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Part 20:

Everyone looks shockingly at Ragini.
Ragini: why are you looking like that…?

Shekar angrily to Laksh, “Laksh, can’t you look after her properly… what are you doing when she fell?”

Ragini: No papa, there is no Laksh’s mistake. In fact, he has actually saved me. I’m sure, even any trouble comes when I’m with him, he will save me for sure… I trust him…
Says Ragini looking lovely at Laksh. Laksh is also looking at her in passion.
Everyone observes this.

Sumi: ok beta, go and change. You will get cold otherwise.

Ragini nods her head and starts going away. Ragini turns back and sees Laksh. He gives flying kiss to her. She blushes.

Dadi: It’s impossible to separate them…!

Sujatha comes with sweets and makes Swasan eat.

Sujatha: congo…your marriage is set. It’s after 15 days from now…

Swasan blushes.
Swara: then what about Raglak?

Sujatha becomes calm.

Shekar: I will tell later beta, go and fresh up…

Swara looks doubt and goes away.

Laksh comes near Ap and Dp. They are in their room.
Laksh: maa, when my marriage is fixed? I just heard about swasan. The date has to be soon, we have to go back to US right…!

Ap looks pity at him, he has many dreams about marriage but it was canceled.
Ap: Laksh, it is better if you forget Ragini. There are many girls who are waiting for you in US. So, stop dreaming about her.

Laksh: maa, what are you saying? How can I forget her? maa, now stop joking and tell me…please…
Laksh asks childishly shaking his mother.
Ap looks in teary eyes at him.

Laksh: maa….

Ap: pari, I can’t tell this. You only say.
Ap says with painful heart.

Pari: Laksh bhai, your marriage is not fixed.
Laksh shocks.
Pari: your horoscope didn’t match with Ragini.

Laksh: what are you saying bhabhi?
Pari remains calm.

Laksh: maa, is bhabhi saying truth? Tell me maa…!
Laksh asks and moves her again. Ap nods her head.
Laksh shocks. “Then what everyone decided?” he asks with red eyes.

Adarsh: Laksh, just leave it ok. Nobody are ready to accept you for Ragini. They are saying that she will be in trouble if she marries you….

Laksh: what nonsense…! I have confidence that I can protect her every time. I’m sure that she is not going to face any troubles when she is with me. I have saved her many times. I have protected her when she alone went to marriage, I saved her from current shock, I saved her from horse, and today again…..Is this is not enough this family to trust me…? What else I have to do…??

Ap, Dp remains calm.

Laksh: all right, I will ask them only…!

Says Laksh and furiously comes out.

All family members are present at hall. They are thinking about Raglak.
Swara comes to them.
Swara: what happened papa…?

Ragini just comes there. But no one sees her. Laksh was standing on steps, no one has seen him. He is listening to their conversation.

Shekar: Raglak horoscope didn’t match. So, we don’t want this marriage should happen.
Ragini shocks.

Sanskar: papa, but truth is they both loved each other. Why these horoscopes and rules??

Dadi: don’t be childish. Just imagine, when Ragini started loving Laksh, she got many dangers and saved. When both are married…

Ragini comes forward, “But the truth is Laksh has saved me every time. This is very obvious that he is going to protect me always…”

Dadi: foolish girl, you were saved because, you were fortunate. If you marry him all your luck going to wash away…

Laksh hurts with those words. He reminds all incidents. “Yes, maybe that is truth. Ragini may be can’t be happy with me…” he thinks.

Sujatha: yes Ragini, you are fortunate, so you came to know this before. Don’t worry, forget him.

Ragini: chachi, this is not a game to forget. He is my love. If I’m going to die if I marry him, then I will happily die in his hands….

“Ragini…!” shouts everyone.

Tears come out from Laksh’s eyes. He strongly holds wall to control emotion.

Shekar: have you gone mad? Ragini, remember! We are not going to perform your marriage with him. Get ready for that.

Ragini: papa, I respect you always. I listen to every word you say. But not this. I won’t leave him at any cost. For him, not only to you I’m going to turn against to whole world…!

Shekar gets angry with her words.
“Ragini…!” shouts Laksh. Everyone look at him.

Laksh: Is this is the way you are talking with elders?

Ragini: but laksh….

Laksh: I’m I important than them? You remember, I came in middle, but they are with you from childhood and took care of you….

Ragini remains silent.

Laksh: you may turn against to world but not to our family. Do you think, you can do anything without their blessings…?

Ragini: laksh, even I love them…

Laksh: Ragini, if you really love them, then forget me now itself.

Says Laksh and about to go back.

Ragini: then why did you create feelings in me? Why did you kiss me? Why did you love me…? Why did you come in my life…??

Everyone looks emotionally at Ragini.

Laksh turns back and looks angrily at her. He joins his hands.
Laksh: I’m sorry for all those mistakes. I will wash all those sins.
Says Laksh and goes away.

Ragini looks at him heart broke. But she won’t cry as she promised Laksh that she will never cry. “Give me back my tears Laksh…! I have to cry…!” shouts Ragini.
Laksh runs to his room and he places his head on Ap’s lap and cries. Ap gets emotional.

Laksh: maa, let’s go back to America as soon as possible. I can’t bear this pain.

Dp: beta, Swasan marriage will be in 15 days. We shall go after that…

Laksh: but papa…

Ap: Laksh, hum hein naa thumhare saath…

Laskh: maa, I’m just unfortunate fellow…who missed his love…
Ap: that girl is unfortunate to miss you.

Pari cries and Adarsh consoles her.

Ragini tries to convince her family members but all plans are failed. She remains sad.

At night time,
Laksh is sitting alone on terrace looking at stars. Ragini who searched him in house comes there. She sits beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Laksh wipes his tears.

Ragini: what laksh? Are you asking stars why they made our horoscope like this…?
He smiles painfully.

Ragini: let’s run away Laksh…

Laksh laughs… “where…?”

Ragini: to the place where, where there are no horoscopes. Where there are no limits for love… where there is no time and seasons…. To such a beautiful island, where only you and me are present. No one is there to turn against….

Laksh laughs again. She keeps looking at him. He keeps on wiping his rainfall like tears.
Ragini sits in his lap. She hugs him. She is trying to console him.

Ragini: you took my tears and you started crying? Give them back to me.

Laksh: no…! I can’t see you cry…
Ragini: even I can’t see you cry…

Laksh: then what should I do with these tears…?

Ragini: give them away to sky.

Just then clouds starts forming. All the stars and moon gets covered. Laksh looks into the sky. Suddenly raining starts.

Laksh and Ragini stand and stretch their hands and enjoy the rain.

Ragini: see Laksh, our powerful love made clouds to melt, which covered the stars. Do you think horoscope is going to act on our pure love….?

Laksh looks at Ragini. Ragini moves close to him and about to kiss him. Laksh moves her far and moves his head saying ‘no…’
He leaves her shoulders and go back. Ragini looks on….

Precap: Raglak missing…??

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