My family-part 24

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Part: 24 Raglak’s secret marriage…

Ragini starts telling,
“Laksh has declared that we shall be friends on that night, I said him ok. But my heart didn’t accept it. Next day I have waked up and searched him all the house, he is nowhere. My friends informed me that he went to hanuman temple. So I went there. It was the day we missed for half day and you all have searched us…”

Ragini says and continues telling what happened that day….
Flash back…..

Laksh was doing puja to hanuman god as pandit said. After finishing puja he comes out of temple and looks at Ragini.
Laksh amazingly: what are you doing here?
Ragini: what are you doing here…?
Laksh: nothing…!
Ragini: I know that you done puja, and that was for me right…!
Laksh remains silent.
Ragini: your puja will fulfill now laksh. Let’s marry right here…!

Laksh: have you gone mad? I have already said let’s be friends. Without our family agreement this marriage not going to happen.

Ragini: they are afraid that horoscopes didn’t match. They are scared something will happen to me if I married you. But, I want to show them, nothing can do me anything when you are beside me. That’s why, let’s get married.

Laksh: but Ragini, this is wrong…
Ragini comes close to him and looks into his eyes.

Ragini: don’t you love me…? Look into my eyes and say…

Laksh turns away his face, “Ragini, that was true that I have loved you…but….”

Ragini: can you imagine another guy beside me. Can you imagine that guy putting his hands on me…!
Laksh bursts into tears and hugs her tightly.

Ragini: I know laksh. That’s hard for you. And it’s like hell to me. Shall we suffer this hell forever? If you say ok, then let’s be friends forever.

Laksh: no Ragini, I need you… I can’t live without you…
Says Laksh crying like a baby hugging her. Her shoulder is wetting due to his tears.
Then she pats his back.

Ragini: don’t give me this much pain Laksh. I can’t bear this. Let’s do a small mistake and let’s get out from this hell.
Laksh looks at Ragini. She keeps looking at him.
Laksh takes her back into temple holding her hand. Ragini keeps looking at him.

Laksh takes sindoor in his hands which Ragini has brought.
Laksh: whether it is wrong or right, Ragini will be my wife from today. Laksh maheswari is going to marry her. This nature is the proof for our marriage, we have that god’s blessings. Now, nothing can separate us…

Says Laksh and puts sindoor on her forehead mang. Ragini closes her eyes. He ties the mangal sutr offered by priest. Laksh and Ragini exchanges the garlands.

They take their vows,
Ragini: I will be with you forever, how many hurdles may stop us…

Laksh: I will never leave your hand, scared by anyone.

Ragini: let’s together fight with the world to gain our love.

Laksh: let’s make our family understand our love.

Ragini: let’s prove to world nothing can separate us.

Laksh: I will be with you forever in every problem…

Ragini: hmm….

Laksh: ha, let’s have children only after family’s acceptance of our marriage.

Ragini gets shy and beats him. They both hug.
They come out of the temple.

They are holding their hands together.
Laksh: now what…?

Ragini: let’s go home…

Laksh: do you think our family will accept if we appear before them like this?

Ragini: never…! They are going kick us out…

Laksh: our family shouldn’t get upset because of us. If they get upset, swasan marriage will be upset. So, let’s put this as a secret until their marriage.

Ragini: you are right….!

Ragini hides the sindoor on her mang covering with hair. She hides managal sutr with chunni. They remove their garlands.

Ragini: ok, I will go home first. You come next.
Laksh nods his head and keeps looking at her. Ragini just moves two steps from him and suddenly she turns back, runs to him and hugs him.

Laksh: what happened Ragini. Don’t be afraid. Everything will set…

Ragini: laksh, I don’t want to go far from you… I want to stay with you….

Laksh: when family accept na, then we can stay forever. Just wait for some days.

He moves her holding her shoulders. Both keep looking at each other. Ragini doesn’t move away her eyes.
Laksh: what Ragini?

Ragini: I want to spend some time with you now…

Laksh smiles and nods. A tear drops from her eye. Laksh stops that tear.
Laksh: you have given tears to me. You don’t have right to cry…

Then Ragini takes his hand and places on her cheek.
She sings, {imagine any music for the song…. Hehe. I think the song is fine…}

“You are tears in my eyes…
Never fall down….”
Laksh smiles and kisses on her eye. She closes her eyes.

“you are breath of my life…
Don’t ever stop…”
Then he kisses near her nose…

“your are the smile on my lips…
Don’t fade away…”

He is about to kiss on her lips, she moves away in shy.

“oh saathiya, you thought dance to these feet….”
He bends and takes her foot in his hand and kisses her leg. She can’t stop her tears and kneel downs before him. She places his head on her shoulder and sings,

“you thought this heart to love…
My hands need your hand always…” (he kisses her hand…)
“I just want to lock up you in my eyes…” (they have intense eyelock..)
Let’s be together

They both stand and keep walking somewhere, she placed her head on his shoulder and both are holding their hands very tightly. Both have a cute smile on their face.

They reach a sunflower garden. Ragini gets excited to see the garden and she is about run but slip. Laksh holds her without falling holding her shoulders. She suddenly feels pain in foot, a thorn stuck in her leg. Laksh removes it with his hand and rubs her leg.

Ragini sits beside him, she twists his cheek.
“You are the strength in my shoulders,
You are the beat in of my heart,
You are the voice in my throat….” She sings and suddenly Laksh kisses on her neck. Ragini heart beat increases and runs from him.

She sticks to a tree. Laksh puts his hand on her hand. And bends towards her. She again moves far from him. They keep rounding the tree, Ragini is moving back and Laksh moving towards her.

She starts running from there. Laksh will be chasing her, “Hey Ragini… stop…”

She climbs a tree and laughs at Laksh. Laksh can’t climb as he is a city guy. He puts a pout face and sits under that tree only. Ragini comes down the tree.
“o mere pyare bacha, are you angry on me…?” she asks.

Laksh still puts his pout face. Ragini then leans her back to his front. Laksh is leaning to tree. She leans on him completely. Laksh holds her hands and places them on her waist. Both close their eyes…
After a while,

Ragini: Laksh, why do you love me…?

Laksh: I already said I don’t know…

Ragini: what would have happened if I didn’t write that letter.…

Laksh: what happens? This poor guy may have saved…!

Ragini: oh my poor guy, you will not be saved now…! Hahaha….

Laksh: Ragini, I have done many things for you. What did you do for me…?

Ragini: what…? I have married you right…!

Laksh: aha… actually, that was your plan. You didn’t give me anything.

Then Ragini looks at him and kisses on his cheek. Laksh amazes. Ragini bends her head.
“Oh my god, what I did? I have never kissed anyone. Even maa, papa, swara…no one… even I never kissed myself…”

Laksh laughs.
Laksh looks at his watch.

Laksh: omg, Ragini it’s already 12 o’ clock. Our family members may be searching for us…

Ragini: oh….! Really, I didn’t know the time at all…

Laksh: ok… let’s go…
Says Laksh and stands. Ragini is still sitting.

Laksh: come on Ragini, let’s move…

Ragini is silent and bends her head.

Laksh: hey… what happened..?

Ragini: I don’t know, how to face the family. I’m feeling guilty. I have married you…! I’m no more a miss? I’m your wife now…! I can’t believe this…!

Laksh: it’s over Ragini. Now we have to face anything together. Even though, this is a secret…!

Ragini: but, I’m feeling guilty to cheat them…!

Laksh: we aren’t cheating them…! Actually the horoscopes cheated us. Let’s act as friends before them..till Swasan marriage.
Ragini nods her head.

Precap: Raglak tries to support their marriage…will family accepts?

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