My Family and My Friends – Part 12

Ragini turn that side and saw the boy and she is shocked. She is screaming sanskaar and laksh also shocked.
how did you know him .she is doesn’t hear laksh word. Ragini hugged sankaar. He is responding her hug. Laksh,Daadi,dida, swara,shomi,shekar shocked ragini behaviour.
Ragini tell to sanskaar , where did you go in 8 months, we are searched for you , sanskaar please talk to me.
Sanskaar: please give aaloo paratha.
Ragini: yes sanskaar, sure , your favourate aaloo paratha
Laksh shocked her word. Laksh call bhai. Ragini hear the word bhai again shocked. Laksh also hugged sanskaar, laksh cried a lot.ragini turn that side laksh he is your bhai, ragini asked to laksh . laksh say yes, he is my cousin brother, then he is sanskaar maheshwari and she shocked .laksh hugged sanskarr, but he doesn’t respond him. Ragini hugged sankaar, he is hugged her.
Laksh shocked his behaviour, bhai I’m your brother, please told something
Daadi shocked ragini behaviour and pulled her. You don’t have shame, how dare you hug the man.
. Ragini dumbstuck didn’t hear the words. Ragini tell to sanskaar you want aloo paratha , wait I will bring it. She push her daadi hand and bring aloo paratha and feed him .
Gadodia and bose family are really shocked, laksh also shocked but he doesn’t considered her.
Laksh really happy and called maheshwari house and told about sanskaar.And maheshwari family comes to gadodia house expect durgaprasad. Sujata call sanskaar hugged him , but he scared so much.
Sujatha: why did you behaving like this sanskaar, i’m your mother
Daadi tell he is mental, please take him to your house.
Ragini and laksh is shocked
Ragini: (shout): Don’t tell he is mental

All family are shocked her behaviour. Specially maheshwari family.
Daadi scold ragini, how did you know about him
Ragini: he is my best friend in 15 years , are you understand.
Laksh and maheshwari family shocked.
Sujata: what
rag: yes aunty, sanskaar is my best friend, he didn’t mention his family name.
I’m really shocked today, you are sanskaar family. But he told me , your family throw out the house sanskaar in five years.
Wow what a family, I really shame on your family, why did you throw him out of house and today you are see the sanskaar like that, I can’t really believe this.
You didn’t trust sanskaar, just he loved a girl and you are throw out him in 17yr old, that love is just infatuation, just you easily solved that matter, but you throw out him. Why did you come here, what did you act take care him, he is today mentally sick.

Here swara says to ragini, how did you speak ragini like this, ragini shout to swara , you didn’t understand his situation, he is lot of pressure but his family doesn’t considered , today they are asking about sanskaar, please swara don’t involved this matter, I know , he is work a lot and goes to part time job, but he studied in MBA course. Laksh says to swara , don’t say anything swara, she is right and please don’t say to my family like this ragini.
Rag: What laksh , he is not your real brother, just like cousin .
Laksh shout to ragini, don’t say like this word, he is my brother. Please don’t say like this. Ok I will take sanskaar to my house that is final.
Sujata says to ragini, thank you beta, you was support him and encourage him , I’m so happy , I will take sanskaar. Ragini say to sujata, i know you really sad for him , because you are mother , I totally understand. Sanskaar she is your mother , please go to your house.
Sanskaar: no, I’m not go, you come to my house
Rags: no sanky , I will come later
San: ok dupatta wali dost
Rags : not bad
Finally sankaar goes to maheswari house .

Here rags are shocked .gadodia family watched her real behaviour.
Daadi slapped ragini. She is crying, what this ragini , why did you behave today , you have 15 yrs friendship with him.
Shekar scold daadi how did you beat my daughter, I really proud of her, today she will speak to boldly and confidently. I’m really scared, she is so innocent, how did she fight with world, today I’m really happy. Ragini beta today you surprised me more. I always support you beta. Dida wow ragini , I can’t believe my eyes and ears , I really surprised for you, I really proud of you.
Daadi angry goes to room. Dida is laughed her daadi condition. Shoba told to parvathi, you will not give to freedom, ragini wow, she got take her freedom, but didn’t saw her always. Ragini also just like swara. Dida is teasing daadi.
Here ragini goes to room tell about whole matter to friends, all friends are cried a lot and smiled each other. All friends are come to meet ragini
Naksh: comes to baadi and call ragini , where are you
Zee: where is sanskaar
Zynia : I saw him immedietly
Ritu: ahah crying, i miss him badly.
Shekar asked whose are there, dad these are my best friends, so my friends are meet to sanskaar.
Shekar is shocked her behaviour
Shekar: come inside beta
Naksh:is ok uncle, actually we came here for meet the sanskaar,
Ragini: first come inside
Daadi shocked whose are there. Ragini shocked her reaction. They are my friends.
Daadi scold ragini, how dare you come inside to my house
Ragini: ok, I will go outside
Daadi shocked her behaviour.
Zee: is ok , we will meet sanskaar,
Rags: i will also come to meet sanskaar,

Laksh comes to baadi and call ragini , ragini
Rags: why did you shout laksh, if any problem
Lak: yes, ragini, you didn’t come to my house in, he will suicide
Ragini: don’t worry laksh , yes I will come
Ragini goes to maheshwari house , but daadi stop her
Ragini: please I will meet to sanskaar
Dadi(shouting): ragini don’t go, this is my order
Ragini: please daadi
Dadi: no, push her room, and door locked
Ragini: please open the door daadi
Shekar: how dare you house arrest her, I can’t do this, he will open the door
Daadi: stop shekar, you will open the door, I will sucide.
Ragini: please daadi , open the door
Daadi: she will not come to your house and go outside my house.
Sujata pleading her,please parvati ji, please allowed ragini to my house
Ragini is crying a lot.
Daadi: I will give one chance, laksh will married ragini, then only ragini allow to your house, what did you say laksh
Laksh shocked. And proposed ragini in front of neighbours, ragini is really happy. All friends are happy and swara also happy. laksh take ragini inside a car, all friends are followed her.
All are goes to maheshwari house. here ragini comes to sanskaar room.
Naksh,zee,zynia,ritu(shout) sanskaar
Sanskaar: call her dupatta dost
Naksh,zee,zynia,ritu: shocked his reaction, he behave like child and cried a lot.
Ragini: what this is sanskaar, how did you do this sanskaar, this is wrong.
Naksh:sanky how are you, I miss you alot
Ritu: cry why did you behave like this
Zee: what’s wrong with him ragini
Ragini: he’s mentally sick
Zynia: what sanky, please look at me I’m your friend
Ragini: sanskaar , do you remembered , we are friends
Sanskaar: I don’t know, whose are there
Ragini: today itself we are friends ok
Sanskaar:ok , we are friends
All friends are laughed
Sanskaar: you are my friends.
Rags,ritu,zee,zyn,san,naks are group hugged.
Sanskaar is sleeping now


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