Family bonding episode 7


Radzz:-arjun jii are u ok..
Arjun:-yaa i am fine why r u asking like that.
Radzz:-because your eyes are saying that u were tensed..
Arjun stops walking and looks on.
And says by the my name is arjun..
Radzz:-radhika and both shakehands..
Arjun pov:-
First time in my life after my dii some one read my eyes and smiles..

Radzz pov:-
I dont knew why but i saw so much pain in his eyes seeing her sister upset i never knew that a brother can love her elder sister
From soul ..
Kaanchi walking slowly …
Danny and shaleen signals namish to talk with her and goes from their.
Namish goes towards kaanchi and walks with her..
Kaanchi sees him and smiles..
Namish:-u ok.
Kaanchi:-yaa …
Namish:-no u were not..
Kaanchi:-actually i never saw dii and bhai like this i dont knew why but i dont like to see them sad .
They both means to me a lot..
From when i try to understand world i only saw my dii and bhai i never knew wat the feeling of getting dad and mom and i dont want to also because for me my world revolves around my family..
I saw dii and bhaii facing many problem but they always managed to smile and stay calm but today first time i saw my dii and bhai getting afraid of something dont knew wat made them like that but i promise my self to keep that thing away from them….
Namish:-u love them a lot naa.
Kaanch turns to him and say we three adore them not only love .
Namish:-smiles and says i hope i too get a dii like tej and bhai i already have two so no need ..
Namish:-u smiled..
Kaanchi smiles again and they both go down.

Danny sees shaleen lost in thoughts and says ..
Danny:-wat happen bhai.
Shaleen:-dont knew why they both were fine untill they see our family photo….
Danny:-she said naa bhai they got remembered their mom and dad.
Shaleen:-may be or may not be because no one knew about their family …
Shaleen:-am i thinking more…
Danny:-ofcourse…ok lets go down.

Danny pov:-
Dont knew wat made bhai think like that some where i too felt something went wrong when they saw our family photo and untill now if bhai got doudt on anything untill now his doudt was proved right and now i dont no wat doudt bhai has regarding them…

Shaleen pov:-
Its clear that arnav dont want tejaswii to see our family photo and tried to hide by turning her but
Unfortunately she saw and when she saw bua photo its clearly showed in arnav face that he and tejaswii were shocked so much.
Did they knew bua they knew.i only remember that all of sudden dad said to me that dua is no more after she went for states…
Did dad hided something from us or as danny said i am thinking more..i have to gather information about them secretly at any cost ..
And lisened to her mom calling him for dinner as all gathered at dinning table..

At dinning table…
All serves food in plate
Tej arnav arjun kaanchi takes pickle and everyone eats first that and continues remainig dishes.
Ap:-is food is not nice or something else why u all started with pickle.
Arjun:-aunty in our childhood days We only used to eat this food and today we r at good position but we dont want to forget that days from where we came so its not like that dishes are not good infact its awesome..
Kaanchi:-because its made of mom may be thats why.
Tej lifts her head and looks at arnav..
Arnav bends his head down.
Shaleen sees observes them.
Arjun:-haa may be thats why for me my dii is best cook because she is my mom.
And hugs her tej too hugs him and arjun see surrounding are getting emotional and says immediately ..
Arjun:-so dii i praised u naa so you r going to allow me to pick up kusu.
Tej hits his hand and say no way i knew it u will raise this topic its early 3 AM journey no need to go just shut your door and sleep me and bhai are going.
Arjun:-but dii..
Arnav:-arjun eat first.
Kaanchi laughs teasingly..
Arjun hits her shoulder and asks her to eat less polar bear..
Kaanchi:-dii see naa if i am polar bear you r mangoose.
Arjun tries to speak but stops seeing radzz smiling at them and says not here i will see u in our home.
Kaanchi:-as if..
Arjun:-shows teeth and says eat.
Dp:-these two are fighting equal to these three…
Namish:-that mean we were silent comparing to them.
Kaanchi:-u did not lisen properly to uncle he said that we two are equal to u three that mean equal equal points by showing hands..
All laughs…
After completing dinner …
They felt to their homes…
Radzz says bye to arjun who turns to her while going..
Namish waves bye to kaanchi…

Precap:-arnav and tej discussion.
Kusum entry…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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