…
Ap: why did he help? We need to pay him later right?
Ragini: no maa, friends doesn’t need debt back…
Ap turns away her face angrily from her.
Ap: ok…let’s go now itself.
Ap keeps going. Dp follows her…

Ragini: I think, Ap maa is boss to this house…
Laksh: of course. She rules my dad, in the same way you rule me…
Ragini: when did I rule you? I never ordered you…
Laksh: of course, you never order. But you make things favorable to you…
Ragini pinches him.
Laksh: ok…let’s go…

Pari and adarsh stays at home. Raglak goes out. Laksh takes Ragini to a beach.

Ap and Dp goes to US man. They pay him money.
Ap: now, we don’t have debt to you.
US man: if you sign these papers… everything gets cleared.
Dp: what are these papers??
US man: if you sign on these, your company and properties will belong to me…

Ap: what the hell is this?? Why we have to sign??
That US man gestures his men and they will bring Adarsh and Pari there. Their hands are tied with ropes. Pari looks on teary…
US man: if you won’t sign. I will kill them…
Ap and Dp shocks.
US man: we are searching for your 2nd son and his wife. If you don’t sign we will kill them too.
Ap, dp looks on….

Ragini is looking at the sea. Laksh went to bring ice cream. Ragini is thinking about the family in India…
“Maa, papa, Swara and everyone…
We are thinking that these oceans have separated us. But, how…? Ganga which is flowing in our country flows into Bay of Bengal. In turn it meets Indian Ocean. Now, Indian Ocean meets Pacific Ocean. It is touching this shore. That means, we are really connected…! We are never separated. I can hear your heart beats. And you are hearing mine…”

{Guys, hope you liked this dialogue. These came from my deep heart. It is true right…! Rivers in our country flows into Bay of Bengal… in turn that sea meets the oceans of world..! Wow, the whole world is really connected…! So, never feel that you are missing your country when you are in foreign… Vasudeva kutumbakam… world is one family….}

While Ragini is thinking like that Laksh comes. He brings two cone ice creams. Ragini is taking one.
Ragini: it’s very cold. Why Ice cream.

Laksh: eating cold things in cold weather is crazy man’s habit.
Cool breeze blows, Ragini folds herself in hands.

Laksh removes his jacket and puts it on him and Ragini together. He gently grabs her near. Both moved nearer to fit in that single jacket.
Ragini keeps looking at Laksh silently.
Laksh: what Mrs. Lion, now eat ice cream…
Ragini: laksh, I just want to stay like this always… but, this time and world will be separating us always.
Laksh is busy in eating ice cream…
Ragini: that’s why, I asked you to take me to a timeless island….
She looks at him. He is happily licking ice cream.
Ragini: Mr. Lion loves ice cream than me…
She puts a pout face.

Laksh puts head on her head. “You know lioness, this cone is heart and this ice cream is love. If we eat them together, our love will be always together…”
Ragini: oho… who said that…?
Laksh: hmm, this crazy lion said that.
Ragini smiles and about to eat it, it slips from her hand. She keeps looking at it worriedly.
Laksh: oh madam, don’t worry. Take this one…
He shows the one he ate… Ragini feels shy to eat that.
Laksh: come on, don’t feel like that. I’m your lion…
Ragini blushes and takes a bite of it.

Then soon Laksh eats all of it.
Ragini: hey…! Why did you…! You didn’t left me anything.
Laksh: then…! Madam’s bitten ice cream is greater than 1000 diamonds…
Ragini beats him. “Now stop your poetry. I want ice cream…” with a pout face.

Laksh laughs and leaves jacket on her and goes to bring ice cream. Ragini keeps looking at him smiling.
Laksh takes two cones and comes back. He is shocked to see Ragini is not there. Instead of it, the jacket is on floor. Laksh takes that to hand and runs here and there shouting, “Ragini…. Ragini….”
Then he gets a phone call….
He informs that they have kidnapped her and asks him to come to US man’s place.
Laksh beats his hand strongly to wall. He runs to that place.

Ragini is in car, the goons are around her. Ragini kept beating them. She twisted one man’s ear, she bitten one’s hand, she pulls one’s hair, she gave hits in one’s belly, she kept beating one man taking his head down and started beating him on back.
The goons didn’t do her anything as their boss ordered to bring her safely.
Ragini kept torturing them…! They can’t talk due to language problem.

They take Ragini to that man’s place. He shocked to see his men in wounds. And Ragini is shocked to see Ap, Dp, Adarsh and pari tied there. She runs to them.
That man talks with Ragini, “Hey my beautiful rose, I want to marry you. If you will marry me… I will leave them all…” he says in hindi.

Ragini: ok, I will marry you. Come near me….!

That man comes greedily comes near her. Ragini holds his neck and starts beating in his stomach with her knees. She bends him and starts beating him on back.
The men try to stop her, but that us man says, “don’t stop her. I enjoy her beatings…”
Ragini doesn’t understand as he said in English. Then Pari shouts,
“Oo Ragini, usko maza aa rahahei, while you beating him. Kill him..!”

Then Ragini gets angry… “Rascal, what are you thinking about meee….??” She shouts and grabs a knife and puts it on his neck.
“Release my family… otherwise, I will kill your boss….” She shouts in hindi.
That man says them in English. They release the family.

Ragini is still holding him. Just then Laksh enters the place with cops. Laksh is amazed to see Ragini.
“Lioness is lioness everywhere…” he thinks.

That us man looks angrily at Laksh and Ap. He takes the gun and shoots at Ap.
“maa…!!” shouts Ragini and comes in between. The bullet is shot to Ragini.

“Ragini….!” Shouts everyone.

Cops arrest that man and his men. Ragini falls down unconscious.

Precap: what happens…??

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