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Part 18:

Everyone amazes to see the guests at the door… Yes, It’s Annapurna, Durga Prasad, Adarsh and Parineetha.
Shekar runs at ap and hugs her, “Behen, how are you…?”
Ap hugs him back, “I’m fine bhayya… I was missing you….”
Sujatha comes and hugs ap, “My sister, how are you…” says Sujatha in crying eyes.
Ap: I’m fine sujatha. Don’t cry…
Ap comes and hugs Sumi saying, “Bhabhi…”
Ram hugs dp. They are brothers. Shekar feels happy that he has seen his sister after many years. Everyone hugs everyone.
Ap comes near Ragini and gets emotional. “I’m remembering my younger brother looking at you. I miss him…” says ap in moist eyes and hugs Ragini. Ragini gets emotional too.
Sumi then comes and says, “ap, Ragini is my daughter. So, don’t worry.”

(I have said already in intro part, ap and sujatha are shekar’s own sisters. Ragini is shekar’s brother’s daughter. Ragini’s parents are died at childhood, so sumi and shekar looked after her as own daughter…)

Ram: so, what is this sudden arrival? You didn’t inform us bhabhi?

Ap: yes, we wanted to surprise you…
Parineetha: that’s why we didn’t inform anyone…
Sumi: chalo, this surprise is very cool… go and get fresh up. We can talk later.

Laksh and Sanskar carries luggage to their rooms. Ragini’s and Laksh’s matter come to halt, in this situation.

Whole family becomes busy in chit chatting and preparing favorite dishes and eating. All are happily enjoying. They totally forgot about Raglak. However Ragini pretended to be happy with all family even though she is thinking something else, {what else, of course about Laksh}

Laksh is not participating in any discussions as he is very sad. And he is thinking about Ragini. While all are talking at down stairs in hall, Laksh will be looking at Ragini always from up. Ragini too observed that he is watching her.

Laksh goes to terrace.

Ap looks for Laksh.
Ap: where is this Laksh? From morning he is not participating in anything. What happened to him…?
Ragini looks at her.

Ap: Ragini beta, go and call Laksh.
Ragini: me…?
Ap: haa beta, call him fast… we will have dinner together.

Ragini goes to terrace. She sees Laksh. He is roaming here and there in upset.

Ragini: Laksh, what are you doing here alone, while everyone are down. Come soon, maa is calling you.
Laksh: Ragini, I like to be alone, because I can’t pretend like you…

Ragini: what do you mean Laksh?

Laksh: you pretend as not loving me even though you love. You pretend to be happy even though you are sad. I can’t do that. So, I’m alone here. If I come there, I can cause un easy to you….

Ragini: Laksh, I’m not going to scare for your actions. Do whatever you want. I said what maa has said.

While Ragini is about to go Laksh holds her wrist. She looks at him. He grabs her towards him and holds her tightly. Ragini is shocked.

Laksh: I would have silently gone away Ragini. But, you disturbed me again, by hugging me yesterday night. Why did you do like that…? It is only because, you loved me…
Ragini: leave me…

Just then pari comes there and shocked to see this. Then Laksh leaves Ragini looking at her. Ragini runs down.

Pari: what is this Laksh?
Laksh: Bhabhi, I will explain you everything…

Ap and Dp are discussing about Swara’s and Laksh’s marriage. They don’t know about all the story.
Ap: so, did Laksh liked Swara? And she liked him? We sent him before us, so that he can see her and talk with her. Did they talk at least once…??
Asks Ap and laughs.
Everyone are silent.
Dp: why all are silent…?

Just then Ragini comes in a run to down stairs. All shock to see her like that.

Swara: are you okay Ragini? What happened…?
Ragini: nothing… I was scared looking at a cat.

All laugh.
Ap: where is Laksh Ragini?

Laksh: I’m coming maa….
He says coming down. Ragini gets tensed.

Ap: so Laksh, what do you think about Swara…?
Laksh: maa, I too want to tell about that…

He says and walks towards Ragini. Ap, Dp are amazing what is he going to do…?
Ragini holds her hand tightly in nervous. Laksh kneel down before her.
He stretch his hands, he then says,
“Ragini, I would like to marry you. Will you accept me…??”
Ragini becomes dumb struck. Everyone will smile, but Ap looks confusedly.

Ragini remains calm looking at him.

“Ragini, if you aren’t going to say yes, I will tell what did you do yesterday night…?” he says.

“what did she do…?” swara asks.

“she hug….” While laksh is telling Ragini runs and closes his mouth.

Laksh looks at her. “Chup, ek dum chup..!” she says.
Then Laksh stands up. Ragini keeps looking at him. “I love you Ragini…” he says. Ragini without thinking anything just hugs him.

Everyone feels happy and claps their hands. Ap still confused….!

“I love you too Laksh…” she says tearing. With her tears, his shirt is wetting.
He moves her and wipes her tears.

Sujatha: Thank god, at last Ragini agreed.

Raglak are still hugging.

Ap: what’s going on here….?
Then Laksh explains everything to Ap.

Shekar: Yes sis, Swaragini are both my daughters. What if it is Ragini? However both love each other.
Ap: but bhaiyya, I liked Swara much. Because she is educated.
Shekar: ap…
Ragini: No bade papa, if maa don’t like this let’s leave this.

Swara: Ragini, you be calm while elders are talking. Ap maa, however I like Sanskar much. So, let’s Laksh be married to Ragini.

Sanskar feels happy with Swara’s words.

Ap: but…

Sujatha: didi, ragini suits Laksh. Don’t think anything else…

Ap: okay, if you all are telling like that, I’m okay with it. Laksh’s happiness is more important to me…
Ap says with smile. Dp also agrees.

Everyone feel happy. Ragini and Laksh look each other with smile.
Dadi: now, everything is settled. We will fix a date, so that swara and Ragini marriages will be on same day.
All agrees with Dadi’s decision.

Dadaji: So tomorrow, let’s call pandit ji and check the horoscopes and according to it, we shall perform marriage.

All shake their heads.

Precap: something is trying to separate Raglak….

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