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Later Ragini reaches home first and climbs the mango tree to avoid doubt to family members. After her, Laksh reaches the house.
Flash back ends.

Ragini continues telling,
“I didn’t mean to cheat you or fool you. But, we just wanted to prove, nothing can harm our pure love. I agree that I have done mistake, but I trust it is a strong reason…”

Sumi: what strong reason haa? You have done mistakes always. In the matter of laksh, memory loss and now this marriage…. Do you think life is a game? You don’t know to fight, you just know to act…!

Shekar shouts: sharmista…!
Sumi becomes calm.

Shekar: yes, she has acted. But she clearly explained everything. All the first two mistakes she has done only for Swara. We have already excused her… so, there is no need to discuss about it…!

Sumi: but shekar, what about this marriage? Did she think that we are dead?

Ragini holds her legs. “No maa, please don’t say like that. I didn’t wanted to turn against to you. I just wanted to prove you all. See, I have married Laksh 15 days back. Nothing, has happened to me. You said, his horoscope is bad, and it will harm me. But see, we are happy now…. I just wanted to show this…”
Says Ragini crying. But Sumi remains unreacted. Everyone has tears in eyes.
Shekar comes and lifts her.

Shekar: beta, you did not do any mistake. You just won your love. That’s not a sin. Moreover, it is this family who forced you to agree his love. Creating love and destroying love is not a game. We were foolish to separate you both with horoscopes.

Everyone accepts.
Sujatha: we don’t have angry on you Ragini.

Swara: yes, Ragini. You have done correct.

Sanskar: but you could have at least said me….after all I’m your best friend Ragini…

Ragini smiles.
Dadi and dadaji also accepts.

Ram: if they wanted, they could have actually run away. But they stayed back and fought. This is not at all cheating. But, we didn’t see your marriage.

Shekar: no problem, we will do the rest off rituals.
Says Shekar and looks at Dp family. Dp, Adarsh and Parineetha accepts. But Ap remains calm.

Shekar: what sister?

Ap: you all may have accept this. But this is a cheating on my point.

Raglak shocks.

Ap: they may get all your blessings, but not mine. I’m with bhabhi in this matter.

Sumi: you said truth ap, they have to understand their sin…

Ragini: maa….

Shekar: jane do ragu beta…. The whole family is with you. What is those both ladies didn’t accept…

Ragini: but they are my mother like……

Dadi: ladoo, don’t think about it much. Your happiness is more important to us than their anger.

Sumi and Ap goes away. Dp tries to convince Ap.

Ragini remains sad. But Laksh is un effected.

All other rituals are done to Raglak and Swasan. Sumi has done only to swasan.
Ap and Sumi didn’t do anything for Raglak.

Ap: swara is very lucky. She got blessings from mother and mother in law. But some people will be there, who can’t receive any love from mother or in-law.

Ragini looks with teary eyes at them. Laksh holds her hand and says ok.

Shekar: what if she didn’t get? She has all the family support.

A ritual, a ring is thrown in water pot and bride-bridegroom has to compete to take the ring.
First it is done to Swasan, of course Swara got the ring. All family cheers to them.

Next they do to Raglak. Sumi and Ap goes away.

The ring is thrown in pot, laksh puts his hand in pot. But Ragini remains calm.

Sujatha: come on Ragini start…

Swara: haa Ragini, you have to win…

But Ragini is sad that sumi and Ap aren’t there.
Laksh looks at her…. “Lioness has become weak I think…”

As soon as Laksh says that, Ragini puts her hand in the pot. Laksh is looking at, Ragini while searching the ring in pot.
While Ragini is searching the ring with hand, laksh holds her hand. Ragini shocks and looks at him. He starts rubbing her hand and holding her hand…
Ragini blushes hard…

Dadi, dadaji, shekar, sujatha, ram, swara are supporting Ragini. Sanskar, Dp, adarsh and pari are supporting Laksh. They are thinking they are playing, but they don’t know hand romance inside pot…..

Ragini removes her hand hardly and catches the ring. She takes out the ring.

“yay….” She shouts. All cheers to her. Laksh kisses on her cheek in front of everyone. She shocks and becomes silent. Everyone closes their eyes.

Dadi: haa.. we have to arrange their suhag raat as soon as possible…

Ragini bends her head. Laksh keeps looking at her naughtily.

Night time,

Laksh is with Sanskar in his room. Sanskar is feeling nervous.

Laksh: arey bhai, you are the boy… you shouldn’t feel so…

Sanskar: you will know, when your turn comes….

Just then, all ladies bring Swara to the room. Laksh will go away.

Then, shekar takes Laksh with him. He makes him wear traditional salwar.
Laksh: why are you giving this papa…

Dp: today is your suhag raat too..
Laksh shocks.

Laksh: no papa… aaj nahi…
Dp, shekar and Adrash laugh.

Dadi and Sujatha will be making Ragini ready. Ragini is wearing lovely white saree with gold border.

They put many flowers in her hair.

Dadi: chalo Ragini…

Ragini: dadi, but I’m scared…!
They laugh.

They will be taking her. Ragini sees Sumi. She goes near her. “maa, bless me…” she asks and about to touch her feet, but Sumi goes away. Ragini looks on sad…

The ladies take Ragini to the decorated room, where Laksh is already waiting. He was looking at the moon, from window. He listens Ragini has come but he is looking at the moon still. It’s a full moon… Ragini hesitates to go inside, but ladies push her inside and close the door.
She remains silent bending her head. Laksh listens the closed door sound and takes a deep breath. He turns and looks at Ragini. She is holding the milk glass.

He is coming towards her slowly,
“Why are you silent Ragini…. Are you jealous that I’m looking at the moon instead of you…? Hey, don’t be jealous. You are very much prettier than moon….” He says and takes the milk glass in her hand.
Her hands are trembling.

He drinks a sip of milk and give her to drink. She isn’t moving her hands.
“Come on Ragini… take this…” he says.

She is in that position still.
“Hmm…. Lioness has become really weak. Because, lioness is afraid of this lion…?” he says and lifts her head with his hand.

Her eyes are completely filled with tears. Her eyes are very red…

Laksh: Ragini….?!
Ragini suddenly hugs him and keeps crying.

Ragini: Maa isn’t excusing me Laksh… she didn’t even bless me now. If maa is behaving like that, I feel like I have done a big sin….

Laksh: cool down Ragini…..

Ragini keeps crying putting her head on his chest.

Laksh takes her to bed and make her sit. Ragini is still crying, he simply keeps looking at her, as he doesn’t understand how to console.

Later slowly Laksh makes her do drink a sip of milk, so that she feels relaxed. Ragini calms down a bit and says,
“No Laksh, this shouldn’t happen…”

Laksh: what…??

Ragini: this first night shouldn’t happen today…

Laksh shocks: but why….?

Ragini: I can’t give birth to kids without blessings of my mom and your mom. I can’t complete this marriage with their hatred. I want their warm blessings first… then only…

Laksh: so, are you telling that I have to wait till then…?

Ragini nods her head.

Laksh stands up furiously. Ragini also stands.

Ragini: try to understand me Laksh… whatever I said is truth right..! how can we do anything without our elders blessings.

Laksh with little upset, “then how did we do marriage?”

Ragini: that and this is different Laksh… I want grandmother’s love to my kids.

Laksh: Ragini, ever thing gets changed till then. For that, you are completely wasting today…

Ragini: what are you talking Laksh? You have already hugged me 5 times and kissed me 10 times…. Cant’ you wait for this…?

Laksh: what? You have counted number of hugs and kisses?

Ragini: of course, I count everything. I even count number of fights.

Laksh: oho… so today it’s gonna be our first fight? First fight on first night… super…

He laughs and puts his hand gently on her shoulder.

Laksh: Ragini, let’s forget all that… let’s start our new life…
He is about to move closer to her but Ragini pushes him.

Ragini: Laksh, why can’t you understand? Did I ask anything bad? Seeing at your behavior is making me to think that you have married me only for this…!!

Laksh looks at her shocked.

Ragini: that’s why… you always used to kiss and hug me…

Laksh becomes anger at her words and goes near her and holds her cheeks very tightly with his fingers. Ragini shocks, as she is first time looking at angry Laksh.

Laksh: what did you say? How could your mouth ever speak such words? Yes, your lips are honey. But your words are poison.
He says and leaves her. Her cheeks turned red.

Laksh goes and sleeps on bed at one side. Ragini keeps crying.
“Yes, my words are poison. I’m a bad girl….” She says and keeps crying. She sleeps at other end of bed, putting pillows in between them…

Laksh gets even more anger with this act.
“oh, don’t struggle that much. I will sleep on floor.” He says angrily, and sleeps on floor beside bed.

Ragini sits and says, “no need. I will only sleep on floor.” And she too sleeps on floor at other side of bed.

Both looks at each other from the gap under the bed. Ragini turns other side looking at him. Laksh also turns other side.

Laksh looks at the moon outside. “arey chandamama, don’t laugh at me…” he says to moon.
Both fall asleep.

Mid night,

Laksh suddenly wakes up. Moon light is falling inside the room. All the room is filled with fragrance of flowers. The more fragrance is coming from Ragini’s hair flowers.
“That fragrance is grabbing me Ragini…” he says and goes near her. She is sleeping peacefully.

He takes a flower from her hair and smells it deeply. He pats on her shoulder and she wakes. She sits and asks, “What…?”

Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini. Hame maaf kardo…
Says Laksh holding his ears.

Ragini bends her head and says, “actually, you maaf kar hamko… I talked much…!”

Laksh moves her face towards him. “if I need to excuse you, you have to do me a favor.”
Ragini looks at him confusedly and little scares what he may ask.

Laksh: don’t be scared like cat. I’m not asking what you expect. Come with me…

He says and stands…
Ragini: where…?

Laksh putting his finger on his mouth: shh, I’m your pati parmeshwar. You have to listen to me. Come…
He says and gives his hand to her. Ragini holds his hand and stands.

Precap: Raglak lovely time………..

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