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Engagement day of Swasan,
Laksh is arranging and decorating everything. Sanskar calls him bending from his room. Laksh goes near him.
Sanskar is in blue sherwani.
Sanskar: how am I looking…?
Laksh: too handsome dude, maybe I have been in Swara’s place…

Sanskar laughs.
In swara’s room Ragini is making her ready.
Swara: enough Ragini, look, you aren’t ready yet.
Sumi: yes beta, all are ready. You go now…

Ragini comes out of room and Laksh sees her and laughs.
Ragini: why are you laughing?
Laksh: you are looking funny…
Ragini: oho…
Says Ragini and goes into her room.
After a while she comes out. Laksh gets stunned to see her.
She is in blue lehenga extremely gorgeous. Laksh keeps looking at her. She comes near him and turns his face away. Laksh smiles, then controls himself, “No..No..friend..friend…” he thinks.

The engagement ritual starts. They are in village actually, so the party is very simple.
Laksh: papa, this is very simple, at least we shall have dance…
Uttara: you are right bhayya…!
Shekar agrees.

Songs are played…
Laksh starts dancing. Everyone keeps looking at him. He suddenly drags Ragini in middle and asks her to dance. She hesitates, but starts dancing. They both dance together, next other people join.
Ragini and Laksh are dancing as a pair. He keeps touching her waist and Ragini keeps holding his shoulder and they are having frequent eye locks.

Sujatha: are they really friends…??
Sumi: don’t be doubted for everything…
Sumi looks at Ragini’s hand. Her finger has a new ring.
Sumi: I didn’t remember buying this ring for Ragini…

Ap doesn’t like Laksh and Ragini dancing together. She suddenly comes in between of dance and drags Laksh. She takes him away.
Ap: laksh, you said her as friend right..! then what all this..??
Laksh: mom, I was just dancing.
Ap: enough…! Don’t be close to her again.

Next day…..
Sumi comes near Ragini.
Sumi: Ragini, what is this new ring? Whose ring is this?

Ragini: maa, this is Laksh’s ring.

Sumi: why are you wearing his ring?

Ragini: I actually liked this ring. I asked him, he gave…

Sumi: no beta, it’s wrong. A girl should never wear another’s boy’s ring. Then it’s called engagement.
Ragini shocks.

Ragini: maa, I don’t know that actually. I will remove it right now…!
When she is about to take off, Swara comes.

Swara: maa, Ragini, hurry up… papa is calling. We have to go to shopping…!!
Ragini forgets about the ring. They all leave to shopping.

Laksh is driving sumo and Sanskar is driving jeep. Gents were in jeep. All ladies are in sumo. Dadi is sitting beside Laksh. Dadi feels uncomfortable in front seat.
Laksh: dadi, front seat is really not good to elders. It is better if younger one’s sit.

Sujatha: is it? then I will come…
Everyone laugh.
Sumi: Ragu, you go and sit in front seat.

Ragini goes and sits beside Laksh. Laksh continues driving.
Ragini puts her hand unknowingly on gear Laksh holds her hand without seeing, thinking it’s a gear. She removes her hand.
Laksh: I’m sorry…
Ragini bends her head.

Swara: no sorries and thanks between friends…

Raglak laughs.
Ragini suddenly twists Laksh’s cheek. He shouts in pain.

Sumi: Ragu, what is that…??

Ragini: maa, I suddenly remembered childhood laksh. He was so chubby and cute…

Laksh: even you also Ragini, always with leaking nose…
Everyone laughs.
They reach to a shopping mall.

Everyone are in pairs to select for each other, Sumi-shekar, dadi-dadaji, swasan, pari-adarsh, ram-sujatha, ap-dp.
But Ragini and Laksh are alone. Ragini and Uttara are selecting together. Laksh is standing some far from them…
Ragini selects a dress for her, it was not nice, Laksh coughs. She understands it and puts that aside. He does same thing when he don’t like a dress.
At last he remains calm, when she selects a nice dress. She finals that.

Later Ragini come near Laksh.
Ragini: chalo Laksh, we shall select something for you…
Ragini will be selecting to Laksh. Sujatha sees them.

Sujatha: do you think they are friends or lovers?
Ram: Don’t mind it… you and your doubtful mind…!
Sujatha confuses.

She looks at them, suddenly they aren’t there.
Sujatha: aaeee…where did they go…?

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and take her to the modern dresses side.
Ragini: Laksh, why did you bring me here…?

Laksh: I want to gift a modern dress for my friend…

Ragini: oh, who is he…?

Laksh: it’s she… this is women’s dresses side. And that friend is you…

Ragini: modern dress…to me.. I don’t wear, any modern dress.

While Ragini is talking like that, Laksh is busy in selecting a dress. He takes out a white gown.

Ragini: what is this Laksh? It is up to knee only. And it is sleeveless…! No no… I’m not going to wear that… how can I come like that before everyone…??
Ragini says feeling shy…

Laksh: who asked you to come before everyone? Wear it only before your husband, when you are alone.

Ragini blushes. “Stop it Laksh. Do you talk with your friend in this way…? This is not fair to buy gift like that to me…!” she says.

Laksh: Ragini, now you are taking this. Otherwise our friendship cut…!
Ragini: ok dude, I will take it…!
Laksh smiles.

After all the shopping, they reach house. Everyone being tired falls asleep soon. Laksh comes out of his room to take water.

Suddenly he hears Ragini’s voice from her room, “Laksh….”
He looks at her room. Ragini is bending from the door. He comes near her.
Laksh: what…?

Ragini: once come inside…

Laksh: now…?

Ragini: no problem…! I have to show you something.

Laksh goes inside. She closes the door.
Laksh: why are you behaving childish Ragini…?
He says and looks at her amazed.
Ragini is wearing that white gown. Her hands and knees are visible. She left her hairs free. She is like an angel.
Laksh gets stunned looking at her. He keeps looking at her silently.

Ragini: how is it? I wanted to show this to you…
She says and busy in looking in mirror.
Ragini: omg…! I can’t wear these dresses before anyone expect my husband.

Laksh: then why did you show me…?
Ragini becomes calm with his question.

They both look at each other through mirror. Laksh comes near her and turns her towards him. She remains calm.
Laksh takes her near and kisses on her forehead. He is about to put his hand on her waist. She moves far away from him and holds a pillar.
Ragini: what are you doing Laksh?

Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini. We decided to be as friends, but the truth is we have loved each other once. I couldn’t control myself actually. I’m sorry….
Says Laksh and leaves her room.
Ragini closes her door and cries. “What am I doing…??”

From next day, all family becomes busy in marriage related works. Laksh is completely involved in those works. In the busy of marriage, everyone almost forgets Raglak matter. Even they both don’t talk with each other much.

The day before marriage, mehendi function. All ladies have mehendi to their hands. So, gents are feeding them food.
Like, Sanskar feeding to Swara, shekar to sumi, dp to ap, adarsh to pari, ram to sujatha. Ram is feeding to sujatha and uttara at once.
Ragini was all alone. She remembers her parents. Shekar is about to feed Ragu,
Ragu: I will eat later papa…
She says and goes on terrace.

She sits on terrace alone looking at her mehendi. Laksh comes with food plate near her.
Laksh: why didn’t you eat?
Ragini: don’t want to eat…!
Laksh: ok…

He says and puts a bite in his mouth. Ragini looks at him with pout face.
Ragini: but, I’m hungry.
He laughs and starts feeding her.
Ragini’s tears doesn’t stop and she start crying.
Laksh: ragini, what happened? Did you eat mirchi or what…?

Ragini laughs with that tears only.
Ragini: I’m missing my parents.
Laksh keeps looking at her.

Ragini: swara is really lucky. She is going to get married and going to stay in the same house. But I have to go away…
Laksh: then ask your husband to come to this house.

Ragini: hey…! That’s my own problem. I can decide it…

Laksh keeps looking at her and suddenly hugs her. She shocks.
“oh Ragini, I’m feeling sorry for that lion, who is going to marry this lioness…!” he says and laughs.

“Laksh…!” she shouts and tries to apply mehendi to his face.
“hey…!” he says and holds her hand.

He looks her hand and gets amazed to see letter ‘L’ in her mehendi.

Laksh: hey, you kept letter ‘L’. only loved one’s name or husband’s name should be written right…! Why did you write my name…?

Ragini: L means not you! It’s lion. Only lion can be pair to lioness…!

Says Ragini and goes away. Laksh keeps looking at her smiling….

Precap: swasan marriage…. Something gonna happen….!!!

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