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Hi dears, sorry couldn’t reply anyone yesterday, but I loved all your comments. Thank you very much everyone for liking ff and my songs…
So, I have something to tell you. My family ff will end in three or four episodes. It will be boring if I continue more. After this I will come with another ff…
Thank you for the support guys….
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That US man comes inside the house. Smile vanishes from everyone’s face when they see him. Ragini doesn’t understand why everyone became like this.
Ap, Dp, Laksh and Adarsh goes in front of him and receives. They are showing him much respect. But that man is looking cheaply at them.

Ragini: who is he? Why our family is giving him more respect?

Pari: he is Mr. harry. We have debt of 460000$ near him…

Ragini: haha, just 46laks right. It’s not a big deal…

Pari: Ragini, 46laks dollars means, 3Crore in rupees.
Ragini shocks.

Pari: we have to sell this house and company to finish that debt amount.

Ragini: why that much debt happened?

Pari: it’s something related to contract and business. Even I don’t understand it. We signed one contract yesterday right. If it’s successful then all debts will overcome.
Ragini keeps thinking.

That US man is pointing towards Ap and Dp and talking which makes Ragini anger. Even Laksh is fuming in anger, but he can’t say anything.
That man comes near Ragini and pari and starts eating something in kitchen. No one says anything but keeps looking.

Ragini: (says in hindi) pari didi, see how he is eating like a pig..! he is just like a white pig…
Pari tries to stop Ragini.

That man looks at Ragini and says in hindi, “I know hindi. Not me, when your family failed to pay money then they have to roam as pigs…”
Ragini gets angry and shouts on me, “You white pig….!!” She is about to go and beat him, but pari stops her.

US man: ap, you have to pay more for this…!

He says and goes out. Adarsh goes at back of him to say something.

Ap: laksh, has your wife became mad? Will you control her or shall I control?

Laksh looks angrily at Ragini. She bends her head. Her hands start trembling in fear. Laksh furiously comes near her. She closes her eyes expecting a slap…
But, he takes her face into his hands and kisses on her cheek. She amazes.

Ap: laksh…?

Laksh: maa, don’t you feel Ragini is best. She couldn’t tolerate if someone says something to our family….

Ap: oh… then ask her to tell sorry to that man for this family…
Ragini looks on….

Laksh: maa…?

Ap: why…? She can’t do this for family…?

Ragini: I will tell maa….

Ragini and pari goes out.
Ragini: If maa asks to kill him, I will kill. But, I can’t say sorry.

Pari: even I’m getting angry on him…!!

They see that man is standing on the road and talking to phone. They didn’t see his face.
Ragini: where is adarsh bhayya?

Pari: don’t know.

Ragini: bhabhi, I have a plan….

Pari: what is it…?

Ragini: I will put this banana peel near his legs. He will step on it and fall down.

Pari: what you will get if you do like that…?

Ragini: my ego satisfies.

Pari: if he comes to know…?

Ragini: no way…! We didn’t do anything. This banana peel did everything.

Ragini smirks holding the peel.
Ragini and pari stands at one side. Ragini correctly throws the peel at his feet. He didn’t notice. They didn’t see his face as they are at back of him.

Pari: wah Ragini, you threw it correctly.

Ragini: then…! What did you think about lioness…?

That man steps on the peel and fall down. He shouts.
Pari and Ragini laugh slowly.

They look at the man and shocked. It’s not that man, but adarsh himself.
Ragini: adarsh bhayya…! Both are wearing same suits, so confused.

Pari and Ragini run to him. They lift him and taking inside.
Pari: you and your stupid plans Ragini…!

Adarsh: plan..?

Ragini: hehe…nothing bhayya…!

They take him inside. That US man is already inside. Pari and adarsh goes into room.
Ap: Ragini, now tell him sorry.

Laksh looks sadly at her.
Ragini: lioness never said sorry to outsiders! What the h…

She thinks and says in hindi, “I’m so sorry sir. To rectify my mistake, I will prepare super Indian kheer for you…”
She goes into kitchen.

Ap and Dp are talking with that man. Laksh keeps looking at Ragini.

Ragini prepares the kheer and pours it in four bowls. In one bowl she mixes motion tablets.

Ragini pov: hehehe, you Us man, you have to spend all night with tissues after eating this….

She smirks. She is about to take the bowl. Then she reminds Dadi’s words.
“Ladoo, you have to respect your guests always. It is a sin to ill treat them, whoever they are….”

Ragini then thinks, “No, I shouldn’t do like this. If he is eating something from our house, he believes us. I shouldn’t do like this. Mixing something in food is really a great sin….”
And puts that bowl aside. She takes another bowl and fills it.

She serves those kheer to Ap, Dp and that man. Laksh is not there. She goes into kitchen and shocked to see Laksh already ate the motions tablets mixed kheer.

That US man will go away after eating that….

Laksh looks at Ragini. He drags her towards him and puts his hands around her waist.

Laksh: what a tasty kheer my lioness…! It is just like you very sweet….
He is about to kiss her, she stops him…

Ragini: when did you come into kitchen?

Laksh: I came when you are brining bowls. You didn’t see me.

Ragini: I’m bringing a cup for you right…! Why you have to peep in kitchen…??

Suddenly Laksh feels gulugulu in his stomach.

Laksh: wait, nature is calling….
He says and runs to wash room. Ragini is about to run behind him.

Dp comes.
Dp: ragu beta, kheer was very tasty. Even that US man liked it.
Ragini smiles and looks at ap.

Dp: don’t worry about her dear. Some people never realize one’s greatness.
Ap goes away Dp follows her.

Ragini runs to the room. Just then Laksh comes out of washroom…
Ragini: laksh…..

Laksh runs to washroom again.

Ragini becomes sad…
Laksh comes out and falls on bed.

Laksh: why I’m I feeling weak? Why these motions…?
Ragini comes hear him and rubs his head, “Laksh vo mein…”

He runs into washroom again.
Ragini runs to pari. She asks for motions tablets and ORS packets. She takes them and comes to room.

Laksh is sleeping on bed. Ragini comes near him and make him to take tablet. She starts crying.
Laksh: hey ragu, this is just motions. Why are you emotional?

Ragini: laksh, actually……she says everything.
Laksh laughs.

Ragini: are you not angry with me…?

Laksh puts his hand on her cheek, “never…ever… I will never be angry on you…”
Ragini feels his hand is warm and realizes that he got slight fever.

Ragini starts her service to Laksh. Making him eat, giving tablets. It’s evening.

Laksh: hmm…it’s better to get sick sometimes…

Ragini: never say like that….

Laksh: Ragini, I have showed love on you many times. But, you never showed.

Ragini: why I have to show? My love is very much vast than this universe. You can’t see it…….
Laksh keeps looking at her. She keeps looking at him. Both have eye lock. Laksh puts his hand at her head and starts rubbing her head with his fingers.
Ragini closes her eyes and places her head on his chest.

Laksh: I can see that vast love in your eyes…

Ragini: I can hear it, from your heart.

Ragini keeps patting his shoulder. Laksh falls asleep.

Ragini: laksh…
He won’t respond.
She raises her head and looks at him. He is sleeping. She kisses on his forehead.

Ragini gets up and looks at time. It was evening 7’o clock.

Ragini: it is morning in India. I have to talk with papa.
She makes a call to India.

Shekar receives the call and puts in speaker so that everyone could talk. Ragini explains problem to them.
Ragini: papa, do you think we can do anything for Ap maa…?

Shekar: we have to sell our lands to arrange money.

Dadi: and gold also…

Swara: so that 3crores comes…

Ragini: no papa, I asked if there is any other way…. I will not agree if you sell lands. I love our crop fields very much.

Shekar: and we too love them a lot. But not more than my sister Ap.

Ram: even how can I see if my brother is suffering there…?

Sanskar: so, we are selling them away…and I will deposit that amount in Laksh’s account. Ask him to check.
Ragini is weeping silently.

Sumi: don’t cry Ragu… problem will be solved.

Ragini: I’m just thinking why Ap maa is this much far from you…while a loving family is there…

Everyone remains calm.
Ragini: I don’t agree if you sell everything. I can’t see you suffer.

Shekar: even we can’t see you suffer there. Ragini, do you think all the properties are more than a family?

Ragini: but…….

Sanskar: ok Ragini… we will not sell anything. Why I will agree to sell lands…?

Shekar: Sanskar…?

Sanskar: haa papa, why we have to sacrifice for who are staying far from us. Ragini, don’t think anything… we aren’t selling anything.

Ragini: are you just telling it to make me happy?

Sanskar: what…? I never lie…

Ragini: ok…
The call ends….

In India…
Sanskar: papa, we have to sell today and deposit today itself. Otherwise, it will be late to transfer huge amount.

Swara: wah, you know everything even not educated….
San smiles.
Ragini goes near Laksh and keeps rubbing his head and sleeps beside him. She holds his hand tightly.

Ragini: I will never leave your hand in any problem… we will solve this problem together….
She says and puts her head on his shoulder. Laksh who is little awake, puts his hand on her shoulder.

Precap: Ragini proves herself… lioness…!!

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