My family-part 2

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Recap: Laksh comes to India.

Part 2:
Sanskar: what are you writing…?
Ragini: just wait…
Ragini is busy in writing something.
Swara and Laksh are talking.
Swara: actually, I don’t want this marriage. Our family members are hurried to do my marriage because I’m elder to Ragini and Uttara. And they are in the queue next. I’m not telling that I won’t marry, but I don’t like to marry you… it’s because, for education I need to stay out of this village and I missed my family so much. Now, I don’t want to miss my family anymore, by coming with you to US. I would like to marry the boy who belongs to this village.

After Swara telling that big dialogues, Laksh puts his face in relieved.

Laksh: actually, I too wanted to say that. I don’t have any interest in marriage. I just came here to see my family. Dadi, dadaji, Sumi aunty shekar uncle, sujatha chachi, Ram kaka, Uttara, you, Ragini and Sanskar… I was missing all of you. If I just say I will go to India, for you my parents won’t agree. So, this was better reason.

Swara: Hmm…I’m happy now…
They both laughs.
Sanskar: see, both are laughing. I think they like each other.
Ragini: now, this letter is finished. Come on, climb that tree and throw this on Swara.
Sanskar: what…? Me..? what is written in that…?
Ragini: you just do as I say, everything will be set.
Sanskar climbs the tree as Ragini said. He is about to throw letter, but Swara goes away.
That letter falls on Laksh. Laksh opens the letter and looks up. Sanskar is hanging on tree. He jumps from tree as monkey.
Laksh: what bhai, you wrote love letter to me…?

Sanskar: it’s a love letter…? Ya.. I have thrown it, not for you. It’s for Swara.

Ragini comes there to handle situation.
Ragini: actually laksh, it’s not like he loves Swara, but we play like this sometimes. Just for fun…
Sanskar: ya…just for fun… don’t tell this to anyone yar…
Laksh: chill dude, why I will tell… this is just a play right…!
Sanskar and Ragini laughs.

Laksh goes away.
Sanskar: you wrote a love letter? Why? To book me before Swara?? If dadaji comes to know about this, he will kick me out.
Ragini: it won’t happen like that. Moreover you love her right! However you don’t have guts to say that. That’s why I implemented this plan, so she might love you. But everything reversed…!
Sanskar: now what…?
Ragini: let’s implement drink plan…
Sanskar: drink plan…?

After having a nice dinner with all family members together, Laksh goes to his room. He will talk with his parents.
Ragini: badii maa, have you decided for sure, for Laksh’s and Swara’s marriage.
Sumi: yes beta, why you don’t like him?
Ragini: not like that, why Swara should marry just now, she is just 22 right…!
Sumi: after her, even you have to get married. Uttara is also there. So, we have to hurry up, as she is elder to you.
Ragini: but maa….
Sumi: beta, you won’t understand this. We will talk with Laksh about this tomorrow. Now, go and sleep.

Ragini comes from there silently. Just then Sanskar comes with a bag near her.

Sanskar: now, what is the plan…?
Ragini: did you bring what I said…?

Sanskar shows her the wine bottle.
Ragini: super…! Now take them to Laksh’s room and ask him to drink.
Sanskar: yuckkk…! I just hate the smell of wine and you ask me to take it there. I can’t…
Ragini: so, just forget Swara. They both will be married. I thought, if Laksh drinks it I could expose him before family as drunkard. Then this marriage wouldn’t happen.. chalo, leave it…! You don’t want to do it know….

Sanskar: no I will do it…! Anything for Swara! But are you sure he will drink it…?
Ragini: he is US bug. Definitely he will have that habit. Do as I say, he will drink, and you act as if you stopped him, I will call Sumi maa and Sujatha maa. Then, laksh khel katham…!

Sanksar: yes…!
Both smirk cunningly.
Sanskar takes the bag near Laksh.
Laksh: what is that bhai…?
Sanskar shows him bottle. Laksh shocks.
Laksh: do you drink…?
Sanskar: why…? Don’t you…?
Laksh: never…! I hate it. Just take them away.
Sanskar pours one glass and takes it near Laksh’s nose.
Sanskar: come on dude, I know you are feeling shy to drink here. That’s why no one will know, come on drink silently.
Laksh closes his nose. “Sanky, take it away. I’m getting vomiting…” says Laksh.
Ragini goes near Sumi and Sujatha.
Ragini: maa, sujatha maa, just go and see what’s going on in laksh’s room…!
Sujatha: what chori? What’s happening…?
Ragini: maa, just stop this work and go….
Says Ragini and pushes them.

Sujatha and Sumi go to see what…?
They opens the door, they are shocked to see Sanskar’s hand with glass. Ragini also goes there.
Sanskar: maa, see maa, Laksh is drinking…
Sujatha: I know who is drinking, Laksh beta, zara bahar jaa, I want to talk with my son.
Laksh comes out and goes down stairs. Sujatha closes the door and starts beating Sanskar with broom.
Sujatha: when did you get this habit…? You are spoiling that kid also…?
Sanskar is jumping here and there, “Stop maa, it’s all joke…”

Ragini closes her ears and puts a confusion face. Sujatha opens the door and goes out angrily.
Sanskar puts an innocent face and comes out.

Ragini: I’m sorry Sanskar…

Sanskar: you idiot… this is all because of you.
And he chases Ragini to beat(funnily). Ragini will be running and reaches near steps. Laksh will be just coming up. Ragini slips and falls on laksh. They both fall and roll on steps on each other till they come down. Ragini is scared and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes slowly and realizes that she is on Laksh and Laksh is looking at her. They have a brief eye lock. Soon Ragini gets far from him and stands. Laksh too stands looking at her.
Swara just comes, “Ragini, are you okay..?” she says and takes her away.
Laksh keeps looking at Ragini and She too turns her head often and looks at him.

Precap: Silly fight between Raglak…

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