My Family and My Friends – Part 13


Part 13
Naksh: congrats rags, laksh is today proposed you
Ragini:I’m so happy today, sankaar is here and laksh also proposed me
Zynia:ohoh ragini is blusing more guys.
Zee: Actually, next ragini and laksh marriage .
Ragini: I will tell today, I’m in love with laksh
Ritu: that’s nice idea rags
Ragini smiled
Annapurna: I can’t believe this, today ragini surprised me
Sujata: yes di, but she is helped sanskaar in past, I’m so happy , ragini supported my son.
Anna: yes sujata, she is brave girl and sankaar friends also come to our house
Suja: All friends are really nice
Anna : we will fix the ragini and laksh marriage
Suj:yes di
Swara comes to kitchen, she doesn’t remove a sandals
Suja: you come to kitchen, you didn’t remove a sandals
Swara sad, ok ragini ask milk.
Ragini comes kitchen , she ask to suja,please give one glass, he will sleep
Ragini gives milk to sanskaar ,he is sleep.

Here laksh is so sad., I will tell the ragini, I don’t love her.
Ragini comes to laksh side.
Rag: I will speak to you
Lak: please tell ragini
Rag: actually laksh, I really love you
Laksh is shocking her behaviour
Rag:I don’t know laksh, when I love you, I’m really happy today and you are my best partner. Laksh today, I’m really happy, today my best friend sanskaar is returned our life and you are also return my love, I’m luckiest in the world.
Rag: laksh, you know what, sanky always tell about you in past, Always sanskaar tell to me, you married my brother only and I already choosed for you and you don’t love anyone,ok and she say ok.
Today you see, I can’t believed this , you sanskaar brother.
I love you laksh.
Laksh: shocked I didn’t love you ragini,
Rags: don’t be play laksh
Laksh: seriously ragini, I don’t love you
Ragini cry a lot.
Laksh: I love swara
Rag: what, you love swara

Lak: yes ragini, I love her., but I thought you are my best friend.
Ragini: why did you hurt me, you really proved it today, you selfish
Lak: I really sorry ragini, you didn’t love me, you know what, that day, you blackmailed panditji, you also didn’t want marriage.
Rag:yes laksh, that day I told like, but now I love you laksh
Lak: I’m really sorry ragini
Rag: why did you proposed me in baadi.
Lak: I don’t know ragini, my brother life is so risk, that’s only I told you.
Rag: yes I know, you are selfish man
Lak: no ragini
Rag: just shutup and don’t speak again, this is enough, ok bye.
Just cried a lot and goes to that side and meet friends
Rag: ok guys, we have to go
Nak: yes rags, your face is so dull
Rag: nothing serious,come lets go.
Anna:where did you go beta
Rag: aunty we have to go home, it’s late
Swa: yes aunty,its late, so we have to go home
Anna: ok beta, you go home, laksh drop you beta
Rag: is ok aunty, we will manage
Anna: don’t call aunty, you call me ma
Rag; ok aunty sorry ok ma
Nak: ok bye aunty
Anna:actually I forget,your name beta
Nak: naksh

Anna: laugh your name and laksh are similar
Zee: myself zee
Zynia: myself zynia
Ritu: myself ritu
Anna: nice beta, tomorrow , you will come to our house
Rag: of course ma, we have come because the reason is only sanskaar
Anna: take care bye beta.
All friends are asked to ragini, why did you face so dull,
Rag: nothing guys, this time is so late, we have to go home fast.
Swara:yes ragini
Rags,zee,ritu,zee,swara,naksh goes to naksh car. he will drop swara and ragini in baadi.
Rag: ok bye
Swa: rag, today itself, I will share your room
Rag: that’s good swara
Ragini crying a lot and sleep, swara came to ragini room, swara also sleep.

Next day, friends comes to baadi
Naksh,zee,ritu,zynia comes to gadodia house,
Daadi:stop outside. Don’t come inside
Rags: what wrong with you , why are you behaving like this, these are my friends
Daadi: slap hard, how dare you speak like this
Friends are shocked
Nak,zee: out of control,how dare you slap rags
Here daadi shocked his reaction
Zynia: we are not come inside and how did you scold her
Ritu: cry , she always scold a lot
Rag: guys,It’s nothing
Nak: how did you say like that, you are human, and daadi is not considered your human, always slap you
Zee: daadi, what she did you do, you always beat her
Daadi comes to zee side and slap him but ragini is quickly come this zee side hold the daadi hand
Rags(shouting): how dare you slap my friends, I’m your granddaughter, but you didn’t have any rights to my friends.
Daadi shocked her behaviour and gadodia family also shocked
Daadi: did you see shekar, she have so much brave
Shekar: ragini is correct, what did zee do, you are wrongs, so that boy dare to asked you, I’m really proud, she is have the correct friends
Daadi: whatever you want do it, I don’t care
Rags: I will go to maheshwari house, sanskaar is waiting for me
Shekar: ok beta, you go
All friend waves the hand bye uncle
Shekar: bye beta
Shomi: rags have so much brave
Shek: yes misti, I’m so surprised, my daughter is behaving like brave and she will help other just like janki
Shomi: yes shekar
Shek: where is swara
Shomi: she is still sleeping
Shek: you go and wake up her
Shomi smiled
Here all friends are travel to naksh jeep.
Rags: sorry guys, because my daadi behaviour
Naks: nothing matter rags, just forget
Zee: rags, your face is so serious, yesterday itself
Zyn: what’s the problem in between you and laksh
Rags: cried, he didn’t love me guys, he loves swara
Nak: sudden brake in car, what
Rag: yes, he only told about me
Ritu: how’s the possible
Zynia, yesterday, he proposed you in baadi
Rag: because he is save sansky life
Naks: how dare laksh, he is selfish man
Rags: don’t worry, leave it that matter, we have cure sanky only
Nak: are you ok rags
Rags, yes guys, I’m ok, I’m so lucky, I have a my best friend, and he didn’t have a any friend just like me.
All friends are laughed
Zee:of course rags, we are still friends and future also, we are always trust each other.
Ritu: you are correct , if any problem our life , we will help each other.
Zynia: cried, we are fifteen years friends but I didn’t thought orphan, because you are only guys,helped me a lot
Rag: don’t say like this zynia , we are friends and we are family also and mainly we trust each other.
Nak: of course rags:
All group hugged
Rag:we are late, sanky is waiting


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