My family-part 1


Intro part: Intro

Part 1:

Cool breeze is touching the green crops, the breeze which touched the green crops is touching the girl who is standing in between those green crops. She is enjoying the cool breeze. She is wearing a light pink lehenga. She closed her eyes, and smelling the aroma of that breeze and crops. She opens her beautiful eyes, a smile arouses on her lips… of course, she is Ragini…
Then he starts talking with wind,

“Hey wind…. What message did you bring for me this time…?” she asks and puts her ears alert,
“What…? Someone is coming for me…to take me away…? A prince…?” she says again, and blushes.
“Tell that prince, I will not come with him. I will be with my family always….” She says again.

Then itself a bus stop at entrance of village, Laksh gets down from the bus, looking at all the green crops…
“Wow, my village. Now, I’m going to meet my family…” he says. And he keeps coming into the village on foot. He is enjoying all the green fields, sightseeing.
Ragini is still talking with wind,

“What, that prince is not agreeing? Say him that I’m crying….” She says and she sings,
“Sun raha he naa thuu…. Roorahi hu mein….
Sun raha he naaa thuu…kyo roorahi hu mein….”
She sings in a beautiful voice.
Laksh listens to that voice, and feels pleasant. “wow, what a beautiful voice. I want to meet that girl.”
He looks around. But nobody is visible.
Just then two of Ragini’s friends will come near her. They are Kavya and Kavitha.
Kavya: Ragini, are you talking to wind again..?
Ragini: yes, wind is my best friend.

Kavitha: ho, we are getting mad with your madness. You keep talking with wind and there Sanskar is crying.
Ragini: why what happened to him??
Kavitha: what I know? I can’t see if my honey is crying….
Kavitha has crush over Sanskar.
Ragini goes near Sanskar. Laksh is amazed why the voice has stopped suddenly. But he liked it very much.
Ragini goes near Sanskar.

Ragini: what happened to you again?? Why are you crying…?
Sanskar: laksh is coming…
Ragini: who is laksh…?
Sanskar looks at her angrily…
Ragini: oh…that US babu. Annapurna aunt’s son right…!
Sanskar: yes…! He will come and marry my Swara. And takes her away.
Ragini: now, stop crying as baby. We will plan anything and stop this marriage.
Sanskar: really…?
Ragini: its ragini’s promise….
Then they see someone is plucking mango from their garden. It’s Laksh. But they don’t recognize him.
Ragini: hey you….

Shouts ragini with a stick in hand to him. Sanksar runs behind her. Laksh is shocked at once and looks at that side. He recognizes Ragini and Sanskar.
Laksh: hey that’s ragu and sanky…
He thinks. Ragini comes near him and starts shouting, “Hey you…how dare you to pluck mangoes from our garden. I won’t leave you….” Ragini is about is raise stick on him.
Laksh: oh oh madam chill!! I don’t know, that I shouldn’t pluck mangoes like this. I have missed mangoes from many years. That’s why I couldn’t stop myself. I’m from foreign.
Ragini: ooo, London babu, now give back that mango and go back to your foreign.
Laksh gives that mango to Ragini and then he removes his goggles.
Ragini and Sanskar are amazed to see him.
Ragini: laksh..?
Sanskar: yes, it’s laksh…

Laksh: thank god, you guys recognized me.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini: sorry laksh, I thought it someone. You were wearing that black spects, I didn’t recognize.
Laksh: these are not spects, this is goggles. Anyone can wear it.
Ragini: really, can I have it once?
Laksh gives her goggles. She wears them.

Ragini: wow, Sanskar, everything is dark around me….
She is excited. Laksh smiles looking at her. Sanskar looks at her in funny anger.
Ragini then remembers the matter. She removes them and asks,
Ragini: the way Laksh, did you come to marry Swara??
Laksh: no Ragini, I have come to take you away.
Ragini shocks with his answer. Laksh laughs. Sanskar also laughs and gives him hifi…
Sanskar: yes dude, marry her and take her away. We will be peaceful…
“You…” shouts Ragini and tries to beat both of them. They run laughing at her. They are chased by her till the house.
Sujatha is ready with haarati plate infront of door.
Sujatha: suru kiya thum loog, aab bas karo…
She says and gives haarati to Laksh.

“Hai chachi…” he says, bends and touches her feet. Sujatha blesses him.
Sujatha: see him, he grown up in US. But he still did not forget culture. Did you both ever did like this??
She asks Sanskar and Ragini. They both look at her in fake anger.

Rest all family members will come. All will talk with laksh. But laksh is looking all through the house.

Ragini: what Laksh…? Are you looking for Swara?
Everyone laughs.
Sanskar pinches her and asks slowly, “Are you supporting me or him?”
Ragini: don’t panic. I will stop this marriage at any cost. But no one should get doubt on us.
Laksh: no Ragini, I’m looking at the house. I came at my childhood. I never came again. I’m just feeling nostalgic. I’m missing you all very much.
Everyone smiles.
Sanskar: he is putting everyone in net.

Ragini: stop…
Just then Swara comes down. Everyone look at her. “Swara…” calls Ragini and runs to her.
Ragini: Swara, see. Laksh has come. Sanskar thinks, “This Ragini….what is she doing..?”
Swara and Laksh look at each other. But Swara has no interest at all. Even laksh is not interested.

Sumi: both will talk for some time. Let’s leave them alone…
Sanskar shocks, “no maa, Laksh came just now. Let him take rest first…”
Ragini: why Sanskar? He will be relaxed if he talks with Swara.
Sanskar again looks angrily at her. Ragini laughs.
Everyone make Laksh and Swara go to the garden. Sanskar looks with a sad face. Ragini comes near him.
Sanskar: tell me truth. You are trying to make them together right!!
Ragini: just wait and see…
She says and starts writing something on paper.

Precap: Ragini’s letter plan….

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