A family that was never meant to be….


Skr family a bond that can’t be broken.
Guys just making a quick post sorry if I get emotional
My journey here has been 4 months now since I made visiting this page a hobby I gained a family and here I am to say how grateful I am to u all
Firstly analysis
Supreetha Di ur analysis were very rare but when u made it one it was just incredible so deeply placed

Shruthi Di my all time favours what can I ever say about ur analysis ur thought has increased my proverbs list and what not the values we need to I still in us. I am the greatest fan of ur analysis I may not comment but will be regular in reading urs
Medha sinha Di u always write about Siam which makes us understand the depth of their love
Priya Di go girly Di keep it up fabolous job and I would rannter on ur creative work is just interesting and draupdi character sketch was just ????
Vanshika ur ffs are amazing I have not actual been a Laxminarayan fan but ur ffs are like awww and ur next in Skr u are on fast forward track and that makes us updated as by the time Skr shows it ?? we are curious and u satisfy it.

There have been many writers in the past who are not writing now but yes u guys did a fabolous and brilliant job
Zara Di u posted a few analysis I loved it so much really it was absolutely phenomenal I mean the it gave a better understanding
Thanmathi Di ur polls are ever awaited
Soups Di of course ur quiz a test to knowledge just o don’t answer sometimes as its too difficult too many question but analogies were really good I loved experimenting my mind in fact breaking it but most of my answers didn’t match lol
Skr addict ur articles Maryada purushottam ram just increased my respect for Ramji and gave the implied meaning of Ramayan which set me thinking

WW Di what would I say I started writing episodic analysis and u were my inspiration
Take a bow Di
And there was another Priya a Christian who wrote Laxmila ff missing it as u took the essence from Skr but maintained ur own take

And then anil bro u respect woman and ur article speaks for u I request u to cont writing
btw i learnt shabari sacrifce from ur article only

Saalini Si love at first site Skr it was good story no idea why u didn’t cont

Janani Di ur criticism on Skr i like it too as it just increased my love for Skr and our views differ but it is Ramayan we want to learn from Di
And facts by haripriya it was a neat job dear u should cont
And supriya Di ur untold stories really made my analysis easier thks for that
And dia Di u just disappeared I never had a real sibling and ur is on sisters really made me fall in love with such a relation sisters
I am pucca sure I have not missed any writers as I have cross checked and my views are from heart I meant it truly

And coming to family those who are in hangout I have already said why u are special to me and I will always cherish u we all moving for the bigger purpose of duty but surely I thank god for u guys
Coming to not in hangouts
Many dis just disappeared and I am sure u won’t read this just I am missing u and have not forgotten u would be forever welcome in this family
Those who are here

Skr fan what would we do without ur links with caption I stopped thanking beyond a point as I was exhausted saying thks bro but u are amazing bro just keep on posting
God bless u and ur doubts also make me stratch my head before I answer

Veronica Di missing u and vanshika arora clearing ur doubts increases my faith and I hope u watch Skr and get all ur doubts cleared

Vaidehi hearty welcome dear and I hope u keep this page active I mean update page

Iqura malvi twinkle it’s long since I interacted sorry for that and yes loads of love sisters
And ur keeping the spirit alive u know what I mean the Skr family
Thank u for reading my ranter and I guess this will be my last analysis as such
Btw anybody on watt pad u guys should join its amazing and few days that’s the reason for my absence indulging in books
And in indiaforums I have joined now Skr beautiful analysis with relation to life is made and that has lot improved my analysis which I still cont to make but not posting here my doubt anybody there especially this is for sumi are u part of if
And I have created a WordPress site where I will be posting articles monthly not related to Skr but it would be different if u want try it
Will give links soon since I just created that site

And I have started writing a book in watt pad will u be interested but it would take about a year to finish

God bless u all
Keep up the good work
Ramayan is helping me in my life especially ur analysis which give an implied meaning and my brain cells start working and for all those who think my analysis are good I learnt through trial and error in tu as analysis first time was here so u guys really contributed in developing something in me

Sometimes after reading u might have been disappointed but I assure u guys have improved me
sorry about it if it wasted ur time
And am sure this will help me in the long run

Writing has made me positive emerge stronger in terms of opinion and draw a line to my awful not really but a past

Guys interacting wit u made me realize me thks for that

And those who appreciated my works I stopped thanking individully but I am ever grateful for u made my days better

God will always bless u guys
What Skr has taught me duty is foremost so now I will pay heed to that learning I have been not really a studious student and that what I call past isn’t it awful to be playful but this has matured me and
Geared me up for 10th
Just pray for me
And now I am ready to face the important phase of life

Thank u really and pls do comment
Many who have quit Skr page are active in tu I have seen ur comments
Pls do comments if u read this
That’s it
Jai siya ram

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. I am happy sanjana dear that u remember me by the way i ended lakshmila epitome of sacrifice ff
    Sure i will try to write another 1

  2. Sanjana(sara)

    di i will miss u very much. can u tell what is ur name in if and wattpad?? I also have id in both.
    All the best for ur future di. Lots of love from ur sis.

  3. I can’t say tq to u my dear sis….all the best for ur future dear….I said to u in part 2 of my poll itself see to it….I m always there for u..

  4. SKR Addict (Siya)

    I am happy that u remember me till now.
    Sanju all the best for ur future. Miss u a lot

  5. Thanks for the appreciation Sanju di and will continue writing the facts . Maybe will write after a long time

  6. All the best for u future di and may u come back with beautiful colors. May God shower his blessings on u forever and I am lucky to have u as my sis . Will never forget u till my life ends Sanju di

  7. I m missing u so much sanju………… All the very best for your future…. I dont know what to say … Love u lots ….

    1. Same here Di
      All the very best Di
      Loads of love❤️❤️❤️
      God bless u

  8. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Sanju di I cant say tq but u r 1 of my best friends.. I wnt frgt you., u md me emotional… Love ❤ u a lot… Will miss u.. Our prayers always r with u.. ??

  9. sanjana di love you very very much !
    I know we did not interacted since long but still our love is same as before 🙂
    Miss you very veryy much
    May God bless you with health and wealth 🙂

  10. Iam so happy that u remember me sanjana sis…okay I vl continue writing articles… All the best dear sis…

  11. Am in a place with no connection so will reply later

  12. krishnai aka ww

    All the best for your exams sanju. My best wishes are with you. I know my sis would rock. After so much bitter thoughts you faced in the last few weeks because of me u still remembered me. Thank u so much. Hope we forget it soon.

    I still remember my chat with u in tu. before my last board exam. my computer exam. thats the time we became close. those are the sweet memories u had given me. thank u so much for that.

    memories how many years go i can still read it and remember my little sis forever….



    http://www.tellyupdates.com/siya-ke-ram-23rd-march-2016-written-episode-update/comment-page-2/#comment-988105 my most fav chat with u sanju




    pardon me if i had hurt in some way.

    love u …..

  13. Hey Sanjana….How r u dear??? Hope u r doing great and all the best for ur upcoming endeavors dear and may all ur wishes come true in future…I know u ll surely rock ur 10th boards and not only that all of ur exams in the race of ur life…

    Will u still be in Hangouts??? m curious as I ll join it later and want to see u there in the family…

    So u r in wattpdad too…Me too. can u give ur id? mine is mystique_nupur.
    I agree with u that it is a very good site to read lovely stories…

    Lastly love u a lot and have a great life ahead!!!

  14. Hi Sanjana, I think u were one of the first people to welcome me to this family. Thank u for always being kind, helpful, and just a great sis. All the best for your exams, and may u always be successful in your future. God bless u always Sanju, and we will never forget our sis. Come back when u can…both 2 Tu and 2 hangouts. I think I have a Wattpad account 2…pls give your username…i will too…

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