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Part 26:

Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and stands. Laksh goes and ties a saree in balcony hook and drops other end of saree down.
Ragini: what are you doing Laksh?

Laksh: you don’t like to have this night right, so now you are eloping from here…
Ragini puts a confused face.

Laksh: don’t worry, I’m eloping along with you…

Ragini smiles: what…?

Laksh: yaa…for this night, we are going to run away from here….

Ragini: but, where are we going…?
Laksh puts his finger on her lips. Ragini becomes struck.

Laksh: shh…! I said know, I’m your pati parameshwar… you have to listen to me…

Ragini nods her head. He removes his finger.

Laksh: ok, now slide holding this saree down…

Ragini: but… I don’t know how to do that…

Laksh: oooo, come on… you know climbing trees, you know fighting as ninja… but, lioness don’t know this… hahaha…

Ragini: but, I’m wearing a saree. I can’t slide…

Laksh: no probs… I will show you, you do next….

He says and holds saree and will we getting down…
Ragini: laksh careful…

Laksh gets down and he gestures her to come down. Ragini holds her saree a little up and starts sliding down… when she is about to reach down, Laksh holds her waist and make her to stand. Ragini becomes dumbstruck again and she bends her head.

Laksh: let’s go on that cycle….

He says and about to go but Ragini is standing there itself. Her eyes and lips are trembling. Laksh holds her hand and starts taking her… “chalo ragu…”
Ragini keeps looking at him mesmerized.

Laksh sits on cycle and she sits in front of him.
She leans to him as leaning on sofa. He starts cycling the pedals. While he is doing like that his leg is touching her legs. And her hands are touching his hands.

Full white moon in sky, Ragini in lovely white saree, laksh in purple sherwani, Ragini feels very lovely.
She remains calm and he too is calm. Laksh drives for some time, they reach a place. He stops the cycle.
Ragini amazes to see the place. It is a white lotus pond…. White lotus bloom only when moon is present.

Ragini looks mesmerized at the pond.
Ragini: wow Laksh, it is very beautiful…..

Laksh: yes… you like white lotus right…!

Ragini: how do you know…?

Laksh: you wanted to come here from childhood. But, no one allowed you as it is night time.
Ragini nods her head.

Laksh: today, your wish is fulfilled.

Ragini: yes Laksh…
Says Ragini and hugs him. But he won’t respond. She moves back and asks
“are you angry with my words?”
Laksh: not angry, I’m respecting your words.

Ragini keeps looking at him.
Laksh: come, let’s have a boat ride.

Ragini: boat ride….?

Laksh: arey, don’t be afraid, I know driving boat and I know swimming.
Says laksh while arranging boat over there. Ragini stands beside him,

Ragini: when you are with me, I’m afraid of nothing laksh…

Laksh simply smiles.
Laksh starts driving the boat with rudders, placing them gently in water. Ragini sat at other end. She keeps looking at him. But Laksh never saw her. He was looking around or he is looking in water. She becomes sad.

Suddenly Laksh stops the boat in middle of lake.

Ragini: why…?

Laksh: Ragini, now we are in middle of lake. And the moon is in sky at middle. Haa.. how do you feel…?
Ragini looks around and looks at the moon….

Ragini: I remember some movie….

Laksh: yes, you wanted to come like this too right…! This wish also satisfied.

Ragini: laksh…wow… you know everything about me……….

But laksh is looking at the moon smiling.
Ragini: laksh, are you really angry on me for my words? You were not looking at me at all…

Laksh: what to do Ragini, I can’t control myself if I see you…

Ragini suddenly comes and hugs Laksh.
Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh….

Laksh: ragini, cool…the boat looses it’s balance… move back…

But the boat reverses, they both fall in water. Laksh brings her to shore. She is in conscious.

Laksh: Ragini, have you gone mad. It was dangerous….

Ragini: even, I couldn’t control myself then…
Laksh looks at her. She bends her head.

Both are wet.
Laksh: see, we both are wet. We shall go back home. Let’s go…

But, Ragini holds his hand.

Ragini: laksh, we may never get this chance again. The full moon, the cool breeze, the lotus pond, lake… I’m feeling so happy here… shall we stay for some more time..

Laksh: but, you will catch cold….

Ragini: please…..

Laksh: ok…

Laksh sets a fire. Ragini is sitting under a tree. She is looking at him, but he is busy in setting the fire.
Ragini feels cold and holds herself tightly.

Laksh: come and sit near this. You will feel warm…
Ragini and Laksh both sit on opposite side. Laksh is looking at fire, but she is continuously looking at him. Laksh feels uneasy with her looks and stands near a tree looking at lake.
He looks at the lake and looks back at fire again. He is amazed Ragini is not there. Suddenly he feels two hands surround his waist. And Ragini hugged him from behind.

Ragini: why are you ignoring me Laksh? You know that I can’t bear ignorance right…!
Laksh keeps looking at lake.

Ragini: if you are really angry with the words I said, I’m sorry. Laksh, I will accept anything you say… let’s complete our marriage now itself if you want.
She says hiding her face in his back.

Laksh turns to her and raises her head. She looks at him.

Laksh: no Ragini… what you said is truth… we should have everyone’s blessings. I have waited for you many days, can’t I wait for some more days…. Your pain is my pain… your wish is my wish… I love you Ragini…

Ragini: love you Laksh…

Both hug for sometime……

Then they start returning back to house.
Nobody will notice that they went out.

Next morning,

Swaragini are cooking something in kitchen. They both aren’t allowing anyone inside…

All the family members sat near table.

Sanskar shouts: how long you are going to make? I’m hungry…

Sujatha: I know, you both don’t know cooking. Come back, we will prepare anything.

Ragini bends from kitchen. “No…! today everyone has to taste swaragini dish….”

Sanskar: oh…! We are dead…!

He puts his head on table. All laugh except Sumi and Ap.

Laksh and Adarsh aren’t there. They went out on some work.

Swaragini finishes cooking and they bring dishes on table. Sujatha looks at the holes poori and some maps shaped poories.
Sanskar takes a poori with one hand, “haa…laksh has asked me to come with him… I could have gone…” he says.

Swara: why my dear husband, you didn’t like it…?

Sanskar puts his hand under his chin.

Swara gestures Ragini, she too come near him. Both push food into his mouth forcely. Sanskar mouth fills with food…and he is shocked.
Ragini and swara give hifi to each other and they keep laughing.

Dadi: stop your mischief acts. You are married now, behave matured.

Swara: but, still we remember our childhood…

All family members laugh.
Then only Laksh and Adarsh comes.

Dp: laksh, where did you go this morning…?

Laksh: papa, I went to bring printouts of papers in which Ragini has to sign. She has to apply for passport.

Ragini: passport…?

Sanskar: ha ragini, something like pass port photo.

Ragini: shut up, don’t play pranks on me. I know what’s a passport. But why for me…?

Laksh: why…? You need it to come to US. Of course, you have to apply visa next.

All shake their heads. But Ragini becomes dumbstruck. She never remembered that she has to move to US along with Laksh, leaving her family…

These many days her mind and heart are covered with his love, now she came to real world. now, she realized.

Ragini: I have to come to US…?

Laksh: of course, that’s your sasural….

All laughs.
Ragini remains calm.

Laksh: what happened Ragini…?

Ragini: laksh…why don’t we stay here itself…

All shocks.
Swara: what are you talking Ragini? You have to go…

Ragini: but, I can’t leave all of you and go away…

Laksh gets angry.
Laksh: what do you mean Ragini? You never remembered that you have to come with me to US? If you didn’t wanted to come why did you marry me…?

Ragini gets tears in eyes and runs to her room. All start scolding Laksh.

Ragini goes to room and cries, “I never thought about it. I can’t leave my family….”

She then suddenly wipes her tears and stops crying.
“why I’m behaving selfish like this? Laksh has done many things for me… but, I’m still making him down. He always sacrificed everything for me. Now, I will sacrifice for him. I will go with him…” she thinks.

Just then Laksh comes into room and closes the door.
Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini…. i…

Ragini: I will come to US.

Laksh: but…

Ragini: laksh, I have just thought now. I never went anywhere except this village. Why shouldn’t I see out world? Even though, I like seeing America. So, let’s go…

Laksh: but, earlier you were telling that you will miss family?

Ragini: that is truth a little. But, when you are with me, I will never remember anyone.
Laksh comes near her and looks straight into her eyes.

Laksh: are you telling truth or you are sacrificing for me? I never let you to sacrifice anything for me…

Ragini: what are you saying laksh? I never sacrifice. I love you more and I love to stay there…. I want to come with you……
Laksh hugs Ragini.

Laksh: thank you so much Ragini. I really felt sad when you said that you don’t want to come. But, I’m happy now…

Ragini: I’m also happy Laksh.

Soon, all the passport and visa works of Ragini will be getting completed. The date of their journey also declares. It is three more days they are going to stay in India. Everyone are sad that Ragini is going away, but they keep their sadness in heart.

Even Ragini is sad, even she don’t show her sadness. Uttara comes near her.

Uttara: so Ragini, what will you do after going there…?

Ragini: what…? I don’t know…

Uttara: what you will do if you remember us…?

Ragini starts crying. Uttara hugs her. “I miss you Ragini…”

Swasan comes.
Sanskar: haaa, drama started. Now, both of you are going to dip this house…?

Ragini: why? Your are not sad that I’m going away…?

Sanskar: why sad? We all can be peaceful.

Ragini laughs with painful heart but she keeps crying. When she is crying swasan also gets tears in eyes. She suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. It’s sumi.

Sumi hugs her. ragini amazes.

Sumi: don’t cry beta…. Don’t cry. What if you go away… we are always with you. The oceans and seas can’t separate our relation.
Ragini feels happy that Sumi excused her. sumi kisses on her forehead.

Sumi: ragu, by next time you come to India you have to give me a chubby grandchild….
Ragini blushes. She runs to her room feeling shy. She sits on bed and smiles in herself thinking sumi’s words.

Laksh who is already in room looks all her antics.
Laksh: what happened to you? Why lioness seemed to be very happy?
Ragini doesn’t know that Laksh is present there.

Ragini: laksh, you are here? I don’t know….
Laksh: ohh… now tell me why you are happy?

Ragini comes and stands in front of Laksh.
Laksh: what…?
Ragini keeps moving towards him and Laksh moves back struck to wall.
She keeps her fingers into his head and starts rubbing his head gently.
Laksh with stammering voice, “What are you doing Ragini…?”
Ragini moves nearest to him. Laksh closes his eyes. She too closes her eyes. She kisses on his lips holding his head tightly.
After few seconds, Ragini breaks it and comes aside. She is breathing hardly. Laksh sticks to fall feeling disbelieved with the situation.

Ragini keeps taking the breath bending to wall.
Laksh comes near her and puts hand on her shoulder. She trembles at once.
Laksh: that was awesome darling…
Ragini blushes. He holds her waist and drags her near.
“what is the matter….?” He asks.

Ragini: maa has excused us… she blessed us…
Laksh: yaya… what did she bless?
Ragini feels shy again… “don’t see me like that Laksh…” she says and hides her head in his chest.
He kisses on her head.

Someone knocks the door…..

Precap: Ragini’s bidaai…
Haha…. Now lioness Ragini is going to step in US….

………off… at last this epi is completed. it was hard while writing this… and i think this is the big one…
thnku guys for all comments… plz give feedback….

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