My Family and My Friends – Part 14

Part -14
Sanky wake up
Sanky: where is my friends
Suj: they are on the way beta and please calm down
Sanky: he is crying a lot, where is my friends
Laks: don’t worry brother, they are coming

Sanky: cried
Suj: please sanskaar don’t cry
All friends are comes to sanky room
Rags: sanky
sanky room
Rags: sanky
Sanky: you are coming, I’m searching for you.
Rag: we are here and why are you scared and your mom here with you sanky and we are all comes to meet you.
Sanky: come let’s play
Nak: first you should be bath

Naksh sigh zee: guys you are goes out of the room
Rag: ok
Sanky: why did she go, dupatta wali friend, you must here in my room
Nak: we are boy, so girls are not allowed
Rag: right, we are there outside of the room
Sanky: ok
Laksh watched ragini
Rag: she didn’t noticed him
Lak: hi ragini
Rag: don’t speak with laksh.
Ragini goes to kitchen and prepare aloo paratha
Sanky: comes to all

Rag: hello sanky, you looking handsome
Sanky laughed
Rag: sanky, I prepare aloo paratha
Sanky: wow
All friends are gathered, we can eat aloo paratha
Annapurna smiled
Rags: feed the aloo paratha to sanky
Sanky: wow super

All friends are eat aloo paratha
Annaurna and sujatha smiled.
Anna: ha, aloo paratha super
Rags: thanks ma
Laksh: he is also say nice
Rags: didn’t care about him
Laksh: ragini
Rag: yeh guys, we are going outside
Sanky: wow super

Zee: ok guys, we are must really enjoy it
Ritu : nice idea guys
Suj: no ragini, he is mentally sick
Rag: don’t say like that aunty, I will here with him, so don’t worry aunty
Lak: ok, I will come
Rag: no laksh, we are going for friends trip, so you are not allowed, I here with him, so don’t worry
Laksh hurt
Annapurna also hurt that word
Rags: guys quickly eat

Anna: ragini, laksh also come with you
Rags: no ma and laksh is busy today, so we feel uneasy
Anna: ok
Rags: guys you finish the eating
All friends say: yes, we will finish

All friends are goes to picnic and laksh is here in maheshwari house
Friends are played eyes ball, sanskaar also enjoyed it
In evening rags comes to maheshwari house
Rag: sanky, you go to your room and take rest
Sanky: bye
Rag: bye
Suj: thanks beta, your friends always support my son
Rag: we are friends aunty, so don’t worry, we will take care,ok aunty I will go to my home, so I will leave.

Suj: ok beta,
Rag: ok bye
She is come out of house, she slip the floor, laksh came and save ragini,laksh put hand in her waist, she around his arms. Both looked each other, ragini comes to sense and she leave.
Lak: ragini, please listen what I say
Rag: sorry, I can’t listen to you, so leave me alone
Lak: pull her, how dare you ignore me
Rag: what do want laksh, please straightly comes to the point

Lak: ok I will marry you
Rag: what do you mean, you love swara
Lak: yes, I love swara, but you ignore me lot
Rag: what do you mean, I didn’t married you
Lak: then, you speak with me and be frankly
Rag: I’m really sorry laksh.
Lak: don’t like that, I really hurt you

Rag: is ok laksh, so we are friends
Lak: of course ragini, you are my best friend
Ragini smiled, so I will go home.
Lak:Ragini I asked many question to you
Rag: what
Lak: why did sanskaar behave like this, you missed Eight months in his past, where did he went
Rag: of course, I will tell you

Rags says to laksh, he is senior in our school, me and sanskaar are good singer, so actually I will friend with him, he is really nice and my friends also support sanskaar, but he didn’t told about his family, we are didn’t asked about him, then we are best friend.
So, in college
I’m second year student,sanskar is mba first year student ,but sanskaar flirt with girls, finally sanskaar meet kavita, she is my classmate, she is behave normally to other. Sanskaar love with kavitha and my friends also happy.
Sankaar and kavitha love each other, In final year sanskaar proposed kavitha, she is also accept his proposal. Final exam over sanskaar say to kavitha , we have to married and lead their happy life.

Kavitha also accepted. Kavitha aunty(kaveri) is create so many problem in between sanskaar and kavitha life. Kavitha know about kaveri intentions. She wants only money and she torture kavitha and house arrest her. We are rescue the kavitha.
Finally comes to temple , sanskaar and kavitha are married. Sanskaar got a job in Mumbai.
Sank:rags, I will go Mumbai
Rags: what
Sank: I got a job
Zynia: but , we will miss you

Zee:yes sanky, please stay here
Ritu: that’s not possible, he got a job and he must go
Sank: yes guys, I will go
Rags: Is ok sanky, you will go to Mumbai and call me
Sank: thanks guys
Rags: when will you goes
Kav: today

Rags:ok all the best guys and please called our friends
Sank:I will attend the call rags, please take care yourself guys, I really miss you
Rag:miss you
All friends hug each other
All friends says to bye eachother
Finally sansky and kavitha goes to Mumbai
Here end conversation
Flashback end
Rags: finally we are met in before 8months and I will call him in past few months, but he didn’t respond, we are not known about the day truth is come out that day.
Real culprit is kaveri, she is creating many problem, I hope kavitha is alive, we are happy today, sanky is alive now.
Lak: cry a lot, ragini you know what, he is my best friend, I think, we are lost him, my family was incomplete,but today complete the whole family
Rag: is ok laksh, we will late, so I go
Lak: I will drop you

Rag:no laksh , friends are waiting outside, so bye
Lak: thanks ragini
Rag: why
Lak: you support always my brother
Rag: he is my friends

Lak: bye
Here ragini goes out of the house and cried a lot, she loves laksh, but laksh reject her.
Here friends are so sad.
Naks: please rags forget him, he is not worth for you
Rag: we will late guys, we have to go
Rags goes to baadi and come to the room and sleep


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