Family bonding season 2 part 3 final


Karthik ,preethi and sumo ,shravan were sitting and talking..
First nakul comes and hugs shravan..
They were talking just then shaurya and sameera comes..
Shaurya:- hi shravan how are you.
Shravan:- fine mama and takes blessing from him but sharya stops him and says..
Shaurya:- dont make me old by touching my legs yar..
Teju :- oh plss you were already old enough so stop.
Shaurya:- show me proof that i sm old.
Teju removes his cap and says ..
Where is your white hair.
Shaurya:- if its their then only you can see naa
Teju:- what the brand..
Shaurya:- goodrej..
Teju:-ahh hair dye cheater..

Shaurya:- what yar you were saying like only i became old infact you also became old . And if
we make our kids marry na they will make us grand parents too see.
Nakul and sameera looks at each other in embaresement..
While all laughs..
Teju:- how old may be you became you will be always shameless…
Shaurya:- being shameless is my identity ash baby.
Teju:- chuppp move..
Teju goes towards karthik and sits infront him.
Meanwhile sameera and shravan meets each other..
Karthik:- what happen mami why are u seeing me like that..
Teju:- i knew that i am not your mom but mami.
Karthik:- no mami you were like more than mom to me.
Teju:- then why you didnt share with me.
Karthik:- what i didnt share mami.
Teju:- a gift for you karthik and gifts him a envelope.
Karthik opens it and gets surprised he looks atcteju with teardy eyes..
All looks on.

Karthik:- its ok mami it justvthat i like it but i dont love it.
Teju:- you were not the reason to my condition..
It written that it should happen and it happened.
Shaurya:- what happen teju anything wrong..
Teju:- looks at all children and ask them to sit..
All sits around her….
After sameera birth it took 3 years i again conceived without my knowldege at that time we all went to trip..
And by playing karthik sat inside bus and started driving it..
He lost control we all tried to save u all only me and karthik left ..
I took him and about to jump but in mean time bus crashed into tree we both fell from bus at that time a car passed from my leg and i lost it not only it evrn my unborn child too which we dont knew about it untill i lost it..
Teju cups karthik face and says i have many children karthik you all were my kids you mom and dad just gave you birth but i bought you all and when kids were not happy parents cant be happy and coming to your father..he is damm possessive about me and i am over possessive about him that doesnt mean that you should stop living your life ok and if you really want to be my support then go yo paris for photography session for 3 months and come back with a professional ok..
Karthik nodes..
All gets happy..
Teju:- u have to leave for paris with in 3 days and yaa we elders decided nakul sameera and shravan sumo engagement 2 days After 2 days they both couple gets engaged and karthik went to paris..
Their he meets naira ans they both fell in love ..
After 3 months karthik returns back by a name of successfull photographer…
Karthik and naira decides to say their families about their love …
And they both wants to get married.
Here these four were getting married and by coincidence pushkar family comes their because his father was business patner to arnav and teju..
Where karthik invites naira and introduces her to all..
After one year of their marriage although shravan and sumo married to their parents wish after marriage they both fell in love..
Here pushkar alliances comes to preethi but preethi says truth to all that from before only they both loves each other…
Naira and karthik gets married after an year of pushkar and preethi marriage..

They family bonding not only ended their infact it keep on increasing threw generations..

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  1. Brin

    It was a pleasure reading the family bonding, will miss it, thank you for writing this story. 🙂

  2. It’s just awesome. All the episodes are really awesome and the bonding which uou have shown is just great.

  3. Shubhadha

    Nice episodes yaar..good bonding..

  4. Seriously the way u built the story was fabulous and iam loving the way u end all ur three ffs
    Hoping u will return with new ff again and i will be waiting

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u so much krishna

  5. Pavani

    Ohhh u should have shown their love story too

    1. Sindhura

      Handling so many pairs is like entering in to hell
      I cant handle it any more
      Its really difficult

      1. Pavani

        He he he yep I know its just I want to see more family bonding that’s it

  6. Nita D

    Its awesome Di….but why u ended it so fast??
    I will miss this…..the cast is awesome n the relation n bonding which they share with each other was awesome n storyline was also too gud…..n i loved the last line…i will miss this so much…..

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u so much

  7. Don tell me ur ending it plsss

    1. Sindhura

      Sorry dear

  8. mindblowing story ……….why end it?..awesome sister brother bonding ……i will miss u …….god always fullfill u r all dreams……..thank u ………tc

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u for your blessing

  9. Awesome 🙂 pls can you make season 2 of ALL ALONE RAGINI still now also that is my favourite ff

    1. Sindhura

      I cant think about it
      Right now but i will try

  10. Sriya

    awesome one di but please make season 2 of ALL ALONE RAGINI its my all time favourite ff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz di i am requesting u plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Sindhura

      I will try to think about it dear

  11. Dharani


  12. Mia

    SORRY for commenting so late but couldn’t read it before. Btw the episode is just fantastic.

    I have commented for first time but I had been a regular reader of your fanfiction and waited for it enthusiastically.

    THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for giving us an honour to read such an amazing fanfiction. I have really become your fan. You are really a good writer.

    FAMILY BONDING had everything-love, comedy, mystery, romance, action, anger and most importantly the bonding between the sibblings which never went weak by anything. It was really a fun to read it.

    Please bring a new season of it. A request from your fan.

    1. Sindhura

      Ii will try mia

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