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Part 23:

Marriage day,
The Gadodiya’s and Maheswari’s house is in full bliss. Swasan marriage arrangements are made…
Whole village came to see the marriage.

All the family members are busy in receiving guests…. Taking part in all marriage activities…
But pair of eyes are searching for his love…. Of course it’s Laksh.
He is looking for Ragini.
Then only Ragini comes down in a orange gagra. Laksh is in orange sherwani.
They did shopping like that to match….

As soon as Laksh saw Ragini started singing,

“Hey the orange beauty,
Oh my lioness…
Tell me why
You wrote ‘L’ on your hand….”

He was singing, but everyone are busy to understand his lyrics.

He continues,
“open up the secret
Tell your heart
This boy will accept…”

Ragini blushes and replies to his song while dancing,

“Lion is only pair to lioness,
So dear boy stop your dreams…
This queen has a king
Already in heart….”

No one listens to lyrics, they just enjoy the song. But Dadi starts getting doubt…

“Oh my mad lioness,
You can’t see…
I’m that lion…
And of course I’m your heart king….”

Laksh sings and drags Ragini, she falls on him, both blushes. Then they start their dance together.
Ragini sings….

“I knew that… you are my lion…
But, I wanted to hear from you….
When Ragini is lioness…
Of course Laksh is lion…”

[haha… guys, I guess you like this song. I wrote it on my own. But, I swear I’m not a poet… hahaha]

After singing the song Dadi doubts get confirm that Raglak are still loving each other and friendship between them was only a drama…
But she can’t tell that right then before everyone.

Marriage rituals starts…
Raglak are standing beside each other…

Laksh says to her in ears.. “you are looking beautiful today…”

Ragini: I’m I not beautiful yesterday…?

Laksh: of course, you are beautiful yesterday too…

Ragini: that means I’m not beautiful before day…?

Laksh: ofo…
He says and pinches her hand. She looks at him and stamps his foot. They are playing very closely like that.
Ap and Dadi observes. Rest all are busy.

Sanskar ties mangal sutr to Swara. While that’s happening, Ragini and Laksh look at each other lovingly. And they hold their hand.

Ap looks at their closeness and calls Laksh. He goes near her.

Swasan are taking rounds around fire… all are showering flowers on them. Laksh is busy in throwing flowers on Ragini. She keeps gesturing him to stop. But why he will stop?
Ap sees this and

Ap: beta, you go and serve food to guests.
Laksh starts going away and gestures Ragini to come. While Ragini is about to go Dadi stops her.
Laksh goes away alone.

The marriage of Swasan is over.
Laksh is busy in serving dishes to guests. Maids are helping him. [In villages sometimes family members serve food…]

Swasan are seated in sofa. Shekar asks guests not to leave.

Shekar: everyone, don’t go away… I have a surprise for you now…!
Everyone looks at him.

Shekar: I know, my family members don’t go against to me. Especially, my 2nd daughter Ragini.
Ragini looks at him smiling.

Shekar: I and Sumi have looked after her as our own daughter, so her marriage responsibility is on us…

Now, smile fades away from Ragini’s face.
Laksh was busy at guests, he don’t know anything about this.

Shekar: today, now itself her engagement will be there with the boy I selected…!
Ragini shocks…!

Ragini is standing beside him.
Shekar: karthick, come here….

A handsome guy will come on to stage. Ragini doesn’t look at him. She is bending her head down in tears.
Looking at him, all family starts their praising…
“Wow, the boy is cool…handsome…etc…”

Shekar: I know, this is a shock to my daughter. But, she herself gave me chance to select groom for her. Ragu beta, he is my friend’s son. Nice boy…. Do you like him. Look at him once.

Ragini raises her head up in tears… Shekar takes her near…

Shekar: I know Ragu… I could have said this before, but karthick is going back to city today, so….

Dadi: arey Shekar… why are you asking excuse? Are you doing any mistake…? Just start the engagement…!

Shekar nods his head and asks Ragu if it is ok? Ragini remains silent. Shekar thinks it as agreement.

Karthick take the ring, shekar ask Ragini to raise the hand.

“Stop it…!” they listen to Laksh’s strong, loud voice.

Everyone looks shocked at him. He comes on stage furiously and holds Ragini’s shoulder. She puts her head bend.

“What’s going on here….??” He asks.

Dadi: what…? Her engagement. First, you remove your hand on her…!

Laksh holds her shoulder even more tightly and says, “I held her not to leave…”
Everyone confuses with his statement.
Ap comes near him and asks, “what is this Laksh…??”

Laksh: maa…, Ragini is my wife…!!

Everyone shocks…

Laksh: we have already married some days back….

Shekar comes near Laksh.

Shekar: Laksh beta, this is not time for jokes…!

Laksh: no papa, I’m telling truth… we have married on the day we missed.

He says and puts his hand near Ragini’s neck. Ragini holds his hand saying no..
Laksh shows the mangal sutr tied in her neck.

Shekar looks with teary eyes at Ragini. She is bending her head in guilty.

All the guests including karthick leave.

Shekar: is he telling truth?

Ragini is calm. Suddenly a slap… laksh shocked…!
Sumi has slapped Ragini.

Sumi: why are you silent? Answer us..!!

Ragini with stammering voice… “haa maa… we have married. Laksh is my husband.”
She receives a slap again. Now, Sanskar comes and stop Sumi.

San: maa, stop it…!

Sumi: how should I stop…? She ruined our name today.

Laksh: maa, you are thinking about only the name and fame, did you ever think what is in her heart…? A sudden engagement…! Is she a robot or human…??

Dadi: but we aren’t killing her…!

Laksh: killing her dreams means, killing herself dadi…! You have already killed her by rejecting our marriage. And that was fixed by you people only… you only asked her to accept me, and you only asked her to forget me…!

Sujatha: we said like that as you both have loved. But when kundalis didn’t match…

Laksh: then…! Will the love die…?
Sujatha becomes calm.

Dadi: arey chori, why are you calm. And why he is only talking. Open your mouth…!
Dadi scolds Ragini.
Laksh looks at Ragini sadly.

Ragini: laksh, it’s enough. You have fought for me a lot much… now, I will speak up…

Everyone looks at Ragini.

Precap: how it happened…. Raglak marriage….


Hahaha…. Nikky gupta… actually you have guessed very correctly… but a slight change. I said no because, to create suspense.
So friends, I think, so many of you may have guessed this…. I feel you are happy with the twist…
Guys… please comment and give your feedbacks… I’m very happy that all of you are liking my ff….
Thank you so much dears….!!

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