family love (intro)


friends,i was worried seeing ragini in such a negative i thought why cannot i make ragini as a positive character by showing a value reason for her to hate towards maheswari family and also to do such kind of things with maheswari family

swara and all started hating ragini
swara says dadi ragini is doing wrong and your supporting her.
dadi:yes i will,because these maheswari’s deserve it.
shermistha and shekhar arrives there.
shekhar:maa,what are u talking?y u r supporting ragini in bad activites??today u have too tell me maa.i keeping a promise upon me u please say

yes the time came to reveal the truth

ragini did dis only for the sake of my son shivraj&meri bahu “sunaina” rest in peace

whole maheswari’s shocked listening the name “sunaina”,except adarash,sanskar,laksh,uttara ,parineeta,swara

dadi:what happened durgaprasad ji?why u r lookingly stuningly??
ap starts crying hearing sunania’s name,she fell down after hearing sunania’s name…sujatha conseling her jijji pls stop crying ,by saying it she is also crying…
sanlakswa shocked to see them

ap:sunania mera bachi…she is crying…
swara:mom who is sunania ,why bademaa is crying like that??please tell na??
dadi:what they will say about her,i will tell u about them
sunania is the younger sister of dp&sagi maa of ragini,swara aap ki chachi
everyone shocked especially ap,dp,rp,sujatha freezed
sujatha:(smiling with tears)jijji,aap dekh na ragini sunania ki beti hai
shermistha looks at shekhar

shekhar:yes,misthi shivraj is my brother and sunaina is his wife,when janaki delivers our baby,that baby died due to some health problems,sunania also delivers at the same time,she asked me too keep her child beside janaki and she handovers ragini and passed away,she is no more,but fewdays back when she delivers only shivraj also expires in a road accident.actually shivraj is my own brother but he doesn’t like these rules and regulations so he left home at age of 22 after graduation,but he calls us in a week,to speak to me and maa
dadi starts crying mera bacha..
dadi:shekhar,you said wrong he didn’t die accidentally this dp only brutally killed him,because sunania shivraj did marriage against his wish

everyone shocked
{sunania is not the own sister of dp ,she is an orphan but at the age 2months dp father bring her home nd treat her as own child,dp,rp loves her alot}

precap:sunaniashivraj marriage,how ragini get to know about her actuall mom and dad,how dadi came to know that his son died not in an accident it was a murder

Credit to: swapnika

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