My family is complete now ~ avni ( a namkarann os )

Hi guys , this is varshini and being a great fan of avni I don’t like avni being heartbroken in the show , so here is a imaginary os where avni’s family gets complete

This os starts from dayaben telling her past to ashish . ashish says no ma , I can never leave my ashudi , she has waited for me , she has waited for 12 long years and u know , she has never asked me any question because she loves me so much . what would have u done if ur daughter had been in the position of my ashudi ? wont u get her married to her husband . and ma avni is ur granddaughter , why don’t u understand the fact that she is ur granddaughter , I am sorry ma . I know u have done a lot for me but my avni needs me ma . u know I love u a lot but ur place is different and my asha’s place is different . I cant sacrifice my asha’s place for u . I am sorry ma and gets tears eyed . he goes from there . daya throws the things angrily .she blows off the lamps and shouts no , ashish cant leave me . he cant marry that musalman .

Ashish comes home . avni hugs ashish . she says papa I knew u would come . asha smiles seeing ashish . ashish smiles back and suddenly remembers his mother and gets sad .

The next day asha and ashish marry . avni cries out of happiness , she says papa u made our family complete and hugs ashish . the media people comes there and the whole world sees asha and ashish’s marriage .

Ashish says asha I have hurt my mother a lot so I want to take her blessings first . asha smiles and they go to Mehta mansion . they see the whole family except daya standing there . ashish says ma kahan hai ? ketan says ma ab tak bahar nahi ai . meanwhile daya is seen pouring something all over the house again , she takes the match stick and ignites the whole house . the whole house starts burning . ashish says ketan , fire !!!! ketan says somebody call the fire brigade , ma is inside . asha gets tensed and hugs ashish . avni cries . ashish tries to break the door but in vein . avni sees a window open and goes inside through the window . she sees dayavanti coughing due to the smoke . she says dadi pagal ho kya . apko agar kuch ho jata to .and brings water from the kitchen and tries to pour water on the fire . asha does not find avni anywhere and gets tensed and she too goes inside . she sees dayavanti there . dayavanti says ja bahar , aur their is beti ko bhi bahar leke ja . asha says no , I cant , u come wid me and holds dayavanti’s hand . dayavanti says leave me and if at all u want to see me alive , go away from ashish . asha says we r married now . dayavanti gets shocked . avni says please dadi , accept us . avni says ap chaliye and holds daya’s hand and pulls her . dayavanti gets shocked . a photo frame half burning is about to fall on daya when asha holds it , avni pushes dayavanti out . asha comes and helps avni to go out , then she too comes out,avni faints after coming out , all get panicked , they pour water over avni’s face and slowly avni opens her eyes , ashish hugs her . ashish says asha ur hand . asha sees her hand .

her hand was fully burnt . ashish says this is my asha , she lives for others . she waited for me…… , for ur acceptance….,for these many years but what did u do , u never understood her love . u have neither been a good mother nor a good grandmother . ashish holds asha and avni’s hand and goes towards his car . they hear a voice , it was dayavanti’s . she says I am sorry and sits down and cries . there is only one religion which exists forever , it is of true love . ashish , please don’t leave me . I will accept asha , forgive me . asha is very good , I could realize it only today ,I could have lost my husband but it was not because of asha . ashish says mein ja rahan hun and goes wid asha . avni says papa stop , u cannot leave ur ma like this . she loves u a lot . avni goes to daya and dayavanti hugs her . asha smiles and goes to dayavanti and hugs her . ashish says mere bina yeh parivar keise pura hoga and he too goes to daya . dayavanti smiles . ashish kisses his ma on her forehead , dayavanti smiles . dayavanti kisses avni and says tune to apni ma bap ki shadi kar li . mein bhi karaungi ek bar shadi . neela comes there and sees all this . neela says ashish I love u and will love u forever and I know ur happiness is in asha and avni , be happy and remember that ur friend is wid u , always ok . ashish hugs neela . avni cries and hugs ashish . she says mumma today my family is complete . I have a normal family wid dada ,dadi , kaka and kaki . asha says han and cries happily . dayavanti says to ek bar aur shadi hogi .asha and ashish smile

After eight months .
Dayavanti is seen sitting in a hospital . avni is seen sitting in dayavanti’s lap . she says dadi , nothing will happen to mumma . everything will be fine . a doctor comes out and says congratulations mrs.mehta , ur daughter in law gave birth to a girl . dayavanti hugs avni and then ashish . she says battu ,mein bahut kush hun and hugs ashish .they go inside and see a beautiful baby sleeping near asha . ashish says ashudi , thank u so much for giving me this princess . dayavanti takes a bangle from her purse and makes asha wear that . she says my mother in law gave this to me and I am giving this to u , u r my eldest daughter in law right . asha smiles seeind dayavanti being so affectionate towards her . daya says why r u so surprised . dayvanti jayantilal mehta is always like this , nobody else can get so angry and be so affectionate like me also and smiles . avni says ek insan aisa hai . daya asks kaun . avni says mein and laughs . daya says han , aise koi hai jo mere jaise hai to voh sirf avni hi hai . avni says Anaya ke sath ek selfie to banti hai na dadi and calls the whole family . avni was so happy ,she had got her Anaya, but above all was her happiness of her family being complete

sorry if i wasted ur time wid this os . please comment what u felt about this os


  1. Neelu

    Great ff. Kerp writing.I also like avni a lot. Want to see her happiness. Wish the writer’s concentrate on our emotions..

  2. Neha

    If this is the one ending climax lovely!!!!!! .Seven stars to this show but if this is not just imagination then can’t say t

    • Varshini



      thanks a ton di . han , kash daya ben aisi hoti par aisa nahi hoga na ? thats why i am sad , the new promo makes me even more sad , how can ashish do this to avni ?

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