Family bonding episode 8


Arnav is driving car and tej closes her eyes and gets flashback where she is running and coming to a small houses closes door and hugs a person and crying badlyyy..
Tej getsup suddenly and sweats badly ..
Arjun and all notices this and says..
Dii are u ok.
Arnav stops car and makes her drink waterr and cups her face and asks her r u ok..
Tej:-haa bhai i just suffocated u knew na i will suffocate in closed areas that to in car thats why i hate to travel in car.
Arjun:-then how will u go tomorrow dii let bhai go u take rest.
Tej:-its ok arjun we are going in open car it may came from garage now.
Kaanchi:-if that car didnt came then u wont go dii.
Tej places a hand on her head and says ok and turns to arnav and says i am fine bhai start the car..
Arnav switch off ac and all opens their windows…
Tej keeps her head outside window and takes fresh air.
Arnav seez her with teary eyes and composes him self before arjun and kaanchi see him.
Finally they reach to home.
Arjun and all goes to their rooms..
After some time arjun comes out and goes to kitchen and takes cooldrinks out from fridge and goes to a corner of their house where swimming pool is their and beautifull garden and benches..
Tej was sitting on bench and takes fresh air by lisening to soft music at low voice.
Arnavv goes and sits with her and gives her cooldrink.
Tej:-thanks bhaii.
Arnav:-i knew u will be here only..
Tej:-who knew me more than u and rests her head on his shoulder.
Arnav:-when will u forget that incident teju.
Tej:-i am trying my best bhai i will be ok soon u see..
Arnav:-wat about that photo.
Tej:-i dont knew bhai wat if they come to knew truth and take away them from us..
U knew i cant live with out them especially arjun.

Arnav:-i knew lets handle it in another way.
Tej:-like wat.
Arnav:-first let us find wat information they had about her.
Tej:-hmm we have to knew whether uncle aunty knew wat happen with maa and how cruel is our so called name sake dad.
Arnav:-he doesnt even deserve to be name sake dad also.
Tej:-will arjun kusum and kaanchi understand us bhai why we kept truth as a secrete afterall its their biggest secrete.
Arnav:-we have no option teju its compulsory for their u and their safety.
Arnav:-any way drink your favorite cooldrink and then we will watch our faces we have to start for airport after all our big little shaitaan is coming.
Tej:-our family will complete now.

They both goes and getz ready and goes to airport and waiting outside eagerly…
Kusum comes out finally and runs and hugs arnav and tej at a time.
Kusum:-i missed u both so much and tears are coming from her eyes..
Tej and arnav breaks hugs and wipes her tears from each eye by both ..
They both kisses her on her fore head and takes her to come..
The time they reached its already 5 am ..
So all gets up at that time and waiting for kusum
Arjun and kaanchi also hugs her…
Kusum get fresh and sits with arjun and kaanchi and chit chatting..
Arnav brings coffee for them .
Tej brings breakfast.
They all laughs together and enjoying their break fast….

At malhotras mansion.

Shaleen :-i have to get information about them at any cost wat if they related to bua and remembers tej tensed face and stops suddenly and thinks i dont knew why but i feel restless by seeing you in tension i now that u both faced many problem from childhood and u brought yourself and your brother and sisters together..but dont knew why i feel like i want to make you happy and made u stay away from all sorrows..
wat type of feeling i am having and why …
Tej coughs here and arjun and all gathers around her and makes her drink water.
Tej:-why i had a feel that some one called me…
Arnav:-are u ok.
Tej:-haa its just a cough i am fine
Shaleen reaches home and directly goes to his room.
Dp:-danny go to arnav house and give bouquet for kusum singh raizada..
Danny:-i dont knew her naa dad
Namish:-do u knew them before our contract no naa just like that we will make intro with her also.
Dp:-lisen to him and u too go with him ok.
Me and shaleen are going to their office few paper work is left.
Danny and namish nodes.

Danny drags namish and says:-u wont leave a chance to flirt with her right.
Namish:-ofcourse any doudt in that dont u remember how upset is she yesterday.
Shaleen :-she is upset by seeing her sibbling upset so if u first make them happy then automatically she will be happy so u come with me to office to make her happy.
Danny:-are u sure bhaiya namish should make her happy as i remember arnav and tejaswii jii both were upset.
Shaleen looks at him and danny and namish looks at each other..
Namish:-bhai lets go we have lots of work we have buy flowers we have to go to their house inbetween lot of traffic u see.
Danny:-haa yar irritating traffic by keeping his hands on his waist.
Shaleen:-stop your drama and just go..
They both runs outside…
Namish:-bhai dont u think badai bhai like tejaswii jii..
Danny:-haa in these days i am lisening about her from bhai a lot it seems she impressed our bhaii.
But today i saw care in bhai eyes as if he wants to check whether she is ok or not.
Namish:-lets see where it will lead

Precap:-danny and kusum first meet .
Danny giving flowers to kusum and namish to kaanchi..
Shaleen to tej.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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