Family bonding season 2 part 1


After 25 years leap..
A girl is sleeping peacefully covering her self under bedsheet..
Soon she was pulled by pair of hands..
She shouts and gets up..
She pouts her face by looking at that person and starts beating him by saying i hate u i hate..
A pair of hands again stops her and says..
But i love you..
He kisses her cheeck and runs away…
By running he collides with a man who is in uniform.
Man:- sorry dad..
Shaurya:- see and walk nakul.
Nakul:- sorry dad..
Shaurya:- are seriously preparing for civils or just running here and their..
Teju:- oh plss shower he should be fit physically to so let him work out.
Nakul:- thank you sasu maa and runs from their.
Payal:- see he became habituated of calling her sasu maa because you only shaurya..
Shaurya:- what. its too knew it infact all knew in our house that nakul and sameera likes each other and they knew our wish of marrying them so..
Shaleen:- oh my dear commisoner saab calm down . My daughter is fixed as your daughter in law ok.
They all laughs..

Just then a girl comes outside getting ready in white and white dress..
Teju:- sameera do you have case you didnt inform me.
Sameera:- i said to you maa that i need to go to court early morning because today my case last hearing.
Teju:- oh i forgot sorry beta..hugs her and says all the best..
Shaleen to hugs her and wishes all the best ..
Sameera :- thank you dad..
Shaurya:- no need to say all the best because my daughter will only win.
Sameera hugs him and says bye mama and mami..
Payal:- she is just carbon copy of you in looks and shaleen in behaviour sweet person.
Tehu:- where are other ones..
Shaleen:- leave about kids where are their parents first.
Shaurya:- the way parents the sane way their kids who didnt grown up till now..
Teju:- dont include my arjun in it.
Shaurya:- before you start your arjun puranam i will leave to office..
He leaves..
Payal:- chalo ragini we will see remaining..
And where is khusi ..
Teju:- she is preparing breakfast as his son is coming today from usa…and arnav bhai went to pick
Shravan singh malhotra…..
Payal:- what about pushkar.
Voice:- how can a body wont go when its heart is coming back..
Teju:- kusum so he went..
Kusum:- haa dii he didnt slept whole night in excitement that shrawan is coming..
They shares a laugh..
Teju:- where is kanchi..
Pagal:- where she will bee..
Altogether:- suman..
A voice heared ..

Sumo wake up ….
Sumo :- maa plss let me sleep..
Kanchi:- no wake up now .you have your college get up..
Laksh coming out from washroom in track suit.
Laksh:- arey let my princess sleep.
Kanchi:- she is not sleeping beauty but sleeping ghost and you knew right after so many years shravan is coming.
Sumo:- oh my god cell tower is coming today.
Kanchi and laksh:- cell tower..
Laksh started laughing loudly.
Kanchi catches sumo ears..
Where she shouts ahhh.
Laksh:- leave her ear kanchu.
Kanchi:- no how dare you to call my brother son as cell tower.
Sumo:- he is so thats why i called him like that.
Kanchi :- no and started scolding her..
Sumi pouts and signals to laksh to save her..
Laksh gets up slowly and walks towards kanchi and starts tickling her..
While in the process sumo runs.
Kanchi sees laksh angrily while he kisses her cheecks and runs away from their.
Kanchi smiles and says the way son the same way daughter….
Suman comes out and sees teju and payal..
She goes and hugs teju from back and says..
Sumo:- good morning badai maa.
Teju:- good morning sumo…
You didnt get ready.
You have college right..
Sumo:- ha i will get ready..
Good morning masi..
Payal:- good morning.
Sumo goes from their….
Arjun:- dii ..
Teju:- haa.
Arjun:- see di karthik is not lisening to me..
Karthi:- see maami dad is only not lisening to me.
Arjun:- you are my dad or i am your dad.
Karthik:- ofcourse you are my dad.
Radhika just comes and stands next to shaleen.
While he keeps his hand on her shoulder and signs him what happen.
Radhika:- i cant handle these two any more..
Shaleen laughs.
Teju shouts :- will you both lisen to me or not.
Arjunand karthik stands still and looks at her like kids.
Teju:- arjun now tell me what happen.
Arjun:- he is not lisening when i asked him come to office.
Karthik:- i said i will come from next week.
Teju:- why..
Karthik:- maami just this month studies got over one more week i will enjoy and i will join office.

Teju:- ok go..
Karthik:- hii.
Teju:- from my side i said ok but you have ask your parents permission also…
Karthik:- already mom accepted only dad left and plzz dad i promise i will be good boy from next week.
Arjun:- little smile ok.
Karthik hugs arjun, kanchii.
Karthik:- hugs teju and says i love you mami you were bestest mami in the world.
And goes to his room.
All sits for having tea…
Kusum comes and joins them.
Danny comes and says to teju.
Danny:- your sister is spoiling my princess..
Kusum:- what i did..
Danny:- i said to you not to join her in medicine but you didnt lisened to me..
Kusum:- what happen now .she is a scholar student..
Teju:- haa danny she is good at studies and my best kid ok..
Danny:- babhi she keep on studying all time . She became like mini kadoos.haa i accept that studies are important but that doesnt mean that she stop living her life or enjoying it.
This kusum is making her boring like her..
Kusum opens her mouth and says how dare you.
Danny:- ofcourse i am dare enough that i am handling you two studious persons..
Teju:- you were still fighting like kids and complaining on each other..
Your kids are better than you ..
Two voices:- because we may fight together.. we stay together..
All sees at that side..where karthik and suman are coming.
Karthik:- where is sameera and nakul bhai.
Arjun:- they are not like you ..
They woke up early and went to their works.
Suman:- oh love birds woke up early and flew away..
Karthik and suman hi fives to each other….
All smiles…
Karthik:- shravan didnot came still now.
Khusi coming from kitchen.
Khusi:- they will be here in 10 minutes..
Teju:- do you prepared for one day or for month. You were sweating like anything.
Khusi:- my son is coming after 5 years..
Voice:- i already came mom.
All turns and sees shravan standing at door with arnav.
All gets up and gets happy.
Khusi goes towards him and hugs him..
Shravan:- i missed you mom..
Khusi:- mee too beta . You became so lean.
Sumo slowly to karthik.
Sumo:- lean he become like drum and that to see he is like another eiffel tower…
They both laughs silently.
Shravan goes and takes blessings from teju ..
She stumbles to get up but shravan keeps her hand on his shoulder and says take my support mami..
All smiles …
Sumo in mind not bad eiffel tower.
Teju stoods and hugs him.
Shravan takes blessing from shaleen and remaining.
Just then preethi comes..
Shravan :- hi preethi how are you.
Preethi:- fine shravan how are you.
Shravan:- i am fine..
Maa where are remaining.
Khusi:- as nakul went to attend Coaching classes..
Sameera went to court as she had a case today..
Shaurya mama went to his duty.
Remaining are here only..
Khusi:- get fresh and come we will eat together.
Shravan :- ok mom.
Shravan:- hello karthik..
Karthik:- hi..
They both hugs each other..
Sharavan:- hello suman.
Suman:- hi…
Shravan goes and comes out after that all were sitting together and eating..

Note:- here teju was walking with help of stick..
Why that one will be releaved later.

Precap:- arjun upsetting teju..

Teju and shaleen:- sameera.
Arnav and khusi:- shravan.
Shaurya and payal:- nakul.
Danny and kusum:- preeti.
Arjun and radhika:- karthik.
Laksh and kanchi:- suman.

Nakul and sameera.
Karthik and naira.
Sharavan and suman.
Pushkar and preethi.

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  1. Nita D

    Wow awesome Sindhu Di….n new pairs r too gud…..

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  3. Pavani

    Who are playing those charecters

    1. Sindhura

      I thought sameera as ragini only.
      Nakul mehta
      Shravan and sumo and pushkar and preerthi from ek duja vastai.
      Karthik and naira from erkyh

  4. wow……amazing episode………………love uuuuuuuu

  5. Dharani


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