My family-part 17


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Recap: Ragini’s truth reveled.

Part 17:

Ragini starts telling,
“Maa, papa, dadi, dadaji, at first I want to tell sorry to you all. I troubled you a lot…”

Sumi, Shekar, Dadi, Sujatha, Ram, Dadaji and Swasan keeps looking at her. Laksh is looking at her without blinking eyes.
She keeps telling,

“How many times you ask, I tell this thing only every time. I have become letter girl only for Swara. And of course, for Sanskar also.”

Swasan looks at her.

“Swara don’t like to marry Laksh. She wanted to stay with us forever. And Sanskar has loved Swara very much. But, everyone here are ready to do Swara’s marriage with Laksh. Even Sumi maa, got heart attack on that day when Swara said that she won’t marry Laksh.”

There are tears in Sumi’s and Swara’s eyes now.

“Now, what should I do? If this marriage happens SwaSan has to suffer. If this marriage doesn’t happen maa has to suffer. I didn’t know what to do? At the same time I misunderstood Laksh that she has a girl friend and he may be a flirt. That’s why I send him letters and wanted to divert him, so that I can prove him as flirt before everyone. I own. But the truth is Laksh was a good man. I realized it in cattle shed. I wanted to tell this all to you but before that only Swara has proved me as culprit before every one.”

Swara wipes her tears and feels bad for Ragini.

“Later, everyone ignored me. All treated me as a criminal. I did wrong. But, no one believed me. Everyone bashed me that I have done that to snatch Laksh. But, my intention was not that….”
Says Ragini and cries.

Now everyone has tears in their eyes.

“I thought, you will excuse me one day or other. But maa, I just did what you said…”
Says Ragini looking in teary eyes at Sumi.

Sumi cries.

“I have attempted suicide. I couldn’t bear all the ill treatment of yours. I have seen only love from my family. Now, why this hatred?”

Dadi has tears.

“But, I was saved. I was not conscious. But, I could hear all your voices. I felt happy in myself, that you all are no more angry with me. But, something has happened just then, which forced me to act as memory loss.”

Laksh reminds the kiss scene and bends his head. Ragini looks at him. She becomes calm.

Shekar: what is that happened? What made you to act… tell beta…

Swara: ha Ragini, why did you stop? Tell us what happened then?

Ragini: No, I can’t tell that…

Sumi: If you won’t tell how can we understand? Don’t be afraid and say…

But Ragini is silent.

Sanskar: See Ragini, if you are silent, mistake becomes yours again. Tell us bravely what happened then, we will not be angry on you…

Ragini holds her chunni and twists it being nervous.

Laksh: I will tell what happened.

Now everyone moves their heads to him. Ragini looks at Laksh in moist eyes and gestures with her head ‘no…’

Laksh: I think, you may get angry on me after telling this. I have kissed Ragini at that time.

Ragini closes her eyes and bends her head. Everyone amazes.

Uttara puts her hands on her cheeks and opens her mouth wide, “What bhayya, you kissed her…! how, romantic…!” she says in childish ness. Sujatha beats on her head, “Chup, shameless girl…”

Laksh: I did so because, I was tensed that she is not opening her eyes. I couldn’t control myself at that time. I’m sorry Ragini, is this was only the reason to act like that?

Now everyone turns to her.

“Then what should I do? Everyone are bashing me, that I have flirted you. If they see again this scene, and realize that you are back of me… they are never going to excuse me…! That’s why I have acted as memory loss, so that you will be far from me…”

Everyone are looking amazingly at her. She falls on her knees and cries,

“I thought you will leave me and go away if I act as mad and memory loss. But, you have become even more close. You are increasing even more feelings towards me. You were not leaving me, so I have decided to leave you… that’s why I have ride the horse that day. To harm myself…”

Everyone shocks again.

Sanskar: What…! That was not an accident but your suicide attempt again?? Have you gone mad Ragini??
When he is becoming furious Sujatha stops him.

“I have no other choice. If Laksh keeps loving me, you all are not going to tolerate. If I convey my feelings, that’s going to be a disaster. That’s why, I acted crazy to send back Laksh to US. To make him forget me….”
Says Ragini and cries badly.

All are silent for a while. Then Sumi walks up towards her and raises her up. She wipes Ragini’s tears.
Sumi: I’m sorry beta, this was all because of us. We misunderstood you and you misunderstood us. We have angry on you, but we all don’t hate you…

Everyone are looking at her in teary eyes. Swara comes near her.

Swara: Ragu, actually, it is us who has to tell sorry to you. You have bore all this pain alone…! You would have said us before everything.
Sumi: yes…! From now, you are not going to hide anything from us. You have to tell everything and anything. Don’t again try any mad things again. Ok….princess..??

Ragini nods her head and hugs Sumi and Swara together. They too hug her tightly and cry.
Everyone wipes their tears.

Sanskar: chill Ragini, lioness shouldn’t cry.

She laughs.

Sanskar: and we all are family of lioness. Even we shouldn’t cry…

Everyone laugh again with moist eyes. Dadi, shekar, dadaji, sujatha one by one goes and hugs Ragini. Sanskar and Ragini gives a hifi…
Then she looks at Laksh. He was staring at her in simple smile. She goes near him.

Laksh: Happy now? Everything has solved.

Ragini: Thank you Laksh.
She says giving him shake hand. Laksh smiles.

Sanskar: so, why have to act as a princess and torture us like that?? Oooo… that sword fight was scary…

Ragini laughs and tells, “I have said already know, if I behave mad, I thought Laksh might leave me. Coming to the sword, I wanted to touch that sword from childhood. I never got chance. So, I have utilized it here…!!”

Sanskar shocks,… “So, you made me poor senapati…”

All laughs. Dadaji pats her cheeks saying, “crazy girl…”

Everyone are around Ragini laughing and talking. Laksh is looking at them from far. And he starts taking his luggage.

Sanskar sees him. “Laksh, where are you going…??”
Now, everyone looks Laksh.

Laksh: where? To US. Here my work is over. So…

Sanskar: arey, don’t start your drama now. Everything is set. Now, your marriage will happen with lioness….

Laksh: No Sanskar, this won’t happen. She is lioness. Why she will love me? She has just done everything for your happiness. I’m nothing to her.

Ragini looks painfully at him. Laksh in moist eyes seeing her,

“For a kiss, she made this much destruction. Just imagine, what would she do, if I marry her. she lost her happiness from the day I entered her life. So, I will leave now…” he says.

Ram: laksh beta, all that was happened in small misunderstanding. You love Ragini. And the same way she does.

Laksh: not you papa, Ragini has to tell that…

Now everyone looks at Ragini again.

Dadi: why are you silent ladoo? Tell…

Sujatha: don’t feel insecure that we will misunderstand you. Probably, you have started loving him while trying to expose him. No need to afraid. We all are actually agreed your marriage.

Ragini is still silent.

Laksh: leave it chachi. She never tells that. I don’t want to torture her anymore. I will leave…

Then they suddenly hear a lady voice from entrance, “Shall we come in…?”
Everyone looks at door to get amazed. All are amazingly happy to see the guests at the door…

Precap: Laksh proposes Ragini in front of everyone.
Can you guess who the guests are…??

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