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Recap: Laksh’s proposal Ragini’s acceptance.

Part 19:

The Maheswari’s and gadodiaya’s call panditji to house to check the horoscopes of two pairs.
Whereas, the two pairs went out to have private time.

Raglak sat at the bank of a lake, their legs are in water. Ragini kept her head on Laksh’s shoulder. He placed his head on her head. She is holding his hand very tightly. They are moving their legs in the water.

Swasan are some far to them, they both are playing chase and catch game.

Ragini is resting her head on his shoulder.

Laskh slowly, “Ragini…”
She won’t respond.

Laksh: Hey….

Ragini: hmm….

Laksh: If you love me this much, why did you hide it all the days.

Ragini raises her head from his shoulder, “ahh, I have to repeat again…??”
Laksh laughs.

They hear laughs of SwaSan and look at them.

In the house, at first, the family members give swara’s and sanskar’s horoscopes.
Pandiji checks the horoscope and says, “Wow, this makes a nice couple. They are getting many points. There is no problem. You can proceed with this. For them this date will be good for marriage.” Says the pandit and gives them a date.

All family members feel happy. Next they give RagLak’s horoscopes.

Ragini and Laksh look at happily playing Swara and Sanskar.

Laksh: they are very cute pair.

Ragini: of course they are. Okay, tell me one thing. Why do you love me so much…??
Ragini asks putting her hands on his thigh.

Laksh looks into her eyes. “I don’t know lioness, I don’t have any reason to love you. I just loved you. That’s it…moreover, we should have reasons to love…??”

Ragini smiles a little and says, “I have a reason to love you…”
Laksh looks at her.

Ragini looks with teary eyes at him. “I have seen my parent’s love in you. You have given me the same love as them. So, I didn’t want to miss you….” She says.

Laksh puts his hand on her shoulder. “Do you miss your parents…?” he asks.

Ragini smiles a little, “Our family never gave me chance to miss them. But however, sometimes I used to feel little lonely. But, I even forgot that little loneliness and sadness, with your love….” She says.

Laksh smiles and kisses on her forehead. Now, Ragini sleeps placing her head on his lap. He is rubbing her head gently.
This time SwaSan look at them.
Pandiji has checked the horoscopes of RagLak and remains calm.

Dadi: what pandiji, why are you silent?

Sujatha: Is there any problem…?

Panditji: No, no problem. You can proceed.
He says hesitatingly.

Shekar: there is no need to hide anything, tell us clearly. Otherwise our children will suffer…

Pandiji: both horoscopes are separately ok…but, when matched…

Ap: why…any problem to Laksh due to Ragini??
Everyone look at Ap.

Swasan look at closeness of Raglak.

Swara: wow, they are so cute together…

Sanskar: yes they are…! I don’t know what’s going on in the house regarding horoscopes.

Swara: they will match. Don’t worry.

Sanskar: if they don’t?

Swara: we shall run away… okay..??
They laugh.

Ragini is looking at Laksh while putting her head on his lap. He is looking at her. There is only silence in between them.
Laksh breaks that silence.

Laksh: Ragini, can I ask you something?

Ragini: you can ask anything…but don’t ask about letter again.
He laughs.

Laksh: hehe, not that. What will you do, if our horoscopes didn’t match? What is our family tries to separate us…?

Ragini suddenly gets from his lap and slaps him slowly.

Laksh holds her cheeks, “Chill Ragu, I was joking….”

Ragini with teary eyes, “Never try to joke like this again Laksh. I can’t even imagine being far to you…”

He wipes her tears. “Cool lioness, this lion asking for sorry…”
She smiles.

Ragini: If something like that happens, I will fight with this whole world to gain you…

Laksh looks at her mesmerized, “Ragini, will you give me one thing?”

Ragini blushes, “Anything….”

Laksh: I want your tears. You should never cry again. I should never see tears in your eyes.

Ragini looks at him devotedly. Laksh places his hands on her cheeks and takes her near to kiss…


Ap: say pandiji, does girl’s horoscope has any problem to create to boy’s?

Pantiji: problem is not with girl. Problem is with boy.

Ap shocks. Even everyone shocks.

Ap: what are you talking? There is no problem in my son’s chart.

Pandiji: but when it is matched with girl, girl has problem. Girl may face problems due to boy.
Everyone shocks.

Laksh is about to kiss Ragini. Swara disturbs them clearing her throat.
Raglak moves far.

Swara: sorry guys, did I disturb you…?

Sanskar: you have already disturbed and asking again….??

Laksh: arey Sanskar, nothing like that. I was just clearing her eyes, something has fallen in her eye…

Swara: I know what that something, hein na Ragu…?

Ragini stands up and runs after Swara… “you swara…”

They keep running, sanlak laugh at them.
Pandiji: girl have chances of death, if she marries this boy.

Sumi shocks and puts hands on her mouth.

Dp: pandiji, is it this much problem?

Pandiji: you can make their marriage still, if you follow some remides.
Panditji says some remidies. He leaves.

All family members keep thinking about the situation.

Ragini keeps running and she accidentally falls in lake. They three shock. Laksh jumps in the lake to save her. Don’t worry, Laksh will save her and brings her to the bank.

Swara panics. “Ragini, are you okay?”

Laksh: no worries swara, she is alright.
Ragini opens her eyes.

Ragini: wow, that was a nice swimming.

Laksh: stupid lioness, can’t you see and run?

Sanskar: laksh, lioness doesn’t know swimming…

Raglak and san laugh. Swara looks angrily at them.

Swara: you laugh like that, you know how I was scared? I can’t see Ragu hurt…
Says Swara and hugs Ragini.

Laksh: Swara, even I can’t bear if Ragini is hurt…

At house,
Sumi is crying.

Sumi: what is this? Ragu has loved Laksh very much. How can we separate them now?

Ap: no problem bhabhi, I don’t believe these horoscopes. Let’s mke their marriage.

Shekar: oho, if there is problem to your son, you aren’t going to agree. However, there is problem to Ragini, so no objection from you…

Ap: it’s not like that bhayya…

Shekar: even I don’t want to separate them. I will ask another priest.

Shekar is about to go. Raglak and swasan come to house. All are shocked to see Ragini’s state. She is all wet.

All gets tensed.
Sumi: beta, what happened?

Ragini: nothing maa, I just fell in lake, laksh saved me…

Everyone shocks and looks her.

Precap: Ragini’s fight to gain her love…

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