My Family and My Friends – Part 15

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Next day, laksh come to baadi.
Laksh: he says to shekar, I love swara
Shek: shocked, why did you proposed ragini
Lak: I’m really sorry for that matter, Actually I’m fear and daadi blackmailed me, so I lied
Daadi:how dare you talk like that and my ladoo is loving you.
Lak: I already told about this matter, I didn’t love ragini
Daadi and shekar is shocked.

Lak: I really love swara and my friend is ragini
Swa: I didn’t love you laksh
Shek: did you hear, she didn’t love with you, so get out my house
Lak: please uncle, swara also love me , but she didn’t told you
Rag: laksh please don’t involved swara matter, she didn’t love you and please get out my house
Lak: ragini, what did you speak, she really loves me

Rag: oh really, you didn’t hear, she didn’t loves you, so leave it

Lak: please ragini,help me

Rag:ok, I will help you and she goes to swara side and you love laksh and please say confidentely and I didn’t love laksh
Swa:yes ragini, I love laksh
Rag(shocked): did you hear daadi, she loves laksh
Daadi: Yes I hear it, how dare you swara, you broke my ragini heart
Swa: no daadi, ragini didn’t love laksh

Rag: yes daadi, I didn’t love laksh and swara will married laksh, I didn’t have any problem.
Shek : ok laksh, swara will marry you, I will speak to your family
Ragini hurt that word.ragini goes to room and cried a lot.
Here laksh and swara is happy.
Dadi is also ok with swara and laksh marriage. Here laksh and swara conversation
Lak: I’m so happy today swara
Swa: Yes laksh, I’m so happy, but ragini is happy or not

Lak: don’t worry swara, Of course, she is happy in our marriage
Swa: I really thank to her, she only patch up our love story
Lak: yes swara, I really thank to her and where is she
Swa: she is goes to her room

Ragini is tell to the friends in whole story. .
Friends also upset
Rag: guys we will go to picnic, I’m really upset, so we have to go guys
Nak:yes of course, yes we will go to picnic
Ritu: wow really nice idea

Zynia: of course , I will pick up sanskaar.
Zee: yaa me too
Here ragini told about picknic in daadi and daadi also accepted. Here swara hear picnic I will also come to you ragini.
Rag: no swara, you didn’t come, we are friends so we are only goes to picnic
Swa: hurt that word, I’m not your friend
Rag: no swara, you are not my friend,you are my sister, so…

Swa: ok
Rag:ok , I will leave
Here zee, zynia comes to maheshwari house.
Zee: aunty, we are go to picnic, so I will take sanky
Suj: ragini is come with you
Zynia: yes, aunty , she is also come with me

Suj: ok , I allowed to you
Sanakaar comes to zynia side
Sank: we will go picnic, jolly and where is dupatta dost,
Zynia: they are still waiting outside.
Sank: Ok, I will come
Suj: go sanskaar and enjoy your friends and laksh also comes to maheshwari house and hear it about picnic.
Lak:wow picnic, I also come with you
Zee no way laksh, we are friends so you didn’t allow

Zynia: you didn’t come to our picnic
Laksh hurt the word
Lak: ok guys I will not come with you
Zee and zynia take sanskaar goes to picnic
Here laksh tell to Annapurna , I love swara

Annapurna shocked
Anna: what did you say laksh, ragini is love you and I will not accept swara in my daughter in law.
Lak: I love swara ma, please accept it
Anna: ok as your wish, you didn’t have any luck, but I didn’t really happy in your marriage
Laksh shocked with that word
Suj: yes laksh, jiji is correct, ragini only save my sanskaar and you don’t have any luck and you really missed ragini as your life. I didn’t also happy and as your wish
Sujata and Annapurna goes.
Laksh is shocked with that word.
Laksh goes to room.
Here ragini and friends happily playing games.
Nak: rags, don’t upset to laksh and swara marriage

Rag: of course nick, I’m so happy, I have a best friend,so I didn’t feel upset, My family didn’t ask about my feeling , so you have understand my feeling
Zee: I know rags, don’t upset , we are here with you and we are support you
Zynia: yes rags, you escape from your laksh life, he is really selfish and don’t feel about him
Ritu: ahah (cry) ragini you don’t cry , I’m really feel bad for you.
Rags: don’t cry ritu, I’m really happy and I escape in laksh life, so I’m really happy life and he didn’t understand my feeling, so I escaped. And I’m really happy for it. And I Have a good friends.
Friends are laughed and sanskaar also laughed and playing each other
Next day
Ragini phone ring
Ragini attend the call
Rag: I will snatch my laksh in swara and laughed
Shobha hear ragini speech
Ragini saw that shobha
Rag: she is cut the call, nani come

Shobha: why did you acting like this ragini
Rag: what , nani ma you misunderstanding, wait I will tell whole truth
Shob:Don’t say anything , I will saw you another face. I will tell whole truth
Rag:nani ma,wait
Shobha goes slip that floor and shobha faint

Ragini shocked and cried a lot.
Shomi comes and shobha admit the hospital
Doc: she is coma
All are shocked and cried a lot.


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