My family-part 15

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Recap: Ragini’s weird behaviour…

Part 15:

Ragini: senapati, where is my horse…? Get it right now…!

Sanskar: princess, horse is suffering with loose motions. Let’s go on tractor.

Laksh amazingly: loose motions to horse… is it possible…??

Sanskar comes near Laksh, “Abey Laksh, you are the reason for her princess behaviour. Now, you go and bring the horse…!”

Laksh: me…??

Ragini shouts: senapati…!!

Sanskar: Rajakumari…!

Ragini: stop that stupid discussion and get me the horse. I want to see my kingdom.

Everyone puts hand on their head. Laksh and Sanskar go out to bring a horse from one man. Dadaji advises them to bring a horse which is weak and old. So, it can’t run and there will be no danger. But SanLak brings the good horse unknowingly.

Ragini runs near the horse as soon as she saw it….

Ragini: Oh my chuchu…

Laksh: chuchu?

Ragini: It’s my horse name. Any problem??

Laksh: chi chi sounds better…!

Ragini: shut up…! senani, bring that stool….

Sanskar: why…?

Ragini: I want to sit on it…!

Sumi: beta, I mean princess, no need to sit on it… leave it…!

Ragini: No, I will sit!!

Sanskar brings the stool. Ragini climbs the horse with difficulty. Laksh holds the horse.

Laksh: you don’t even know climbing, you want to ride…??

Ragini: what are you thinking, I know riding very well.

She says and pulls the rope. Horse shouts and starts galloping. Laksh couldn’t control it.

Everyone shocks. “Ragini….” shouts Laksh.

All are tensed and shouting, “Ragu…”

“aaaaa…..” Ragini keeps shouting in fear. Sanskar brings the jeep and Laksh also sits in it. They keep following the horse on jeep.

“Ragini… Ragini…” keeps shouting Laksh and Sanskar.

The horse goes into the forest. Their jeep comes beside the horse. It’s a open top jeep. Laksh stands and tries to hold the horse. He can’t reach it. Sanskar keeps driving speedly. Laksh stands on the seat and jumps and holds Ragini.

Due to that force, RagLak both fall down from horse.
Sanskar shouts… Laksh…

Ragini and Laksh fall from horse and keep rolling down from a small cliff. They are rolling on each other. Ragini gets a flash again, when they rolled same as on steps. And a special effect, then only starts raining.

They roll and reach down. Ragini is above him. Both are touching each other. Laksh is looking at her. Both have intense eye lock. Both are getting wet in rain. Suddenly a thunder strikes. Ragini scares and hugs Laksh.

Later he pats her shoulder and she comes into world. She sits far from him. He stands and makes her to stand. He is looking angrily at her. But his eyes are only showing love, which she can see.

Laksh shouts: have you gone mad?? Did you think how danger it was…?? I will slap you…

He says and raises the hand. Ragini scares and hides her face among hands. She was crying deeply.
Laksh melts with that and takes her near. He hugs her. She too hugs him being scared.
“It’s okay. Everything is fine now…” he says rubbing her head.
Ragini forgets what she is doing and rests in his chest.

Just then Sanskar comes and sees their lovely pose. He smiles.
Sanskar: laksh, is everything okay?? Let’s go back…!

Raglak listens to his voice and breaks their hug. Their faces turn red…

Sanskar takes them back to home in jeep. As soon as they reach home, all family members rush to Ragini.

“Ragu… is everything fine…” they keep asking. Ragini is crying silently.

“Everything is okay….” shouts Sanskar. All become calm.

“Give her space to breath. Nothing has happened. Swara, take medicine box and come. Laksh, take Ragini to room.” Says Sanksar.

Swara starts applying ointment to her wounds but she keeps crying.

Sanskar: stop that crying and treat. Hmm, thum se nahi hoga… Laksh, you take the ointment and apply her.

Laksh looks at Sanskar.

Sanskar: No problem, do it man…

Laksh takes and starts applying detol to Ragini’s wounds. While she is paining, Swara cries holding Sanskar. Sanskar takes her out.

Sujatha and Sumi sees closeness of Raglak and Swasan.

Sujatha: two pairs are forming in our family. We have to do their marriage soon…
Sumi keeps looking at Raglak unreacted.

Shekar smiles looking at Raglak.
“Yes Sujatha sis. You said right. Laksh is correct to Ragini. I have decided it already. I still remember how he took care of her when she got fever. I was angry on her then, but felt happy to see the concern of Laksh towards her. What will be more lucky to girl, when she get a loving husband. We shall perform their marriage when everything sets…” says Shekar.

All the family members smile agreeing with his decision. But Sumi puts a confused face.

Raglak who are inside room don’t listen to their conversation.

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh when he is applying ointment to her wounds on hand and foot.

He is about to apply on her neck then she moves away her face bending her head.

Laksh: oh, I’m sorry princess. Here you go….

He says and gives cotton to her. She takes it.

Then he is busy in cleaning wounds on her foot. Ragini looks at him in teary eyes.

Suddenly he looks at her and smiles. She bends her head.

Laksh: hey… do you love me princess…??

Ragini: what…?? never…!!

Laksh the keeps his hands on her both cheeks. He holds her face. She gets amazed and she gets goose bumps.
“You need not lie. I know everything. Just speak out the truth. Don’t be afraid. I will take care of everything…” he says looking into her eyes.

Ragini looks him like that for a while and she remembers something suddenly and pushes his both the hands.

“Go away from here. From my life and my room… go away…” she says in a crying tone and hides her face between the hand.

Laksh at once shocks and feels sad for her behaviour. He leaves silently.

Precap: RagLak conversation…. Ragini will accept Laksh..??

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