My Family and My Friends – Part 24

Part 23
Sorry for late guys , I have a exams , so weekly I will send two parts and thanks for commenting, please if this story is boring I will stop this FF and please comment more guys and I will give equal importance to swasan and raglak. There is no one negative charcter guys.
Gadodia house:
Next day ragini is still sleeping 9 clock
Here dadi shocked her behaviour
Dadi:ragini, get up
Ragini(think):now my revenge time start

Dadi:please getup beta
Rag:shout to whole baadi what dadi, why did you disturb me , what do you want
Here whole baadi members shocked her ragini new avatar
Daadi:shocked here behaviour,calmly say no beta time is 9 clock,you must wake up
Rag:just 9 clock, why did you disturb me dadi, this is not my sasurji house, and then you know about my condition ,what can I do, I will do, and don’t involve my matter ok this is first and last warning. Ok dadi now you will my room , I will sleep again and don’t disturb me ,This is my order.

Daad:again shocked her behaviour,ok beta you sleep I will go,ragini goes
Here ragini is smiled secret .she call the phone to buaji
Rag:buaji today how is my acting
Bua:ofcourse beta you acting is always awesome, whole baadi now see your new avatar, today itself ,you want to do, then do, today you have full rights on your life decision
Rag:i’m so happy buaji,ok bye
She saw the mirror ragini today itself you have new life ragini
Here maheshwari family comes to baadi in 11 clock

Here ragini come to sleep face, she is not bathing her dress is dirt, her eyes are still close ,shout daadi where is my coffee
Maheshwari family members are shocked
Here laksh is shocked.

Rag: she rubs her eyes and saw sanskaar and shouting sanky
Laksh and swara is shocking and jealous eachother
She is run and hug sanskaar
Sans:you didn’t not still bath
Rag:i wake up now sanky

Sank:ok you take bath now
Rag:noway sanky first my coffee, again shout where is my coffee daadi
Daad:she brings and give to coffee mug to ragini
Rag:wow super daadi you coffee is awesome, she hold his hand,come sanskaar in my house
Sans:yes coming
Here maheshwari family are goes to ragini house

Ragini:wait who are you
Maheshwari family shocked her reaction, why did you come to my house
Laksh:wait ragini, please calm first ,now I have to must say for you, please come to our home ragini
Rag:she is laughing shoutly
What did you say you I will come to your house ,no way

Yesterday itself you and swara romancing eachother, today you love me and yesterday swara says loving sanskaar, what a joke laksh, you both of them really prove it now,your love is infactuation,but your infactuation is broke my heart laksh,now today itself you are not in my life
Rag:what sanskaar I’m a correct
Sank:you are really correct always

Swara comes to laksh side no ragini, I love sanskaar
Sans:oh really swara that day I told you, I love you,but you reject me
Swa:yes sanskaar, I have time for your love
Sans:now time is change , i didn’t love you any more
Rag:did you hear swara what sanskaar says, don’t disturb me and sanskaar,now you change your love today laksh is free, so you love him

Sanskaar and ragini is teasingly smiled
Rag:now please get out my house
She closed the door
but laksh is angry hold her hand
Lak:what did you say ragini, yes I really selfish, but now I can’t live you any more
Rag:leave my hand
Lak:noway ragini, today itself you are ragini laksh maheshwari
Rag: that is your dream
Lak:no you studies journalism course, but you did not understand law
Rag:what do you mean
Lak:that means we are not divorce yet

Lak:yes ragini laksh maheshwari, the court is giving 6 months timing, so you must come to my house
Rag:how did you to this
Lak:because I’m selfish
Rag:still angry look at him
Lak:please cool ragini, you angry face is so beautiful
Rag:don’t flirt
Lak:what can I do THIS IS MY NATURE

Rag:I will not come to your house and you are nothing to me
Lak:don’t worry darling, I will come next day and be ready in beautiful saree
Rag:how dare you talk like this
Lak:because you are my wife and sanskaar you must pickup swara also, your pair also not yet divorced are you understand sanskaar
Rag:how dare you talk to you friend sansky

Lak:hlo my dear wife
Rag:don’t call me like just irritate me
Lak:ok, mrs ragini laksh maheshwari, your friends sansky is also my bhai, so told her matter, that’s it
Rag:i will case your file against law
Lak:ok let’s meet court

Ragini:over confidence ah laksh maheshwari
Lak:ofcourse darling
Rag:get out my house
Lak:hold the chin and kissed her cheek
Whole baadi member are shocked
Maheshwari family shocked

Here sanskaar is laughing secreatly
Gadodia family also shocked
Ragini is so much shocked
Lak:ok daring ,bye and be ready in court ,we will meet each other
Rag:how dare you kiss me
Lak:again hold the hand tightly and kissed other cheek
Ragini again shocked

Lak:because, I’m selfish, I didn’t miss you my life
Ragini is still shocked
Lak(cute laugh): hold the cheek your face is looking like tomato, bye sweet heart
Ragini come to her sense
Ragini angry is still high peak
I will not leave you mr.laksh maheshwari
Rag:shouting ,sansky what is this
San:what can I ragini, the court is giving 6 month time, so you have accept this order
Rag:now I can understand, you support now laksh

Sans:no way ragini, what did you say I can’t lie any more
Rag:don’t be act sansky, I know You are one number lier and prankster also and get out my house sansky
Sanky:he is scared ok bye
Rag:sansky wait, tell your brother, we will meet the court and finally I will seprated forever,are you understand sanskaar

Sans:again, he kissed you in court
Ragini is again shocking
And he comes out the baadi and laughing whole heartly
Sans(thinking):Laksh is different ragini, but you still love him, I know very well ragini, your heart still loving laksh only, I will support my family and my friends, but what can I do ragini, laksh is my brother, so I will help him definitely
Here laksh comes to sanskaar side

Lak:sorry I do many wrongs deeds.
Sans:no laksh, it not me, you did you to this ragini and I will support only ragini, yesterday itself you romancing with swara but now what a sudden change
Lak:sanskaar, you must understand, we are not love each other
Sans: what do you mean
Lak:yes sanskaar , that day ragini is doing wrong, but next day I will meet swara
Flash back
Lak:sorry swara, I really misunderstood that day, really sorry swara
Swara:is ok laksh
Laks:do you love me now
Swa:no laksh I didn’t love you
Lak:what do you mean swara
Swa:yes laksh , I love sanskaar
Lak:that’s good news swara
Swa:what do you means laksh
lak:that mean I love ragini, yes I know, she did wrong deeds, because the wrong deeds only for me, I forgive her

swa:so what will next do
lak: we will play one game, we are act romance in front of sanskaar and ragini
swa:then lot create a misunderstand laksh
lak:no swara, just game na, I will definitely tell her birthday, I love ragini
swa:ok all the best
lak:thank you bhabhi ji and all the best for you

swa:ok mr devar ji and thanks for your complement
laksh and swara laughed give hifi

flashback end
lak:this is the matter sanskaar, I prepared all things in ragini birthday, but chiraag kidnaaped her
sans:wow laksh, now today you tell whole truth, sorry laksh, i didn’t support you and swara, sorry laksh
lak:what do you mean sanskaar

sans: I really hate for you
lak:we are not do any crime sanskaar
sans: I will not forgive you
lak:he stood numb, but sanskaar angry goes to the car
sorry for boring parts guys


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