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Recap: Ragini’s new avatar…..

Part 14:

Ragini is roaming around the house in search of sword.

Ragini: where did you hide my sword….?
She keeps asking…

Sujatha: chalo, now she is not going to be calm until we give sword.

Sanskar: but, from where can we bring it….??
Dadaji: we have two swords in store room…?
Sujatha: why do we have them papa…??
Dadaji: they belong to our ancestors.
Swara: then we shall take them out…
Dadaji: are you mad? It is dangerous…!!
Dadi: no problem…! if we don’t bring, she won’t set. Sanskar, you go and bring.
Sanskar goes into store room to bring swords.

He comes with two swords in front of Ragini.
Sanskar: princess, here you go. Your sword…
He says and gives it to her. Ragini takes one sword in hand.
Ragini: senapati, it has been many days we practice, shall we start…
Sanskar shocks…. what…???
Ragini raises her sword Sanskar moves back scared.
All family: Ragini, no….
Sanskar: no princess, no fight….!
Ragini: you are a senapati or a coward. Why are you not fighting….
Asks Ragini and shows her antics in sword fight.

Laksh: your sister also know sword fighting…??
Swara: No, she learned fighting with a wooden stick near dadaji. May be, she is displaying that with sword.

Ragini tries to fight with Sanskar and he keeps escaping. In this process, some things fall on floor.
Dadi keeps shouting… stop this stupid fight…!

Ragini is about to raise sword again, one rough hand stop her hand. She turns back, it’s of course Laksh. He takes sword from Sanskar.
Ragini takes away her hand.
They have eye lock.

Laksh: princess, fight with me…!
Ragini: I won’t fight with you…
Laksh: why…? are you afraid?
Ragini raise her sword and Laksh puts his sword as defence.
Ragini: I’m never afraid. You are prince of neighbour kingdom…
Laksh: so what, fight with me….

Sujatha amazingly: see, how they got involved in imagination….!!
Sumi nods her head in confusion.

Laksh pushes back her with his sword. Ragini stops on her balance.

Sanskar: this Laksh also know how to fight…?
Swara: I don’t know.

Ragini runs towards him to attack, then he holds her hand and turns her. Her back touches him. Laksh closes his eyes… when she is about to move, he holds her shoulder and pushes her back. She falls on him again.
“Will you marry me princess…?” he asks in her ear.
She gets angry and suddenly punches him with her elbow.
“ouch” shouts Laksh and holds his tummy.

“Oh, she is fighting for real…!” he thinks and keeps sword against her, she stops it with her’s.
Both have a serious eye lock and each are trying to push each other. At last, Ragini pushes him back.

Dadi: ladoo, stop it now…

Ragini tries to hit Laksh with sword and he escapes. Her sword suddenly hit a powder box, which falls on Dadi. Uttara and Swara laughs at her.

While fighting, laksh pushes Ragini to the wall, she sticks to wall and from back Laksh locks her to wall putting his hand on her hand tightly. Her back is front to him.

He brings his mouth near her ear.
Laksh: now, tell me sorry.
Ragini: what are you doing…? remove your hand, I can’t move.
Laksh: first tell sorry.
Ragini is about to kick him with other hand. But he holds other hand also tightly.
As he is near to her, she is breathing heavily.
Ragini: leave me…
Laksh: tell me sorry…
Ragini: alright, I’m sorry.

Then Laksh frees her.

Now, Ragini turns like ninja and starts attacking Laksh with Sword furiously.
“Princess, what happened to you…..?” he says and keeps on putting defence to her sword attacks.

While fighting like that, Ragini is about to fall of from steps, then Laksh shouts, “Ragini…” and holds her waist.

She leaves the sword unknowingly with sudden reaction. Laksh holds her waist tightly and pulls her towards him, then she falls on him. They have a deep eyelock. Ragini keeps looking at him, suddenly a flash of incident appear before her eyes,
‘the same way when Laksh held her some days back…’

Laksh: are you okay…?

Ragini moves far from him and start running away. Laksh looks on.

Ragini runs to her room and thinks in her mind.
“Why did he come in my life…? I can’t control myself when he is around me…! why…? why do I have deep feelings on him…?”

She thinks and falls on bed holding teddy bear.
She reminds all the sword fight between them, she smiles in herself unknowingly.

She goes into sleep like that only…

She gets dream Laksh and she are together, both are loving each other.
She blushes and opens her eyes. It’s next morning…

She suddenly realizes what she dreamt and shocks.
“What happened to me…? why I’m dreaming about him like that…? this should not happen….” she thinks and gets fresh up.

She comes out of her room. She looks at Laksh, he is already looking at her passionately drinking coffee.

Ragini feels nervous with his looks. “Haa…what should I do now? He is looking at me. I can’t stay here, when he is around.” She thinks and she hears Shekar’s words.

“Ram…Sanskar, get ready fast. We have to go to farm land.”

Ragini runs to them.
“I will come with you…”

Ram: No princess, you take rest.

Sanskar: Yes princess, you have to be in fort…

Ragini: shh…! don’t order this princess. I will come….!

Sujatha: take her Sanskar, we can be peaceful sometime….
She says holding her head.

Sanskar: so, we have to loose our peace.

Ragini: what…?

Sanskar: nothing princess…! please come…

Ragini comes out. Laksh follows her.

Ragini: why is he following me…??
“Senapati, that prince shouldn’t come with us…!!” she shouts.

Sanskar: alright princess, hey prince! Go inside…!

Laksh: senapathis can’t order prince. Only princess can order….

Ragini looks back at him with his words. He is looking at her lovely again… she stops her smile with difficult.

Ram: princess, vehicle is ready. Come and sit…

Ragini looks at him. It’s a tractor.

Ragini: what is it…?

Sanksar: it is a tractor princess… new vehicle.

Ragini: no…! I want a horse. Where is my horse…??

With her question, family members look at her shockingly.

Sujatha: hey Ramachandra, from where we have to bring horse now…??

Precap: Ragini in danger…..

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