Family bonding episode 52


Whole house is decorated…
Two mandaps are their..
Arjun and shaleen were sitting ..
And doing pooja..
Shaleen was standing with his boy in his hands and playing with him.
Arnav stands side of him and he too plays..
Danny and namish were talking to arjun and shaleen…
Although they were earger to see their patners..
Their hears a foot steps..all turns to stairs side all looks stunned by seeing ..
And soon they smiles ..
Arjun looks at teju and gets emotional..
Where shaleen and his brothers gets emotional looking at radhika..
Teju sees arnav teardy eyes..they makes radhika to sit…
Kusum and kanchi about to make teju sit but she goes towards arnav.
Everyone looks on.
She stands infront of him.
Arnav smiles while tears rolling from his eyes..
Teju:- how i am looking is it that odd that you were crying.
Arnav hugs her..where she keeps her head on his chest..
Arnav:- what ever small glimpse i remember mom face i can say that you were looking exactly like her today..
Very beautifull teju..
Their breaks their hugs arnav wipes her tears and she does her..
Shaurya:- see yar arnav first of all feeling she is feeling awkward towards these rituals and you were making her more emotional.
Both smiles.
You have to support her as she is trying be a girl today which is not a cup of her tea.
Arnav laughs loud and both hi fives to each other..
Teju looks angrily at shaurya and about to beat him.

Sakshi:- stops her takes her with her..
Talks while making her sit next to shaleen.
Sakshi:- not today teju..
Teju:- say to him also aunty..and says what ever he commented on her.
All tries to stop their laugh.
Teju nodes head in disbelief and says to pandit.
Teju:- Pandit jii you start fastly other wise i will kill that idiot today Shaleen giggles.
Teju sees him angrily and says..
No need yo laugh ok..
You should take a stand for me but you were laughing with them wonderfull..
Pandit jii starts rituals..
Arnav and khusi does khanya dhyan to shaleen.
Where ap and dp does radhika to arjun.
Arjun and shaleen makes their patners to wear mangalsutra and Sindoor….
All smiles at looking each other..
They tooks blessing from elders..
Photo session completes..
Radhika made sit in bed room.
And waiting for arjun.
Shaleen about to go but shaurya calls him.
Shaleen:- haa shaurya..
Shaurya:- haa shaleen just like that i want to say something to you.
As you knew how teju grown up she never had any shy types feelings and ah..
Shaleen:- i understand what you want to dont worry i will make teju comfortable with me ok.
Shaurya:- thank you and one more thing i talked about your personel matter dont take our relationship as wrongly .
Shaleen:- hi i never misunderstand you and teju friendship ok and one more you have full rights to talk about our personal matter ok..
Shaurya hugs him and i am askin you also give me a daughter in law ok..
Shaleen smiles..

He goes inside his room and sees teju sitting on bed and locks door..
Here arjun too entres and see radhika standing near window and looking out….
Arjun locks door.
Radhika turns and sees arjun closing door and turns back and smiles..
Arjun goes close to her and says..
Arjun:- ahh radhika i want to ask you that are you happy with marriage.
Radhika:- your sister i mean babhi is right you were really buddu..
Arjun:- means..
Radhika hits on his head and keeps hands on her neck and says.
If i dont love you then how i will marry you happily buddhu.
Arjun:- achaa this buddu will prove that he is no more buddu.
And lifts her and walks towards their bed..
But with out laying her down sees her..
She too sees him question mark face.
Arjun:- ahhh ..
Radhika smiles and says i am ready to become your..
Arjun smiles and makes her sit..
Here in shaleen room…
Shaleen sits next to teju.
Shaleen smiles at looking at her hands which was shivering.
Shaleen:- teju..
Teju:- hmm.
Shaleen:- look at me.
Teju:- no.

Shaleen:- i am not new to you right then.
Teju:- still no.
Shaleen:- shall i take your veil from your face then.
Teju just nodes her head.
Shaleen slowly removes her veil and cups her face making her looking at him.
Shaleen:- are you tensed..
Teju:- cant you see ..
Shows her hands and says.
See how they are shivering..
Shaleen smiles and holds her both hands and kisses them.
She closes her eyes in shy.
He too looks at her closed eyes and kisses her whole hand…
Finally he takes her veil and keeps his head near tejus neck.
and started kissing her.
While she smiles….
Here arjun and radhika were covered into blanket where her jewellary were kept at table and their both clothes were kept aside..
Arjun burried his head in to radhikas neck..
While she wrapped her hands around arjun..
While he kisses her whole body..
He again starts kissing her lips..
And light goes dim and they consumate their marriage…

Next morning..
Teju were strenching her body on bed and sees shaleen was seeing her with a smile.
She gets up and kisses him on cheecks and says good morning pati dev.
Shaleen:- good morning sweet heart..
Teju:- get up and ready for your jogging.
Shaleen:- haa i will if u give me my shirt then i will.
Teju sees her self wearing his shirt and sees him again and blushes a little bit and says..
U have many shirts right then why only this one.
Shaleen:- holds her collar and says .
This one is special as you were wearing it and this shirt have your scent thats why..
Drags her to his embrase.
Teju:- hugs him and rests on his chest..
Shaleen:- you are fine right..
Teju:- yaa i am fine why.
Shaleen:- ahh i mean no pain their right i mean.
Teju understands what he wants to say and hugs him immediatedly.
Teju:- well pain will be its common but you took alot of care about me.I am fine enough to took pain again.
Shaleen smiles and says ok ok.
Lets get ready for our daily routines or else all will tease us ..
Teju:- thats right lets go.
They both gets ready and changes into excerce suits and comes out.
Radhika:- shakes arjun get up plzz.
Arjun:- plzz radhika let me sleep..
U didnot let me sleep whole night.
Radhika:- what you was the person who didnt allow to sleep me..and wait not only you even i
didnot slept because of you.

Now get up..
Arjun:- arey my workout was done yesterday only so let me sleep.
Radhika:- chii arjun get up now..
Arjun:- no.
Radhika:- ok fine i will say to babhi that you were not lisening to me.
And about to go but arjun drags her to bed and holds her.
Arjun:- you are threatening me by taking dii nane that not fair.
Radhika:- if you get up then why i will say this.
Arjun:- you deserve a punishment for this.
Radhika:- what..
Arjun:- yaa sweet punishment..
Radhika:- what..
Arjun and radhika shares a sweet kiss..
Radhika pushes him and runs away…
After hours
Arnav and khushi goes to hospital.
Arnav:- why you took me hear…
Khusi:- wait..
After a while doctor ..
Doctor:- congrates khusi you were pregeant…
Arnav:- what really oh my god thank you so much khusi..
Thank u doctor.
Khusi smiles..
They both drives back to home and shares this news to all..
All congeatulates them.
And have a family hug..

Precap:- i will come with season 2 frds that to for max 5 to 6 episode thats it…

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      I will after few episodes dear

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  5. Nita D

    Awesome episode Sindhu Di…..
    Season 2????? Means ???? But this story is still continuing na???

    1. Sindhura

      I mean one danny kusum and
      Kanchi namish marriage is left same rituals will continue thats why i thought to give it season 2

      1. Nita D

        Ya OK. So in that u will start wity scene when all r already married??

      2. Nita D


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    This is awesome, loved it so much.

    Anyways keep smiling like always

    Nusz xx

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