My family-part 16


Hello my dear friends…. yesterday I couldn’t reply anyone. I’m sorry, relatives happened to come to house. That’s why…
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Recap: Laksh’s care towards Ragini.

Part 16:

Night time,
Ragini is looking at the full moon, standing in her room corridor. She reminds her childhood incident.
Her mother Janaki is telling her, “Ragu beta, if you like anyone…talk with the full moon. It will reach their heart.”

Ragini remembers her words. She imagines Laksh face in the full moon.
“No… my heart words shouldn’t reach him. He shouldn’t listen my heart beat…!” she thinks.
But, then only Laksh comes there looking at her. She amazes.

Ragini: why did you come here? I have asked you to not come.
Laksh: I felt like you called me…

Ragini: I didn’t call you…

Laksh: I know, why you will call me? You didn’t love me right…!

She moves away her face in teary eyes.
Laksh: I came to tell sorry for my behaviour this morning….

Ragini keeps quite.
Laksh: I’m just very unfortunate fellow. I couldn’t get the love of my love. You have rejected me…! other girl has also…

Ragini: other girl…? who is that…?

Laksh: It is letter girl princess!
Ragini amazes.
Ragini: who is she…?

Laksh: first I listened to her voice… “sun raha hein naa thu…” I just loved her then itself.
Ragini amazes.

Laksh: same girl sent me letters that she loved me. I have started liking her.
Ragini bends her head.

Laksh: but later, I came to know, she just did all that for her sister. I thought she loved me. But no….! she is just cheater.

Ragini feels bad with his words.
Ragini: why are you telling like that…? she might have done for her sister. Why you have to call her cheater??

Laksh: No princess…!! she is indeed a cheater. She herself said that she don’t have heart. She is heartless…!

Ragini controls her tears.
Ragini: I don’t believe you….

Laksh: why not…! If she really had the heart, her eyes would have melted. She would have…..
While he is telling Ragini turns to him. He is surprised to see river of tears in her eyes.

Ragini runs to Laksh and hugs him very tightly. Laksh shocks. He didn’t put hands on her.
“I can’t bear this anymore. I love you Laksh… I love you…” she says and starts kissing his cheeks endlessly. She again hides her face in his chest.
“I’m not cheater Laksh… I do love you…” she says with crying voice.

Then she suddenly moves far from him.
She shouts, “Why did you come in my life?? Who are you…?? Why did you disturb my heart…?? I can’t bear your heavy love on me. Go away…. please go away…”
She says and keeps crying holding her face.

Laksh furiously comes near her and holds her shoulders strongly. She looks at him.
“I didn’t come in your life Ragini, you have invited me yourself…!!” he says with firm voice.
She closes her eyes being couldn’t look straight into his eyes.
“And once I got invitation, I can’t leave.” He says holding her even more tightly.

“Leave me Laksh…” she says in stammering voice.

“I will leave you. But answer me. Why are you acting again…Why are you acting as memory loss…??” he asks angrily.

Ragini opens her eyes and looks at him shocked. She is dumb struck.
He shakes her.
“Answer me Ragini, why are you lying again…??” he shouts.

Ragini pushes him back. He gets balanced on foot. Ragini keeps running into her room.
“This time, I will not leave you Ragini….” he says and runs back of her.
Ragini goes into her room and closes her door.

Laksh stays outside.
“If not now, you have to answer tomorrow! What you will do then…? How are you going to face the family?? Tell me….!!” he asks from out.

But Ragini was weeping inside the room. He listens her cry.

Laksh: what made you so sad Ragini…? Why are you crying? I’m I only the reason for your pain??

Ragini closes her mouth strongly to stop her cry.
Laksh: Ragini, if I’m the reason for your sadness, I will leave this house and village.

Ragini shocks with his words.
Laksh: I will go back to America.

Says Laksh and starts going away. Ragini runs and opens her room doors. Laksh turns back and looks at her. She is looking at him in heavy teary eyes. He looks at her once and leaves. Ragini keeps crying.

Even Laksh cries after going into his room.
Ragini pov, “What should I say?? At first I misunderstood you and did everything for Swara. When I really wanted to die, you saved me. You have kissed me on that day and made me still confused. If I keep loving you, my family will misunderstand me again and again…I can’t tolerate if my family misunderstands me. That’s why I did all this memory loss drama. If I act like this, I thought you will stay away from me. But, you have become even more close… I have really loved you from the day, when I sang for you in corn fields. But, I can’t say this out. Everyone has decided your marriage with Swara. In such time, how can I shamelessly tell everyone that I love you? Everyone will think me as a cheater. Already I have become a cheater being letter girl. If they come to know this again, they will never excuse me…!!”

Ragini keeps crying. She wipes her tears and thinks, “whatever it is! I will tell everyone the truth. I didn’t loss my memory. And I will say one lie that I didn’t love you. If I agree my love, all will think that I have snatched you from Swara. No…” thinks Ragini.
Poor Ragini doesn’t know, that the family was ready to do their marriage.

Next morning,
Laksh has packed all his luggage and comes out. Shekar and everyone amazes to look at him.
Shekar: where are you going?
Laksh: papa, I’m going back to US.

Ragini who just comes there shocked to listen that.

Dadi: but Laksh beta, we are deciding your and Ragini’s marriage….

Ragini amazes…. what..??

Sanskar: not with you princess… with Ragini… our relative.

Laksh: but Dadi, ragini never loved me. So, I will go back.

Ragini feels sad and about to tell about her memory loss. Just then Sumi falls down again in heart pain.

Everyone runs at her. Ragini shouts, “Maaa…” and runs at her.
Ragini soon goes into kitchen, prepares the medicine and gives to Sumi. Sumi will take rest.

Now, everyone looks at Ragini in anger. She understands what they identified.

Sujatha: So, you didn’t loss memory?
Dadi: or suddenly you gained it?
Ram: you were fooling us all these days…??
Swara: Ragini, why are you doing like this?? Drama by drama… why???

Ragini bends her head without answering anything.

Shekar: answer something you cheater…!

Says shekar and about to raise hand on her. But Laksh holds his hand.

Shekar: No Laksh, let me punish her. She has cheated her family again.

Laksh: papa, you have right to punish her. But before punishing, let her speak out. Why did she do like this…??

Dadi: At first to snatch you and next to have sympathy before us. What would be other reason??

Laksh: Dadi, if that’s the reason, she would have eloped with me already. If she really want to snatch me, she would have directly said that to me…

Dadi: but Laksh….

Laksh: No dadi, when something wrong happens in this house, everyone will talk expect the criminal. You didn’t give me chance on that day to talk and misunderstood me. Next, you misunderstood Ragini and ignored her. She tried to do suicide, but luckily she saved.

Everyone have tears in their eyes.

Laksh: Today, no one will talk. Only Ragini will talk. She is going to clear the misconceptions on her. Why did she do like this? And where did she take the wrong step? She is going to give justification for her deeds. She is going to argue for herself now.

Everyone becomes calm. They all look at Ragini. She feels like everyone are looking her as criminal. But, all are concerned to know what is in her heart.

Laksh: come on Ragini. Speak out.
But she is silently looking the floor. Laksh goes near her and raises her head up. He holds her hand. He is looking confidently at her. Ragini looks into his firm eyes.

Laksh: Be brave Ragini. Tell everything. Put your heart out now. This is our family. They will excuse you. They love you. If you really feel that you love this family then, speak out the truth….

Ragini gets dare looking at him. She nods her head. She moves between centre of everyone.
All are looking at her eagerly.

Precap: Ragini’s speech….

Hello friends…. hehe… hope you aren’t getting angry on me and Ragini. I will give justification, why she did so. She has a solid reason for that. That’s why she acted. Even doctor has said lies to family. Why…? How…? I will say everything tomorrow. Until then, bye guys take care…
Plz, don’t be anger on Ragu… she is really sweet… and on me also…. haha… 
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