My family-part 28


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Part 28:

Flight lands in USA. Raglak, Ap, Dp, adarsh pari gets down from the aero plane. Ragini looks around amazingly. She puts her two fingers inside the mouth and whistles loudly.

Everyone turns back and looks at her. Ap gets angry on her.
Laksh: what happened? Why did you do like that…?
Ragini while laughing: Laksh, this mahan lioness Ragini has stepped in US. Don’t you think, this is America’s luck…?

Adarsh and pari opens their eyes wide…
“Arey, if Ragini comes… music have to be played…!” she is about to whistle again. Laksh stops her.
Laksh: no Ragini, don’t do that. Everyone are looking at us.

Ragini: haa, everyone should see that’s why I’m doing this…

Laksh: this is not India. Ok, we should be careful here…

Ragini nods her head. They will be coming out from airport. She looks at a couple kissing, she feels awkward.
Ragini slowly to Laksh in ears: Laksh, what are they doing? Chi… in public…!!!

Laksh: these are very common here Ragini…

Ragini couldn’t bear that and takes a paper rolls it and throws on the couple to disturb them. That paper falls on them and they get distracted. Ragini will be going away silently as if she didn’t do anything. Nobody observes her.

Laksh: why are you laughing?

Ragini: nothing…!

Laksh: hey, don’t do any mischief things here. This is not our country…
Ragini again nods her head.

Ragini keeps looking at the people around. All are very different in white color.

They sit in a car. Ragini keeps looking at the buildings.

Laksh: Ragini, I’m calling to India. You want to talk with everyone….?

Ragini: yaya…call them fast…

Laksh smiles and makes a phone call. Swara lifts the phone.

Ragini: swara….

Swara: arey Ragini… howz America?

Ragini puts her legs on seat and folds them. Parineetha who is beside her trembles with her action. Ragini starts speaking loudly,
“arey yar….! It is nice but, it is not beautiful than our village…!”

Ap looks at her. “That’s true. Why frogs will like out world?” she says to Dp. Dp asks her to be calm.
Ragini continues her loud tone: when I was travelling in flight, it was like flying in sky….

Sanskar grabs the phone from Swara.

Sanskar: ragini, is America safe or destroyed? You just stepped right…!

Ragini: shut up you idiot…!
Ap closes her ears.

Ragini: when I will come India naa, then I will kill you…!

Then later rest of family members will talk. Laksh feels happy that Ragini is happy and normal.

They reach home. Laksh takes Ragini into his room. Ragini keeps dancing.

Laksh: what happened to you? You are behaving weird….

Ragini: Laksh, nature call… I have been stopping it from many hours.

Laksh: why did you do like that? You have gone in flight bathroom.

Ragini: I didn’t understand how to use them. Now, come on show me bathroom…

Laksh shows her. Ragini goes inside and shouts Laksh…!

He runs inside… “what’s wrong??”

Ragini: why? Why? No buckets? And what is this roll of papers?

Laksh: those are tissues. You have to use tissues here.
Ragini: what…??

Shocks Ragini and falls on him. He makes her to stand and, “hmm… finish your work soon…” he says and goes out.

After a while Ragini comes out. She is feeling uncomfortable.

Laksh: ok now?

Ragini: hmm but. This tissue is big issue.

Laksh: take a bath then.

Ragini: ok…

Laksh shows her how use shower etc.

Laksh goes down stairs and Ragini is taking her bath.

Ap: laksh, today evening there will be a small party.

Dp: some delegates are coming, to agree a new contract.

Laksh: but maa, we just came today. We have to rest…

Adarsh: but you know know, mom is always work minded.
Says Adarsh and hugs her. she beats him.

Ap: yes…and that’s why we are in this position…!

Dp: so, you and adarsh go out and look out about those arrangements. Me and mom will go to office.

Laksh thinks… “but, I have decided to spend some time with Ragini…”
Dp: what are you thinking Laksh?

Laksh: nothing papa, I will tell to Ragini and come.

Ap: ok, we are going to office now.
Ap and dp leave.

Laksh goes to the room again. Ragini is standing in front of mirror and struggling to tie the threads of blouse. Laksh comes and ties the threads. Ragini smiles looking at him. He ties the threads and kisses her back. Ragini feels shy, “what are you doing…” she says and about to go, laksh pulls her and hugs her from back.

Laksh: I’m going to miss you today.

Ragini: why…?

Laksh: I have to go out on some work.

Ragini: you have to go to work everyday, what you will do then?

Laksh: but today I have decided to spend with you.

Ragini turns back and kisses on his forehead.
“why? I’m your heart right. I’m always with you. So, go to work first.” Says Ragini.
Laksh smiles and leaves.

Laksh comes down. “bhayya, shall we go?” he asks. Adarsh nods his head. Parineetha comes and looks lipstick on Laksh’s head.

Pari: it’s ok Laksh. You stay home. I will go with your bhai.

Adarsh: but…

Pari pulls him and says something in his ear. Adarsh laughs.

Adarsh: ok lucky. We will see the work. You stay in home.

Laksh: ohh…thank you so much bahi..bhabhi…
Pari adarsh leave.

Laksh happily goes to his room. While he is entering, Ragini is just coming out, both collide.

“ouch…” says Ragini and looks at his head. “oh no…” she says and starts rubbing his head.

Laksh: it’s ok. It’s not paining.

Ragini: not that. It’s my lipstick…
Laksh laughs.

Ragini: by the way, you didn’t go out?

Laksh: no…! Lion has decided to spend with lioness. By the way, are you going to wear this kind of dress in party?

Ragini: what party?

Laksh: there is a party in evening. You have to wear modern dress.

Ragini: ye modern dress hum se nahi hoga. I will be like this…

Laksh: your wish. You look beautiful always.
He says and hugs her.

At evening, all the party arrangements are made. Ragini is helping Parineetha.
All the guests will come.

Ap shows parineetha to everyone as her daughter in law. Pari starts speaking in English with everyone. She is modern dress too.

Ragini feels a little feared to come in between them. “What? I don’t know English. What should I speak now? Hope maa don’t call me.”
But Ap calls her too.

Ap: she is laksh’s wife. My second daughter in law.

Ragini namaskars to them.
“wow…! She is so beautiful. We love India..” those guests say and starts taking selfies with Ragini.

One, fat American lady comes and twists Ragini’s cheeks that she is beautiful. Ragini doesn’t understand what to speak. Ragini feels uncomfortable as this kind of culture is first time to her.
One lady: hey Ap. Only food and drink for party? We need some entertainment.

Ap just smiles and keeps thinking something.
Ragini feels nervous and drinks something over there. She feels dizzy.

Suddenly she sings,

“My dreams… belong to you…
My heart… of course it’s you…”
She points towards Laksh. Laksh smiles and comes near her,

“Our worlds are too different…
But it’s love, which made together…”
She sings again and kisses on Laksh’s cheek.
Laksh smiles. Ap gets angry.

All guests turn to Ragini. They don’t understand lyrics, but they enjoy it… Ragini keeps dancing and everyone are dancing along with her.

“Flower is stable,
Butter fly keeps flying,
But they are related by only love…” sings Ragini.
Laksh continues,

“Sky is very high,
Ocean is deep,
Still they have same color…
The seas might separated us,
But it’s love which made us together…”

All keep enjoying. Music is played in back ground. Even adarsh, pari dp also enjoy. But, Ap keeps looking seriously.

Raglak together…
“Dance means, it’s peacock…
Singing is gift of nightingale.
Dance and song, together is love…
Who can separate heart from soul…?”

Song ends. Everyone cheers to them. The contract gets ok. All the guests leave.

Ragini keeps trembling. She is falling on Laksh and standing again. Laksh keeps looking at her lovingly.

Ap bring a jar of water and pours on her. Laksh shocks.
Ragini starts crying as a baby. “umm..eee…”

Laksh come and hugs her. “oh my bacchaa. Don’t cry… maa, why did you do like this?”

Ap: then? Who asked her to drink? No one in our family have this habit.

Laksh: she don’t know what she drank. Even though, she made the party good.

Ap: so, shamelessly she has to dance? She is bahu of this house.

Laksh: maa, why are you concerned. You and bhabhi are wearing modern dresses. Culture is not there here itself. Why are you pointing Ragini?
Ap slaps Laksh.

Ap: as soon as wife came, you started going against to me??
Even Laksh drank a little.

Dp: ap, don’t say him anything. He too drank even. Laksh beta, take her to room.
Laksh and Ragini go to their room.

Dp: arranging drink in house is your mistake.

Ap: but it’s common here.

Dp: then you shouldn’t comment them. He is right, wearing modern dresses doesn’t make you rich. You don’t have right to talk about ‘bahu…’
Dp leaves. Ap remains shocked.

Adarsh: are you upset with Laksh’s words?

Pari: no adarsh ji. He is right. We are a traditional family ladies. We aren’t supposed to be like this. But, living in US, made us so.
Adarsh smiles.

Laksh is taking Ragini into room.
Ragini: still how far we have to go…?
Laksh: just 10kms more…
They reach room.
Laksh leaves Ragini on bed and he slips and about to fall on her, but gets balance on his hands.
He lay on bed beside Ragini.
Laksh: you are looking cute Ragini…
He says petting her cheeks.
Ragini: you too Laksh…
She says and places her head on his chest and sleeps.
Laksh keeps rubbing her head and falls asleep.

Next morning,
Ragini wakes up and sees herself in Laksh’s embrace.

She smiles but soon shouts…. “aaaaahhhhhhh…..”
Laksh trembles and wakes up.

Laksh: why are you shouting…?
Ragini checks herself. “hehe…nothing. Everything is ok. Don’t worry…”
She says and goes to washroom.
Laksh: what is this girl…!!

Ragini thinks…. “Thank god. Nothing happened.”

All meet at dining for breakfast. Ap is angry. Laksh didn’t remember what happened. Ragini is still confused what happened?

Laksh: maa, what happened? Why are you not talking with me…?

Dp: why did you drink yesterday? You don’t drink right.

Laksh: papa, I drank cool drink.

Adarsh: what? One which is at left side table?

Laksh scratching his head: yaa…

Adarsh: that’s the drink you idiot.
Pari laughs. Ragini realizes what she drank then.

Laksh: maa, did I do anything mischief? Or did I speak anything wrong? If so, I’m very sorry maaa…. Please excuse me…

Adarsh: you didn’t do anything. You just danced. See this video…

Laksh looks at video where he and Ragini danced. He laughs.

“May I come in…??” they hear a voice. It’s a man belong to US.
“who is this US man…?” thinks Ragini.

Precap: Ragini’s plans against US man.

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