My Family and My Friends – Part 16 and 17

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6months leaps
Here laksh is mature and handled the business and ragini and friends are finish with studies and naksh is developed star hotel and ritu and zynia is create a fashion designer company and zee and rockey is a doctor and ragini finished journalism course , but her dream is reporter. Swara finish the pg degree.
Finally the Maheshwari family and shekar family accepted swara and laksh marriage.
Here ragini also behaving normal and daily goes to maheshwari house and friendly with laksh also. Ragini changes modern girl like jeans and t-shirt(tejaswi style) and daadi also accepted her change.
Ragini come to maheshwari house and play with sanskaar. Here sujatha saw that ragini and sanskaar together and happy with that Jodi. Gadodia family is come to maheshwari house and check the laksh and swara kundli. Here new panditji check the kundli and yes this kundli is match, this marriage is perfect and this Jodi is birth for each other.
Here ragini thought all panditji speak like that dialog and happy for that marriage, finally the kundli matched it.
Ragini and sanskaar playing .
Panditji check this kundli name and say’s ragini name.

All family are shocked and ragini also shocked and daadi check the kundli and its ragini name
Daad: sorry, I thought swara kundli, I will go and bring the swara kundli
Panditji: that’s not possible, this Jodi is birth for each other, I can’t have swara kundli, but you bring swara kundli , of course this marriage automatically stoped and destiny didn’t allow that marriage.
Dp:but laksh and swara love each other
Panditji: it’s pure love means ,they will join each other
Here ragini and laksh shocked
Ragini: is ok laksh, your love is pure, so don’t worry , this marriage is definitely held
Lak: yes ragini
Panditji: ragini nice name, bless the ragini.
Annapurna is hear it and happy inside and sujatha is not happy because she think sanskaar and ragini marriage.
Daadi: she bring swara kundli
Panditji check the swara and laksh kundli and he say’s , this kundli is match, but this marriage is not held
Annapurna is so happy inside.
Laksh shocked, I didn’t belived in kundli .
Dp and ap shocked, ap says, don’t talk like that, this marriage is not held
Dp: no Annapurna, our laksh wish only
Laksh: so panditji, you take the fee and please leave.
All are shocked his reaction.
Panditji: I don’t want fee beta, you didn’t belived me and I’m surely this marriage is not held, panditji says and leave.
Here ragini doesn’t care about that panditji word and take sanskaar in out of maheswari house and play with him and sanskaar also happily played each other.
Laksh comes out of maheshwari house and watched sanskaar and ragini is happily playing with each other,and he is smiled,and he is sad also. Panditiji was say like that.
Here laksh is comes to ragini side and calls ragini.
Rag: ah laksh, what do you want
Lak: you did hear panditji word
Rag: yes laksh, I didn’t belived kundli and you know what did I say(5th episode)
Lak: yes ragini, you blackmailed the that panditji and I really shocked.
Rag(laughed): ha ha laksh, you know what, that panditji is really scared me.
Laksh: ha ragini, I’m also scared to you
Rag: don’t be scared, I’m your friend.
Lak: of course, you are my best friend.
Rag: smiled and ok I will go
Sank: what, you didn’t go anywhere.
Rag: don’t worry sanky, I will come next day.
Sank:ok please bring other friend also.
Ragi:ha ha sanky , our friends are busy, so today not come, tommarrow they definitely will come and meet you.
Sans: promise
Rag:yes promise.
Sans and laksh : bye

Here ragini comes to gadodia house and goes to bedroom.
Swara: ragini
Rag: haa swara
Swa: I did hear the news from daadi in today morning and panditji is say like that
Rag: that’s not big problem swara, you sincerely love him, so don’t worry, your marriage is held that day, swara I have a big problem, what I’m wear sangeet and mehandi function.
Swa: don’t worry ragini, I’m hear with you and I will selected for your dress
Rag: ok swara, I will sleep
Swa: I ask one question, did you love laksh
Rag: so late swara, and now I didn’t love him, so don’t worry and please sleep
Swa: good night ragini
Rag: good night
Ragini is sleep peacefully and swara also scared for this marriage.
Next day
Ragini: daadi , I will go to job please
Daadi: no way ragini, I want to see your marriage and you didn’t go to job
Rag: please daadi
Daadi: no way
Rag: I’m really sad for this swara and laksh marriage. So I will go to job and I surely forget laksh.(acting like emotional blackmail)
Daad: no way laado, don’t worry I will try to make best alliance for you
Rag(think):offo this daadi doesn’t accept it, she says ok daadi as your wish.

Here swara hear it
Swa: ragini do you love laksh
Rag(shocked): no way swara, I just act, she didn’t accept my job, so I emotionally blackmailed, and why did you behaving swara, you don’t fear, I’m not love with laksh, so don’t considered about me.
Swa:please ragini, I’m really sorry, I loved him
Rag: don’t irritate me swara, I will go to meet my friends, so bye
Laksh is come to baadi.
Rag: hi laksh
Rag: swara is fear , so you considered her, ok bye
Lak: bye ragini

Ragini goes to out of baadi and feel really sad, she is think(my family didn’t considered my feeling, first laksh and my job). If I go to job, just forget laksh and my heart is feeling like light, but they are not considered my feeling. She is crying. Says herself don’t cry ragini, be brave ragini, anyways I will meet my friends.
Here ragini goes to meet the friends and says hi guys
All friends are says hi
Nak: rags, why your face is so dull
Rag: nothing nick
Zynia: why didn’t you forget laksh
Rag: what did you zynia, my heart doesn’t move on next life and I will go to job, definitely I forget laksh, but my family didn’t considered my feeling. What can I do
Ritu: ok rags just runaway in your house and get job
Rag:correct ritu,just finish swara and laksh marriage, definitely I will go to job,Guys how is you job
Zee: I really like my job
Rag: wow zee, you are doctor and I really proud of you, you definitely become numbere one doctor.
Zee:thanks rags
Rag:guys today, you come to menhandi function.
All friends says of course, and we will meet sanskaar
Rag: ok he is also come to mehandi function, so I invite you guys.
Nak: ok rags, I will come today
Rag:ok bye guys

Ragini goes to room and checked the dress. So confused what did I wear it .
Swara came to room
Rag: thank god swara, what I wear it today, I’m so confused
Swa(smiled): she is selected for pink and green legenga(diya style)
Rag: not bad swara, ok ready fast
Swa: ok

In evening a ragini friends and maheshwari family are comes to baadi. Here laksh is search for the swara. Swara comes down, here laksh is goes to her side and he says beautiful.
Swara(smiled): thanks
Here sanksaar ask where dupatta wali dost
Daadi: she is yet ready
Here mehandi pari and uttara take selfie with swara.
Daadi: ragini comes fast all are waiting for you.
Naks: why, she is so late.
Ritu: I don’t know guys, I think she is sad
Zynia: ragini family is doesn’t consider about her feeling.
Zee: yes guys, we will support ragini
Nak: ok I will go and check her
Naksh goes but ragini comes down in baadi.
Maheshwari family are shocked to see her.she is wear pink and green legenha (she is looking just simple and elegant)
Laksh and ragini see each other and smiled.

Here ragini goes to Dp and he blessed her and goes to AP side and bless her.
AP: you are so beautiful today ragini
Suj: yes, you looking gorgeous and elegant
Rag:thanks aunty
Here swara and sharmista is feel bad.
Ragini goes to friends side
Rag: hi guys
Naksh: hey ragini , you look always beautiful, but today you look gorgeous
Rag: oh nick and thanks for your complement.
All friends are laughed.
Ritu: rags are you ok
Rags:I’m ok ritu, don’t feel sad about me, I’m really alright guys.
Here mehandi function started and ragini goes to swara side and swara friends are says to ragini, you are looking elegant.
Ragini(think): what friends they are, today swara mehandi function,but her friends compliment me.she is acting haha thanks guys.

Here ragini friends are dancing each other and sanskaar also joined the dance.
Dance finished , here ragini goes to washroom. She unlocked the door and she removed her pallu and wash her face.
And laksh also comes to her room and goes to washroom and saw ragini also saw the laksh(shocked eachother)
Ragini: she is shout ahah
Laksh is scared and goes to her side and he closed her mouth.
Lak: don’t be scared, I don’t know you here, I’m really sorry
Rag: screaming hmmmmmmm
Lak: what did you say ragini, I don’t understand, he is still hand on her mouth.
Rag:she is holding his hand
Lak: he understand oh sorry ragini
Rag: get out of my room
Lak: ok

Here ragini slip her and laksh hold her waist tightly and she hold his shoulder and both are looked each other
Laksh also forget world and he is still staring ragini.
Ragini comes to reality and she is feeling embrassed
Laksh take her hand slowly and comes to his reality
Lak: I’m sorry,He is go out of the room
Rag:she is feeling guilt and she is crying so much, she is still loves him.
Here laksh think why did I stared her like this, my heartbeat is so fast, but I love swara, but I don’t feel like this swara side, why I’m stare like her, what can I do, I don’t like her, she is my friend , but my love is swara.
Laksh comes to attend the mehandi function.he is dancing still watching swara
Here swara blush hard
Here ragini is comes down and saw her friends.
Nak: why did you late ragini
Rag: sorry guys I can’t attend this function,so we are goes to outside icecream paulour
Nak: ok , we will go
Ritu : yes,I really bored like this atmosphere
Zynia:of course ritu, we will go
Zee: ok let go guys, I will bring sanskaar
Here zee and sanskaar comes to outside friends are waiting outside
Ritu: lets go sanky
Sank: where did we will go
Zynia: we will go our favourite icecream parlour
Friends are comes to icecream parlour and ragini is fastly eat the icereams
Friends are shocked.
Nak: why did you eat like this, please eat slow and your throat will be affected
Rag: please guys, order something, my stomach is so much hungry
Zee: ok I will buy
Rag:she is eating a lot and enjoy her friends

Friends are happily playing in park and ragini also enjoy with friends and forget about laksh. They are playing like children,sanskaar also happily played with friends and takelot of selfies.
Here baadi maheshwari family and gadodia family searched ragini and sanskaar.
Laksh: where did she go
Shek: don’t know
Daadi: we are giving to her independance
Shek:why did you say like this maa
Daadi: the where did she go in night with sanskaar
Here ragini and sanskaar comes to baadi and laughing eachother whole heartly,other friends are goes to respectively house
Shekar : where did you go ragini
Rag: sorry dad, we went to near icecream parlour
Daadi slapped her in front of guests
Ragini is hold her cheek
Laksh and sanskaar is shocking her reaction.
Lak: why did you slapped her daadi
Daadi: she went to icecream parlour with sankaar
Rag: what is the problem daadi, we went to only icecream parlour not club
Daadi is shocked her reaction
Shek: why did you slapped my daughter, she is not wrong maa
Shekar is comes and hug ragini.don’t be worry beta
Rag: I didn’t worry is such a chilly thing she says and goes to her room
Here sanskaar why did you beat her, she is my friend, I will kill you
Here sanskaar goes to slap but laksh comes hold his hand
Lak: don’t beat sanskaar, she is old, so leave it
San:but , I enjoyed a lot, I eat icecream a lot
Laksh laughed, that’s my brother.
Lak: don’t beat her like this daadi, she is also have own feeling
Daadi: oh really, you say this, you only broke her heart
Laksh is feel guilt.
Swara is feel awkard
Here DP say, we will leave
Shekar says to thankyou
Maheshwari family goes out of the baadi
Here ragini doesn’t feel any awkard moment.she is sleeping peacefully.
Next day is swara sangeeth function
Ragini is bathing and comes to hall and sings banjan

In evening swara sangeeth function
Swara is madly dancing are all shocked her reaction
Ragini and friends also shocked her reaction
Here dadi comes to swara side and drag her laksh room
Rag: hey guys, I will go
Nak: ok rags, becareful
Rag:ok guys, she goes to laksh room and watched all scenes
Daadi: take a jug and pour a water
Swara is come to reality
Shomi: why did you behaving like that swara
Swa: mom I don’t know ma
Rag: is ok swara , be relax
Daadi: why did you talking like this ragini, swara is misbehave with others, did you watching
Rag:please don’t be issue
Here Annapurna says to laksh, swara is not proper girl in our house,please married ragini.
Lak: please mom,I will solve all problems
AP: ok as your wish.I don’t care in your life.
AP goes.

Here laksh is come to his home and ask swara
Lak: why did you do this swara
Rag: please don’t disturb her.
Lak: please get out of my room and this is my personal matter and please go outside
Ragini is shocked his reaction and get out his room
Here laksh and swara is fight eachother.
Ragini comes to meet the friends, she told the eventhing and friends are furious.
Nak: how dare he was speaking like this.
Rag: is ok guys,leave it, we are know he is selfish
Zynia: yes guys forget it
Here laksh and swara fight for eachother
Here ragini goes to store room and cried a lot.she saw message again in her phone.
Next day swara and laksh marriage .
Swara: mom i really miss you mom
Shomi: yes shona,I really miss you
Swara and shomi feel for eachother.
Here ragini is meet the shomi
Rag: swara we will go to our temple, you are ready
Swara:yes ragini
Both are go to temple and go to bridge side.
Rag: sorry swara
Swa: why did you ask sorry ragini
Rag: I will do it create all problem
Swa: shocked, why did you create a many problem
Rag: because I love laksh
Swa:please ragini, forget him and he is mine
Rag: no swara, he is only mine
Swara: we will go to our house,so let’s go
Rag: no swara, i’.m really sorry. she say’s and pushed swara in the river.
Swara is gone in river
Rag: i’m sorry swara
She goes to gadodia house


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